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Hello! It's been a while, sorry for not opening dA in a very long time. Commission here is still accepted tho if you're interested!


comm2BONUS by DeanaHere  AA : Stargazing by DeanaHereYe by DeanaHere

$8 / Characters* || +$1 if you want it blinking!
+$5 for simple BG! It will be neater than the sample, that one's rushed//sweats

It's okay to ask multiple characters, and there would be discount the more you buy.

*Regarding Payment||

Please follow the instructions beside for sending the payment :  Buying art with PayPal by onisuu
Steampunk Chain Divider #1 by Gasara

Terms of Service||

Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara I have the right to accept / decline your commission
Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara NO refunds. You may cancel your commission if you hadn't pay yet, but if you do, nope.
Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara I will start commission AFTER you PAY me. (full payment)
Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara Commission will be uploaded on DA. If you wanted private commission, please state so. Then I'll upload it on
Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara Pay after the confirmation, don't send the payment before the confirmation.
Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara References visual only! If you're going to give a written reference then it would charge more (it's like custom design)
Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara This commission is for personal use only. NO commercial use in ANY way.
Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara Use the template below to order a commission! Send the template via notes or comment!
Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara Other people beside the commissioners DON'T have any permission to use it except you had their permission.

Yes and No||

Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara Humanoid (Human, Kemonomimi, Mermaid, etc) OK!
Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara Male Female OK!
Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara OCs, Fanarts OK!
Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara BL/GL/Straight OK!
Anthro, Heavy Mecha, Robot NAY!  Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara
Old people NAY!  Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara
R18 Yaoi Yuri NAY!  Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara
:. Feel free to ask more .:
Steampunk Chain Divider #1 by Gasara


Please note me following template:
Title: Chibi Commission
Character Reference(s): [visual, with colors please!]
Extra: [Blinking / Simple BG]
3 Keywords of Character personality:
Additional Info(s): [Do you have any pose or expression request? Perhaps winking animation? Do you want to give me deadline? Do you want specific background? You may add everything here!]

That's all! Don't hesitate if you want to ask anything!
pff, shamelessly copying reko's way to decor the journal
Yo! I'm doing a commission for the first time in forever! :iconimsotiredplz:
Collab one, that is. So those who's interested to commision me and Recolzer collab art with her wonderfull lineart and my coloring, hurry up because there's only 3 slot for the debut 2 slot left!
Steampunk Chain Divider #1 by Gasara
Clock Mini Pixel by Gasara  Clock Mini Pixel by Gasara  Clock Mini Pixel by Gasara

click the picture to reserve a slot!

Steampunk Chain Divider #1 by Gasara
:icontwirlyful: is helding a raffle!! Check it out, and here's one of her art
:thumb529327574:  2015! + SPEEDPAINT by twirlyful
When Bald Ritual were started, Emi try to get out, and then she finally get outs with Zhaveto that already balded. …… Then this happens when they walking;

Zhaveto: ..... wat da :iconbotakplz:
Zhaveto: You yourself is bald too tho, blondie Elf :iconbotakplz:
Emi: No, I'm still have my hair :icondivaplz: we're escaped afterall, I don't get my bald ritual, only you :icondivaplz:
Froz : ..............*holding laugh*
Emi: Yes! Izha, make him not moving with your magic!!
Emi: I'm gonna search for scissors
Zhaveto:.... Then you're traitor too since you didn't get your head shaved until it's bald :iconbotakplz:
Emi: I'm not, I'm doing rebellion too :iconimadplz:
Zhaveto: But if you're doing rebellion you have to be bald first :iconimadplz:
Froz : The kings is choosen by god.... To reject the kings command is the same as to defy
Emi: Awww please, if you don't wanna be bald so badly go buy potion where yuki is :iconimadplz: or grow your hair by using your magic, use your magic dude, you're a wizard right :iconimadplz:
Zhaveto:................ ah right nOW I SHALL USE MAGIC TO GROW HAIR :iconkiralaughplz:

