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Motorcity: . C . H . U . C . K . Wallpaper

:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: For use a wallpaper ONLY, meaning I better NOT see this posted somewhere else without it linking back here or without my name/screen name visibly present. You are also NOT allowed to make money off this. If I catch any you doing any of the aforementioned, I will make sure you will regret it.

4 of 6 : Chuck :heart:

"To Chris P, Titmouse, and the whole Motorcity fandom: I love all you guys! Here’s my gift to all of you!

I’ve made so many new friends in this fandom and that is so very precious to me. I feel like I’m a better person from interacting with all of you and I’m a better artist from seeing all the art that gets produced from and because of this show… I’m serious… I’ve become bolder in the things I draw and talk about, subjects I never thought I could. You all have inspired me to be a more awesome human being and that’s something that can never be taken away. Thank you so much! :heart:

Here are wallpapers for each Burner, all of them smiling and hopeful… If you need wallpapers in bigger/smaller sizes or at different dimensions, please let know. I hope all of you enjoy them! And guys:

Live fast, live free. :heart:"

The Burners: [link]
Mike Chilton: [link]
Chuck: ☆
Julie Kane: [link]
Texas: [link]
Dutch Gordy: [link]

Tumblr Picture Link for Set 1: [link] Please DO NOT repost

Motorcity [Duke.Foxy.Claire.Tennie.Rayon]: [link]
Duke of Detroit: [link]
Foxy: [link]
Claire: [link]
Tennie: [link]
Rayon: [link]

Tumblr Picture Link for Set 2: [link] Seriously, please DO NOT repost

BLOG: [link]
Facebook Fan Page: [link]
Tumblr: [link]
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