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So Clark...

By DeanGrayson
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No one but Superman can do that pose and still be badass. (And Batman wouldn't be caught dead doing it. )


((Update: Wow, so I'm flattered that this is being shared all over the internet, but I really wish they'd source the original post. ._. ))
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Bwahahaha XD Well done XD
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Yes superheros who make ballerina poses when being majestic beings. Which reminds me I must finish my cupid arrow angel picture of Roy and Ollie. . .
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what are you talking about bruce does it all the time when he majestically glides down from tall buildings
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I've always had seem this picture in FB pages
I'm glad of finally know where it came originally :squee:
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The best super hero Batman
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Bwahahaha, this is so cute! XD
I am posting this on my facebook for childhood cancer awareness week, and will attribute it to you, the artist! (hope that's ok!)
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Damn right he feels pretty! :)
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I always thought it was just a default position of the superman katas but now I see it.
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this got on imgur and it's very cute!
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Yeah its everywhere. Too bad they all crop of the signature.
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Darn it, that's absolutely adorable, I love it! :D
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oh man ive actually seen this one on hte internets before omg so good
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I've seen this comic so many times and really love it! :heart:
It's good to finally have found the artist who made it c:
DeanGrayson's avatar
Thank you very much, Agent! Yeah, I was really bummed out when someone thought it would be a good idea to crop the signature and not credit me. But, I'm glad to know people are looking for the original! :hug:
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This made me laugh and smile good job
DemonQueen17's avatar
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ahahahahahahahahahaha!! so cute, Its Awesome <3
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I KNEW I saw this somewhere before, this is all over those meme web sites
So happy I found the original :squee:
DeanGrayson's avatar
I happy you found me too! I'm happy people enjoy it, but I'm kinda mad that they cut off my signature on some.
Capn-Smollet's avatar
Yes that is unfair and completely pointless, some people are just jerks I guess (me, a pessimist? No)
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