Silvia : *is playing the bgm*
Zhaveto: Kings are chosen by the townspeople plz :icontuzkiflailplz:
Froz : Why did you think townspeople choose them?
Sinisthur: democracy? you daydream too much :iconluffydontcareplz:
Froz : It's okay... It will grow back just like how our heart won't be gone even after it cracked many times :iconhesmileplz: come now.... *offer hand to Emi* i will shave thou hair bald
Zhaveto: but this baldness makes me daydreaming more :iconbotakplz:
Froz : It feels light,right? The kings just given you chance to experience something that you wouldn't ever feel normally :iconureshiiplz:
Sinisthur: this is also a way to save water in our don't have to wash your hair anymore :icongo-on-plz: and we can cut the cost to produce and import shampoo
Emi: .... why did I have such a stupid moron bad luck person in my side... *look at zhaveto*
Zhaveto: *looks at Emi back* I'm not a bad luck person, I can cast a magic spell full of fortune! :iconimadplz:
Emi: Oh really? says the one that got punished to be bald *looks zhaveto degradely*
Froz : Come...... I will shave it now
Zhaveto: Thou are also punished but thou ran away? That's even worse :iconbotakplz:  
Emi: *kicks zhaveto face* seriously.... stop that annoying face
Froz : It's probably better if you give yourself up now.... Before the kings decided to add the punishment :iconureshiiplz:
Emi: ... NO.
Froz : Thou should know.... That the kings word... are absolute *come to Emi*
Zhaveto: but it is my face :iconbotakplz:
Zhaveto: The kings are nice, so they wouldn't add more punishment :icondivaplz:
Emi: ..... *at a second froz wanna bald froz, pulls zhaveto as shield*
Mouko: *totally lost*
Froz : *glance at Mouko* Well, care to help me here?
Mouko: How can I?
Zhaveto: *turns his head so the baldness shining shining to Froz's eyes* //NO
Zhaveto: AHAHA YES FEEL THE LIGHT :iconkiralaughplz:
Emi: ... I don't regret using you as shield, you're kinda usefull (although a moron)
Silvia : *Dazzle*
Froz : *block the shiny bald head with his shield*
Zhaveto: ahaha but now-- I can summon a monster from the light that comes from the baldness! :iconkiralaughplz:
Froz : Thou understanding here is needed.... A small sacrifice to fulfill the kings will... Then after that thou can live your life with joy
Mouko: But light is good right? :iconsparklesplz:
Emi: .... Don't be too proud of yourself, baldie zhaveto.
Zhaveto: Proud of myself is good, Blondie *pats Emi's hair*
Emi: ........ *speechless* (why do I gotten a pat from a friggin weirdo)
Zhaveto: But you yourself won't know how it feels to be bald, correct :iconpardonplz:  
Froz : .....:iconsatoshimugplz: and ididn't plan to know about that... *attack*
Emi: Since I'm only a villager, just go fight zhaveto and pretends I'm not here :iconseyedplz: *slowly sneakily step backwards*
Froz : Hey, if you help me here :icongawwplz: I might give you cheat to regrow your hair
Mouko: . . . Can I watch under a tree? :iconureshiiplz:
Zhaveto: *hears that* ... Oh Really :iconpardonplz: If you are not lying then I'm in
Froz : If you didn't help fulfill the king will.... Thou might have to be shaved too :iconureshiiplz:
Mouko: Who are you talking to, Froz? :iconehesmileplz:
Froz : I'm talking to you :icongo-on-plz:
Mouko: *shocked face* Please I don't want to be shaved—
Froz : Now Emi, Your friends have turned their backs to thee.... Fighting is pointless :icongawwplz:
Zhaveto::iconbotakplz: I won't turn my back until I get the potion to grow hair though-
Zhaveto: *attacks Froz*
Emi: *looks zhaveto attacks froz* ... ah nevermind, I take back what I said you're not traitor (at least for now)
Froz : Traitor :iconamgplz: How could you still live with that dirty dark heart of yours
Emi: *throw throw rocks to froz from far*
Froz : *block* like you think rock only can take the kings knight easily :icondivaplz:
Zhaveto::iconkiralaughplz: Of course can la, the evil always win //no
Mouko: On second thought. I got balded once. I'll be fine. :iconehesmileplz:
Emi: ... well it was worth for a try, good luck zhaveto *is lazy to help so help 1/2 heart*
Zhaveto: *cast a magic spell so Froz be balded* :iconbotakplz:
Mouko: :iconseyedplz: I wanted a doll and she used up all my hair on my doll.
Froz : Well...I’ll let you off this time :icongawwplz: have to pee //no
Zhaveto:.... *looks at Froz go awei* ...... is he bald now :iconbotakplz:
Mouko: Sadly, no.
Emi: ... Maybe. K, he's gone, let's buy a potion to make you not bald anymore *drag zhaveto*
Mouko: Isn't the rebellion supposed to happen? :iconehesmileplz:
Zhaveto: why world is so cruel I just cast a spell on him :iconsobbplz: *dragged* eh so you do know where the store is?
Silvia : *playing dramatic bgm*
A Greedy Kid: special hair tonic...special hair tonic....can make your hair grow healthy in just 30 mins :icontuyoplz: cheap can style your hair the way you want as it grows, you can pick cheap....
Zhaveto:... Yes. because being bald is unjustice :iconpardonplz:
Zhaveto:..... *looks suspiciously at greedy kid* :iconpardon2plz: you sell... growing hair potion? :iconbotakplz:
Mouko: I think I should move away until rebellion done.
A Greedy Kid: yes :icontuyoplz: cheap and really trustable
