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[P-VII] Yoel by DeanaHere [P-VII] Yoel by DeanaHere
Applying for :iconproject-vii:!!
It seems to be an interesting group, check it out~

♛ █ ▌DATA - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Name: Yoel Gnaluruad
Age: 12000 / 17 years old
Gender: Female
Height: 210cm
Species: Alien | Somatrion
Somatrions are species of alien, living really far from earth in another galaxy. They usually have a green addition on part of their body and an antennae attached on their head. The more the antenna, the more powerful they are. The shape of the end of the antennae differs from each other.

♛ █ ▌LUNA ARC - - - - - - - - - - - -


Ejnel Koynep
This spell bends metallic object to flattened shape. However, the flattened object would have twice the weight(small object), the same weight(medium object), or half the weight(big object) of it's former weight. It may be used as thrown weapon.
cast time:1 minute for small(ex: soda can), 5 minutes for medium(ex: bucket), CURRENTLY UNAPPLICABLE FOR BIG
cool down: 10 minutes for both small and medium.
spell duration: irreversible.
(+/-)If focus got startled the spell could fail. Basically just deform object shape permanently, the enemy also could use it as weapon.

Latem Hapmayn
This spell shatters the flattened object from Ejnel Koynep spell into small pieces of metal, that spread out randomly by the area close to Yoel till radius 3 meters. It'll stick into flesh, and bounce back from glasses, ceramics, etc. 
cast time:30 secs to shatter, 40 secs to spread for small, 45 secs to shatter, 60 secs to spread for medium
cool down: 5 minutes for both small and medium.
spell duration: irreversible.
(+/-)May not be cast if there was disturbance. If Yoel wasn't careful, the pieces also could fly to herself and damage herself. 

WEAPON: Hammer // it's a worn-out hammer she used for crashing asteroid. Yoel can lift it easily, but some people might found it to be heavy.

♛ █ ▌PERSONAL - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Yoel is a curious fellow, just like a little kid who wants to learn about the whole world. Habitually asking every little details and would immediately explores everything once given an okay. In the beginning, she may comes off as an inconsiderate person since she’ll mostly do whatever come up inside her mind at that moment. Dragging someone without permission is her thing, so you gotta take notes on that. However she does like to give friendly assurance with beaming smile, and would flirt some harmless platonic compliments. Seeing different reaction from others of her such behavior, amuses her very much! 
    She tries to be obedient to what people says(although there's some exceptions), but it might be shadowed by her playfulness once you get closer to her. The closer you are, the more likely she teases you on various thing. Yoel is also a skinship person, so you need to tell her to stop unless you don’t mind her clinging around.

:bulletblue: THE ALMIGHTY Soda can
:bulletblue: Cuddles
:bulletblue: Papa (Zeros)
:bulletblue: Bro (Xerxes)
:bulletblue: Momma
:bulletblue: Smell of rain
:bulletblue: Meat. Any type. (and food in general)
:bulletblue: Comics or picture book

:bulletred: Mini skirt
:bulletred: Someone's MIA
:bulletred: Alone
:bulletred: Bitter tea
:bulletred: Diamond

In a faraway galaxy, there lies a planet named of Somatron. It is a well advanced planet, such where there is no phone nor television, however telepathy exist. Place where although letterings exist, it is not mandatory to read as everything delivered directly into your brain. Everything there is more likely to be on the tip of fingers, so you may say it's "magic". The people who lived there are called Somatrion, And they were ruled by a powerful king, whose name is yet to be known and no one had actually seen them.

There lived Yoel, which in earlier story was a poor girl who lived with her mother. No matter how advanced a planet was, it never ceased from the poor. Her father went MIA in a job when she was a baby, but her mother was headstrong on keeping the family together. Yoel herself never really did anything useful in her life, and live with two options if her mother were to be gone; stay inside or walks around the area. She was curious, but also obedient so she never traveled far. She always arrived just in time her mother got back home. It was peaceful life, and Yoel's favorite past time was doing telepathy with her mother. It was always light-hearted talk of "what you want to eat?" "what are you doing?", but if she had just being honest, she just wanted to hear her mother voice. One day, her mother didn't answer back and on the exact same day, she didn't come back. That day, she went missing. Forever. So, Yoel live her life as a hobo. That wasn't very hard, no worries! The crucial things were easy to get…
One day, a very rich and wealthy family were looking for slaves. The slaves would be given to their son who wanted to travel around the galaxy with a space ship. Founding that, she came by her own will to be 'purchased' by such family. However, it's not as cruel as the title. Those who wanted were guaranteed salary of lifetime in pool of gold, and it didn't felt like slave at all. The title was meant to be companions after all. As Yoel got accepted, it turned out there is also another accepted one which get along just well with her along with the 'owner' himself. In fact these three were so compatible she and the other one got adopted as his child! Rad, considering the other one were older than him some thousand years. From that time onwards, the trio went to a journey of discovering galaxies quirks and fun.
The earth was always their favorite. Although they never stayed long enough there, they were always fascinated by the earth and treasure lies there. No silly, not diamonds. That's gross! The other one, It's those soda can made of aluminium, it's those plastic bag that won't get dissolved by soil, it's those papers with different kind of textures! However, the journey to earth was long, so they often stopped by on other planets. Once, in a planet they stop by there was an old man who told them a story. He was an outcast of the planet since his return long time ago from his journey to a certain place. A place out of this galaxies, a place with time on its own. Place where actual magic exists. Being the ones that would actually heard his story, the group was given a book.

Tl;dr : Yoel was a poor girl living with her mother > never did anything at all > her mom went MIA > became hobo > volunteered as slave for rich family > travel with her owner + comrade slave > Got sucked into black hole > Arrived to Luna Arc with magical portal inside a black hole > decided to enroll

ⓓExtra Information:
  • She is illiterate. From the time spent since slave, she had learned to write little by little but teh ltters ofetn switcehd. Is still bad at reading up until now
  • She became far more anxious when she were alone by herself. If she knows you please tell her if you wanna go somewhere?
  • She felt apathy to most animals.
  • Believes that recycle sign is symbol of earth.
  • She has big physical strength. Could probably carry you! The odds of being aliens...
papa/owner (Zeros)|| he is my dearest papa! He's very smart, and could read very well not like I am. I'll obey what he says of course, because it's what papa's papa ordered. My favorite past time is anytime with him!
bro/xerxes (Xerxes)|| he is my dearest bro! One of the people I love to tease, and love in general. My favorite past time is when he's reading me storybooks, or when we're smelling the rain!

♛OOC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

RP Method: 
• Chatroom(if I'm available)> Notes> Comments> Discord/Google doc
RP Style:
• Head canon, Script, Semi-lit.
• Literature.
It's been awhile since I've done any RPs in dA, so I might be quite rusty. I would try to do my best on relations~
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