Emi: .... :iconfacepalmplz:
Zhaveto:..... are you sure it's trustable? and how much does it cost? :iconpardon2plz:
Mouko: I don't trust you Greedy Kid. :iconureshiiplz::iconsparklesplz:
Emi: me too... ugh.... Why I get stuck with a moron...
A Greedy Kid: look at this :icontuyoplz: *pour a drop of the hair tonic to Random Bald Stranger*
Random Bald Stranger: oh my! suddenly I have fabulous hair :iconhairflipplz:
Mouko: Alright kid how much is a bottle of the tonic? :iconmaniacblushplz:
A Greedy Kid: cheap so well :icontuyoplz: you only need to make blood contract with me to get it
Emi: .... I'm stuck with morons. *sigh*
Mouko: Kid are you a demon or somethin'?
A Greedy Kid: I'm a hair tonic seller :icontuyoplz:
Zhaveto: uoooooh it's miracleeee :iconsparkleeyeyuiplz: ..... blood contract? :iconbotakplz:
Mouko: Why the blood contract?
A Greedy Kid: it's just normal blood contract :icontuyoplz: it says all the wealth you and your descendants have will always go into me and my descendants account in bank
Zhaveto: HELL NO PLZ :iconinglipplz:
Mouko: Every earning I get?
A Greedy Kid: yes :icontuyoplz: then you can enjoy be bald for the rest of your life....
Emi: .... Let's just go to the damn potion shop already :iconfacepalmplz:
Mouko: alright, Emi.
Zhaveto:............ since the greedy kid is really something let's go to the store :iconbotakplz:
Emi: Sorry kid, get your blood contract from that random bald stranger that you just give the hair tonic instead. *drag zhaveto and mouko to the store potion*
Mouko: Better earn more to get something we can keep win-win.
Zhaveto: *looks* ..... the store is closed ka :iconbotakplz:
Mouko: Emi when are we going to arrive? :icondeathstareplz:
Emi: ... We already arrive plz :iconshadowedplz:
Emi: ah, but guess the store is closed. Get here next time when the store's open then.
Zhaveto: then the store is closed? :iconbotakplz: WHAT SHOULD WE DO :iconinglipplz:
Zhaveto: NO WEI I WANT MY HAIR BACK NOW :icondivaplz:
Mouko: :iconrlytearplz: ... :icondoublefuuuplz:
Emi: ... Oh wait. This is the barber shop, the potion shop is the right of it. And it's open :icontrollfaceplz:
Mouko: EMI you-- :iconshadowedplz:
Zhaveto:......... let's get in then :iconhairflipplz:
Emi: *goes in the store* 'cuse us, we'd would like to buy growing hair potion
Zhaveto: *looks at the hair potion* there are many of them- curly hair- red hair- white hair- :iconinglipplz:
Zhaveto: <<doesn't bring money at all :iconbotakplz:
Emi: *stomp stomp zhaveto*
Mouko: *brought 52 grams*
Zhaveto: *checks on his pocket* oh-- there is 2 gold- :iconinglipplz:
Emi: I've brought.... 3 gold and 5 silver.
Emi: don't worry, let's just buy it all so if we balded again we could just use another potion :iconskankyplz:
Zhaveto::iconbotakplz: alright we take all the potions
Mouko: I don't wanna spend too much :iconlazykickplz:
Emi: .... And since you've brought the most many money treat us :iconskankyplz: because I'm already let you know the place to buy the potion
Mouko: Mouko: Am I supposed to pay you for letting me know this place? :iconshadowedplz:
Zhaveto: Yes you lowlife peasant :icondivaplz:
Emi: buy 2 to 5 potion maybe? If we don’t use it let’s just sell it a lot more expensive since this store kinda isolated
Emi: yes. YOU. SHOULD.
Mouko: Alright here's the deal, I'll buy 5 hair potions for both of you and 5 for myself. :iconskankyplz:
Zhaveto:.... I guess it's a good deal :iconpardon2plz:
Emi: K then :iconskankyplz: but izha, I got 3 potion and you 2 #no
Mouko: No :iconsrapplz: I mean 5 for Emi and 5 for Gepetto.
Emi: Ah, good then :iconskankyplz:
Zhaveto: then go buy :iconehesmileplz:
Emi: Then go buy it. :iconpardonplz:
Mouko: *Buys 15 potion for 18 Gold Bars*
Emi: (oh yeah I don't need to spend my money :iconseyedplz: )
Mouko: *puts 5 in seperate sacks and gives them to the 2 people she bought the potions for*
Zhaveto: good that this person is kindly bough the medicine.... :iconkiralaughplz: now I shall use the potion so my hair would grow!
Mouko: *reads aloud from the guide the seller gave* One drop is enough, otherwise you'll turn into a furball.
Emi: Now I don't need to worry getting bald :iconkiralaughplz: *put le potion on her bag*
Mouko: *keeps it in a small safe*
Mouko: These potions might be dangerous. Never let it drop on other things than your head.
Zhaveto: *drops 1 drop of potion to his hair* ... :iconhairflipplz:
Emi: now because I should've be the only one getting the potion but I'm kindly enough to ask mouko
Emi: and if you refuse I'm gonna take all that potion and make you bald again
Mouko: I know a plan for the Rebellion to do :iconshe-plz:
Zhaveto:....... :iconpardonplz: .... it's really a burden for me, but it is alright I guess. since rebellion is what I seek :iconkiralaughplz:
Zhaveto: what is it :iconpardonplz:
Emi: hm? what what?
Mouko: Let's ask everyone in the Rebellion to buy 1 or 2 potions, so that in the day before rebellion
Mouko: And they become furballs
Mouko: Mouko: They cannot see
Zhaveto:...... gud idea :iconpardon2plz:
Emi: but don't make them buy directly here, let's buy it first and sell it with double price :iconskankyplz:

Then… Emi, Zhaveto, and Mouko continues their journey to rebelioning //no

Maple of Eden Journal Skin

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 19, 2013, 8:23 AM
I'm trying to make a journal skin exclusive for Maple of Eden~ :icongawwplz:
You can install it here: ;

Chisana Chairo adalah OC MoE saya
MoE - Chisana Chairo by DeanaHere

Jadi yang mau relasi silahkan comment di gambarnya atau di jurnal ini :iconahehplz:

Relasi :

Eleconia (c) nemcrsd

Ele dan Chisa bertemu di toko grocery Maple (karena kesasar ampe Maple, jadi belanjanya di sana), gak sengaja ketemuan gara-gara ternyata mau bikin makanan yang sama, tapi bahan yang ada di toko grocery tinggal satu :'D #what
Awalnya Ele tanya, Chisa mau beli bahan ini(entah bahan yang daritadi dibicarakan apaan), Chisa ngangguk aja, Ele ngajakin ke rumah Ele aja dan bikin bareng-bareng(dan tentunya makan bareng-bareng), nah sejak itu mereka kenalan dan mulai akrab, dan setelah tahu sama-sama sudah biasa dan bisa pekerjaan rumah tangga, Chisa jadi sering ke rumah Ele untuk kerjain pekerjaan rumah bareng-bareng :iconmingplz:

Rinka (c) merurun
MoE OC : Rinka by merurun
Suatu hari Chisa teriak teriak ngelihat kecoa pas dia nyasar, dan Tamimin, kucingnya Rinka langsung menyambar kecoanya.
Habis itu Chisa yang penasaran ngikutin si Tamimin kerumahnya Rinka, pas sampe disana dia bingung 'a-aku dimana . .' dan Rinka yang kasihan ngajak Chisa masuk kerumahnya . disana Chisa ngajarin Rinka menggambar dan mereka kebablasan menggambar sampe malem, akhirnya Chisa nginep di rumahnya Rinka dan besoknya Chisa diajak ke artist studio (?) dan pas Rinka minta tolong Chisa buat beli sesuatu , Chisa nyasar lagi //DOR
Yak begitulah seterusnya, Chisa emang buta arah kok, cuma kan kadang banyak orang jadi nanya-nanya, yah kalo sepi, gak ketulungan paling juga bisa nyasar ke mana aja :iconmingplz:

Aya (c) HcGP
.: MoE :. Aya by HcGP
Chisa lagi jalan pulang dari toko grocery, beli jagung, di perjalanan Chisa melihat burung Aya, dengan tatapan memelas, Chisa akhirnya kasih jagungnya dikit-dikit, eh, malah disambar sama burung Aya dan si burung Aya kabur, si Chisa lari ngikutin sampai ke rumah Aya, Aya dengan malas-malasan buka pintu, terus lihat ada burungnya sekaligus Chisa main masuk aja, akhirnya Chisa dapat jagungnya, baru sadar udah di dalam rumah Aya, Chisa minta maaf main asal nyelonong masuk, si Aya sih maafin aja, nah sebagai permintaan maaf Chisa bikinin Aya makanan, dan sebari makan cakap-cakap deh

Ion (c) Ghimeopta
Suatu hari, Chisa yang sedang berjalan-jalan di hutan tidak menyadari bahwa malam mulai datang, Chisa yang takut akan hal gaib akhirnya berlari ketakutan menghindar dari gelapnya hutan. Namun saat dia berlari, tanpa sengaja dia menubruk seseorang, Ion. Karena gelap gulita, Ion tidak terlihat sama sekali, dan Chisa mengira Ion itu adalah seorang hantu, dia berteriak keras terkejut dan akhirnya pingsan. Ion yang bingung, akhirnya membawa Chisa ke tempat pemukiman penduduk. Lalu setelah sadar, Ion menjelaskan semuanya. Setelah Ion menjelaskannya, Ion mulai bertanya-tanya soal Chisa, begitupula Chisa menanyakan balik tentang Ion. Semenjak itulah mereka mulai akrab~

Haruna (c) pengguchan
MoE- Haruna and Shin by pengguchan
Di suatu hari yang cerah Chisa berjalan-jalan di sleepy forest, mencari udara segar yang menyegarkan. Tiba-tiba terlihat muka kelinci lucu, tapi muka kelinci itu besar sekali? Kelincinya sebesar apa? Penasaran, Chisa melompat, berbarengan dengan makhluk yang disangkanya kelinci besar, ternyata adalah seorang perempuan memakai topi kelinci. 'GYAAA!!' keduanya sama-sama teriak kaget. Dengan kompaknya keduanya saling mengintip dari pembatas yaitu semak-semak. 'K-Kamu siapa?' tanya Chisa dengan malu-malu, Haruna menjawab dengan malu-malu pula, 'Haruna... Kamu...?' 'namaku Chisa...' setelahnya tidak ada suara lagi. 't-tadi aku kira itu kelinci(Chisa bagian kata ini)/kucing(Haruna bagian kata ini)raksasa...' dengan kompak mereka menjelaskan, akhirnya mereka malah tertawa, dan mengobrol sebari berjalan-jalan di sleepy forest bersama-sama

Mikuru (c) n3kozuki
MoE : OC Mikuru by n3kozuki
Chisa waktu lagi jalan-jalan di sleepy forest (padahal nyasar), dia melihat Mikuru sedang lari ke arah dirinya sambil teriak-teriak dengan muka panik. Lalu mereka berdua bertabrakan dan jatuh.
Rupanya tadi di kepalanya Mikuru ada serangga besar yang menempel. Dan kali ini serangga itu nemplok di kepalanya Chisa.
Chisa yang juga takut serangga teriak-teriak ketakutan dan mereka berdua lalu berusaha mengusir serangga itu sambil berteriak-teriak dengan paniknya.

Setelah berhasil mengusir serangga itu, mereka berdua kenalan dan Mikuru lalu mengajak Chisa untuk main ke penginapan di maple, dan di sana Chisa disuguhin kue-kue manis buatan Mikuru.

Rose (c) ichigomeichan
MoE : Rose by ichigomeichan
Suatu hari Rose lagi jalan-jalan sambil bawa benda-benda yang dia bikin sendiri kayak baju, aksesoris dll buat dijual, terus ketubruk sama Chisa yang lagi nggak fokus ngelihat jalan. Barangnya Rose berserakan, Chisa ngebantuin ngumpulin, tapi tiba-tiba dia ngelihat sebuah benda yang menurutnya sangat unyu :iconheplz:

Rose yang ngelihatin pancaran sinar mata Chisa ke barang buatannya pun langsung berkata kalau benda itu boleh buat Chisa, sejak saat itu Chisa suka mampir ke Inn tempat Rose tinggal buat belajar bikin kerajinan tangan bareng dan minta-minta ilmu cara bikin benda yang unyu sama senpainya. :iconmingplz:

Laut (c) Recolzer
MoE :OC Laut by Recolzer
Chisa sedang berjalan-jalan di dekat love triangle, sebenarnya dia nyasar. :iconmingplz: Laut melihat ke arah Chisa dan menghampirinya, dengan banyak pertanyaan, mata Chisa jadi muter-muter pusing jawabnya, walau akhirnya dijawab semua, semua hal tentang biodata Chisa, Chisa bilang sendiri karena memang sudah ditanya, tapi saat ditanya tersesat, Chisa bilang nggak tersesat padahal iya. :iconmingplz: Mereka bercakap-cakap sedikit di situ, saling mengenalkan diri, setelah sudah cukup berbincang-bincang, laut mengajak Chisa ke kafe dan menraktirkannya coklat panas, dan mulai berbincang lagi. Laut disukai Chisa karena sangat ramah padanya, dan kalau dekat abandon mine, Chisa pasti mampir ke rumah Laut~

Ainsel (c) Gus-1993
MoE_OC: Ainsel by Gus-1993
Chisa lagi pergi ke toko Grocery Beringin buat beli bahan makanan, dia pengen buat pie hari ini, Ainsel telat kerja seperti biasa, dia ngelewatin Chisa, tapi bukannya ngelewatin, malah tabrakan karena Chisa melangkah mundur. Chisa sama Ainsel sama-sama minta maaf, Ainsel bantu Chisa memasukkan bahan-bahan ke keranjang lagi, pas Ainsel amatin, dia sadar itu bahan-bahan untuk pie, ampe spontan nanya, 'mau bikin pie?', dengan suara kecil(karena malu-malu), Chisa jawab 'I-Iya...', denger itu Ainsel langsung berbinar-binar matanya nanya dan kasih tahu macem-macem seputar pie, Chisa juga lama kelamaan kebawa suasana, tapi di ujung pembicaraan mereka baru sadar belum kenalan. :iconmingplz: Maka mereka kenalan dulu.

Sebari temani Chisa beli bahan-bahan yang dia mau beli selain bahan-bahan pie, mereka bincang-bincang, Ainsel tahu deh jadinya, Chisa suka kucing, jadi dia ajak Chisa ke lantai 2 selanjutnya dan kasih lihat kucing-kucing unyu yang dijual di toko grocery sampe gantian Chisa yang berbinar-binar, sekarang, jadinya tiap Chisa ke toko grocery Beringin, dia nyari-nyari Ainsel buat ngobrol, sekaligus lihat kucing. :iconmingplz:

Miiki & Azure (c) dhedei
MoE App - Azure dan Miiki[update] by dhedei
Relasi Miiki dan Chisa : Jadi, suatu hari Chisa pergi ke art studio kota beringin bermaksud mencari Rinka, ternyata Rinka lagi tidak ada, Chisa yang nggak tahu hal itu mondar-mandir di art studio kayak anak hilang. :iconmingplz:

Miiki yang sedaritadi sebenarnya ngelihatin pergi ke dekat Chisa, Miiki jelasin ke Chisa kalau Rinka sedang tidak ada, Chisa kecewa, awalnya dia mau minta Rinka untuk tur keliling tempat yang Chisa belum sempat lihat karena udah kesiangan dan waktu itu Rinka dan Chisa laper. Akhirnya, Miiki menawarkan gimana kalau Miiki yang temani Chisa tur keliling art studio, Chisa mengiyakan, dan refleks jadi ngobrol-ngobrol di jalan, lama-lama akrab deh~

Relasi Azure dan Chisa : Suatu hari, Azure sedang jalan-jalan menikmati alam, lalu tiba-tiba dia bertemu seekor kucing putih, karena Azure suka hewan, dia menemani kucing itu. Tiba-tiba saja, Chisa datang, kucing putih itu miliknya, tadi Chisa dan kucingnya(Chinyan) berpisah pas ketemu serangga... :iconmingplz: Chisa berterimakasih, dan secara spontan, mereka malah berkenalan karena Chisa memperkenalkan diri.

Sharuna (c) RiKaKaRaSuMa
MoE : App sheet Sharuna by RiKaKaRaSuMa
Di pagi yang cerah, Sharuna sedang berjalan-jalan, tiba-tiba, di salah satu rumah yang ternyata rumah Chisa, dari jendela nggak sengaja Sharuna lihat Chisa lagi bikin cream, Chisa saat itu mau bikin cream cake. Sharuna yang melihat itu tanpa sadar langsung masuk pekarangan rumah Chisa, dan ngintipin terus dari jendela, Chisa yang merasa terawasi ngelihat ke jendela, ketahuan deh si Sharuna. Chisa langsung kaget dan sembunyi di bawah meja, tapi ngintip. 'A-Ah... Maaf, aku melihatmu lagi bikin cream, aku sangat suka cream, jadi, nggak tahan deh...' jelas Sharuna, Chisa keluar dari bawah meja, 'A-Aku... Sedang membuat cream cake... Mau ikut buat...? Nanti... Kubagi... Setengah...' ajak Chisa malu-malu, Sharuna langsung senang dan mengiyakannya, 'namaku Sharuna...' ujar Sharuna, 'namaku Chisa...' balas Chisa.

Setelah selesai membuat cream cake, mereka memakannya berdua, apalagi si Sharuna, makannya dengan lahap. Sejak saat itu, mereka mulai berteman dan Sharuna sering beli bahan buat cream cake dan ngajak Chisa bikin cream cake lagi dan lagi :iconlaplz:

Kou & Euis (c) aSecretArtist
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Pukul 05.00 pagi, tentunya, toko yang dijaga Kou belum dibuka dan peternakan masih dikunci. Chisa yang kebangun gara-gara jatuh dari kasur, jadi nggak bisa tidur lagi dan memutuskan jalan-jalan(baca: nyasar-nyasar) pagi. Chisa sampai di abandon mine, iseng-iseng dia masuk abandon mine, terdapat Kou di sana sedang mencari-cari permata, Kou menengok ke Chisa. 'A-Ah... Selamat pagi... Namaku Chisa...' sapa Chisa sekaligus memperkenalkan diri karena spontan, 'Selamat pagi, namaku Kou. Apa yang kau lakukan pagi-pagi begini?'Kou menjawab Chisa. Tiba-tiba perut mereka berdua berbunyi, tanda lapar.  Koupun mengajak Chisa makan di rumahnya, Chisa mengiyakannya.  

Di rumah Kou & Euis, tentunya ada Euis. Euis dan Chisa memasak berdua sedangkan Kou cuma nunggu di ruang makan, dan mereka makan bersama. Mereka bercakap-cakap sedikit, walau Euis paling sedikit berbicara, suasananya menyenangkan. Sesudah sarapan bersama, Kou & Euis mengantar Chisa ke rumah mayor Mai, biar Chisa bisa diantar ke rumahnya lagi. Maklum emang Chisa aslinya buat arah. :iconheplz: Sejak saat itu mereka berteman. :iconlaplz:

:new:Seiring berjalannya RP, Kou sudah anggap Chisa sebagai adiknya dan Chisa sudah anggap Kou sebagai kakaknya.

Puella (c) kuroineko21
Maple of Eden - Puella (update) by kuroineko21
Chisa lagi ke toko Grocery Beringin, lagi lihat-lihat kucing sebelum bayar kain-kain buat dia bikin baju dan kerajinan tangan, pas bayar, ternyata yang jaga kasir Puella, Puella yang lihat apa yang dibeli Chisa, nanya, 'Mau bikin kerajinan tangan ya?' Chisa ngangguk saja, mumpung jam kerja Puella sudah selesai, Puella ngajak gimana kalau bikin baju(sekaligus desain) bareng-bareng, Chisa dengan malu-malu ngangguk, nah sejak itu mereka jadi teman kerajinan tangan, deh.

Neyza (c) NeyzaFluodrence
MoE OC : Neyza by NeyzaFluodrence
Waktu Ney lagi nyasar ke Beringin, dia ketemu sama Chisa yang juga sama-sama lagi nyasar#plak, terus Ney nanya sama Chisa arah ke Maple town, Chisa nya juga nggak tahu karena sama-sama lagi nyasar... Akhirnya mereka jalan-jalan berdua, dan ketemu Maple town, Ney ajak Chisa ke rumah Ney, lalu ngobrol-ngobrol, dan jadi akrab, sejak itu ney suka main ke rumah chisa buat bikin baju bareng#plek dan karena tau chisa suka kucing,kadang Ney bawa kucingnya juga ke rumah Chisa. :icongawwplz:

Avril (c) Aro-around
Avril tampak babak belur karena sesuatu, naas sblum ia sempat meminta pertolongan ia langsung jatuh dan sekarat.
Chisa yg tersesat menemukan Avril dan langsung membawanya ke healer house Beringin.
Chisa juga merawat Avril sampai sembuh, namun aneh sesaat ditanya siapa jati dirinya, ia tak ingat bahkan namanya.
Lalu Chisa menamainya Avril. Avril menganggap Chisa seperti kakaknya sendiri walaupun tua-an Avril. :iconmingplz: Mungkin Karena sifat avril yang energetik dan kekanakan ya? padahal Chisa itu rada bloon dan kekanakan juga#plak
Chisa yang khawatir terhadap Avril pun menyuruh Avril untuk tetap di kota Beringin smpai ingatannya kembali. huohohohoho Chisa terlihat bersifat dewasa padahal sebenarnya kekanakan juga#plak
Karena Avril juga tidak mau meninggalkan Chisa, ia pun tinggal di kota sebagai pegawai di blacksmith Beringin. Sampai sekarang, status hubungan Chisa dan Avril kagak jelas! X'd Avril kayak adek Chisa tapi kakaknya(gara-gara lebih tua), Chisa kayak kakak Avril tapi adeknya(gara-gara lebih muda)! X'D

Vanilla (c) Chronice
suatu hari Chisa menemukan 2 clover daun 4. Kebetulan Vanilla lewat terus malah diem liatin clovernya. Akhirnya clovernya dikasih 1 ke Vanilla, terus jadi temenan

Wald (c) Winepyon
Chisa dan Wald pertama kali bertemu di festival kapal layar hias, karena Chisa sangat nggak tahan rokok, Wald nggak bisa deket-deket dia kalau ngerokok, sejak saat itu Wald susah ngerokok di deket Chisa. Lalu, tiap kali Wald mau ngerokok, pasti Chisa pasang tampang memohonyang sangat unyu biar Wald nggak ngerokok.

Derek (c) Chi-Satan
Saat derek lagi patroli, ia melihat Chisa sedang nangis di jalan. Derek nyamperin Cisa dan tanya kenapa chisa menangis. Chisa jawab kalo dia tersesat. Derek akhirnya mengantarkan Chisa pulang kerumah(tentu saja Boston menemani), dan esok harinya Derek melihat si Chisa keluar untuk jalan-jalan lagi... Ternyata tanpa sadar Derek udah ngawasin Chisa dari jauh, Derek takut Chisa bakal tersesat lagi, dan sejak saat itu secara tak langsung mungkin Derek jadi bodyguardnya Chisa. :iconmingplz:

Ryou (c) Lucia-Yocchi
MoE OC - Ryou D'Choco by LuuciaYoanne
Ryou ingin liat-liat kota beringin lebih jauh, eh tiba-tiba dia ngeliat ada sesosok makhluk imut banget aka Chisa yg pake topi kucing, bawa kucing dan serba kucing, jiwa pecinta imut-imutnya pun meluapluap jadi ngeluarin aura seram dan ngikuti Chisa,  Chisa yang merasa diikuti liat Ryou makin mendekat jadi ketakutan dan nangis, liat Chisa nangis Ryou ngasih lolipopnya dia deh, dan mereka kenalan walau Chisa masi sedikit takut sama muka Ryou yang kadang seram. Gak taunya mereka berdua tersesat, biar Chisa nggak takut Ryou janji Chisa bakal baik-baik saja selama ada Ryou dan Chiimi, dan gandengan tangan sambil cari daerah yang mereka tau sambil mengenal satu sama lain lebih jauh. Akhirnya mereka sampai di Love Triangle dan Chisa mengajak Ryou ke rumahnya untuk makan kue, dan sejak saat itu Ryou dan Chisa sering main dan makan kue bareng, dan Ryou suka unyel-unyel dan meluk Chisa karena gemez + ngasi lolipop kalo Chisa nangis

Devlin (c) PixelPlush
Chisa sedang lari-larian sembari teriak-teriak karena kumbang-kumbang ngejar dia. Devlin mengusir serangga-serangga yang mengikuti Chisa, Chisa berterimakasih, eh dia baru sadar dia udah nyasar jauh banget. Akhirnya pas Chisa kasih tahu spot rumahnya, rumah Chisa ketemu. Sebagai balas budi, Chisa bikinin kue coklat yang isinya coklat panas yang meleleh dan sangat enak. 

Henry (c) sendichic
Suatu hari, di dekat semak-semak pohon Beringin, Henry melihat ada kucing putih lucu banget.Eh, tapi ternyata itu Chisa yang lagi jongkok. Pas Chisa bangun dari jongkoknya (?), dia udh keburu dipeluk sama Henry yang bilang, "Kucing manis! Kitty~". Pas sadar ternyata itu bukan kucing, Henry minta maaf. Tp semenjak itu, Henry jadi memanggil Chisa dengan sebutan "Kitty". Keesokkan harinya, Henry barulah tahu kalau ternyata Chisa mempunyai kucing putih yang sudah kayak topi Chisa versi kucing asli, dan dikarenakan itu, Henry makin gemes dan anggap Chisa dan kucingnya itu duo kitty lucu. 

Hika (c) Piyuka
Hika yang sudah siap dengan peralatan lengkap untuk menggambar sedang mulai menggambar di sleepy forest, tiba-tiba dia melihat Chisa lari-lari dikejar serangga dari sleepy forest, sebenarnya Chisa juga awalnya mau menggambar, tapi tiba-tiba serangga datang :iconmingplz:
Serangga mengikuti(alias mau nempel sama Chika(?)) sampai-sampa Chisa ke tempat Hika, Hika yang lihat ada serangga jadi ambil semua peralatan gambarnya dan ikut lari kabur, setelah akhirnya bisa lolos dari maut kejaran serangga(?), mereka kenalan deh, walau Chisa masih malu-malu karena baru kenal sama Hika, tapi karena Hika kelihatan imut di mata Chisa, Hika tetap berteman dengan Chisa :icondojimathumbsupplz:

Relasi selalu terbuka~ :iconahehplz: