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I still function and ohh youtube

Sun Oct 18, 2015, 6:38 AM

yeah havnt really been around much, been trying to get back into the whole drawing thing, sadly no drive and no real point means no sketching. truthfully while yeah i did find it relaxing at times, the one thing that kept me coming back is gone and there is more chance of a blizzard in the sahara then my reason coming back.  so all it leads to is me being over analytical about every little detail and scrapping 4 outta 5 pieces.

these will be the last sketchs i upload for a while so i recorded the process and stuck it up on youtube.

if someone out there enjoys it then im glad i brought some joy to someone no matter how little

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Updates and exhibitions acceptances

Mon Jun 16, 2014, 2:49 PM

jesus its been nearly 2 years from i posted one of these things. truthfully i just forget, no excuses i just never bothered.

anyway starting with some good news i had 4 images accepted into the NIPA (Northern Ireland Photographic Association) annual exhibition. and ones that were quite surprising. there was around 300 entries and only 100 selected. sadly none of my chosen were awarded any ribbons or prizes

the chosen shots were

Pretty Poison by Dean-Irvine sunset and the model by Dean-IrvineRugby by Dean-Irvine work bench by Dean-Irvine

so yeah some may see it as boasting but sod it i'm proud of myself

in other news for the few that actually enjoyed them i started creating  speed skinning videos of my process of completing in game texture maps

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Speed painting attempt

Mon Jun 18, 2012, 2:36 PM

Just thought i'd post this here

if anyone has been following me before i only started putting up photography, you may remember i also worked with video game textures and recently created a speed painting video to capture the process to re watch for short cuts etc.

its up on youtube if anyone cares to watch, i'd love feed back…

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ok i signed up for :iconjazylh: feature share now to repay the favour

first 10 people to comment will receive a feature but... there's a catch
IMPORTANT: If you do comment, you're expected to do the same in your own journal; putting me on the first place, completing the list with 10 other people.

The idea behind this is NOT to get a free feature, but to help spread art and artists around for everyone. So why not check out the artists on other peoples' list?"

1:iconjazylh: Snake Mountain by JazylH The Night Before.... by JazylH Gryphon rider versus the Hydra by JazylH

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Mass deletion

i'm really considering this, after find more of my skins and stuff on other sites i'm really considering a Mass deletion of all my older work from dev art. mainly the stuff i've redone or just don't want to show

sadly if anyone has favs or comments these, it'll be gone but i need to try and update this, cause the quality of work goes down the deeper you go into my gallery, the one downside is if i do delete them and find them on another site i lose any claim
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I'm thinking of getting a new printer, though i don't know which. It'll mostly be to print photos and the occasional full colour illustration/graphic.

I've used epson mostly in the past so i'm quite comfortable with them, but my main factors are the cost of the printer i'm looking for a max £80 - £90 and the cost of the inks

anyone any ideas or recommendations
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It seems that dev art decided to remove my GB logo piece as they said it was reported and wasn't changed enough. I can understand there reasons i made no excuses i re-did the logo from scratch in PS to modernise it for my custom DVD cover( which isn't allowed to be shown here either as i didn't make the screencaps from the film,but check out the dvd cover section it's full of copyrighted work), yet any of my wallpapers with the logo are still in my gallery( though i'm thinking of removing them just to be safe)

personally i think someone just got pissed and decide to mess around, the thing was on here for just over 3 years and was my most popular deviation, hell i even went after others sites where artists had stole it from me

I have seen from other and personal experience there is little to no point fighting over this and i'm just ranting to get it off my chest and hell i was on the verge of getting a subscription really don't know about that now,just annoys the hell outta me.

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well after a tweaks, redesigns and glitches my new online portfolio

so have a look and hopefully you'll see something you'll like
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i've been reworking my portfolio site and this is the 3 main pages, whats every one think…

possibly animated gif fading from the background to the final image shown…
the main contents page, may have an image there instead of just a grey section though not sure if that's overkill…

an example of where the image possible thumbs and subsections will be and how they'll be laid out(side scrolling), though not sure about adding a space between each thumb
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i'm a member of the Belfast photography club and next week is a competition, which is open to the members, if you win your club round you move on to the inter club round.

the theme for the comp is simply "open" therefore its simple that there is no subject. i'm allowed to enter 4 colour and 4 B&W

what i was curious was does anyone have any suggestions on what i should enter, i have my own choices but i wanted to get a second opinion, the only ones i'm excluding is any with water as the subject as there is a water based contest in a few months :D

my work can be found at my dev art gallery in my sig or a more direct link the-ultimate-evil.deviantart.c…

there is multiple pages so feel free to have a look at them all.

thanks guys
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when in the hell did i hit or even get near 10,000 page views. ahh well that was a nice surprise when i logged on. I was planing to see if someone caught it.

trust me to to take over 4 years to do what others do in 1

thanks guys
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ok I now this is going to sound childish, but i recently edited my two most popular deviations, cause i was sick and tired of seeing them every where without any credit and my website logo removed

i am speaking of these two,

the-ultimate-evil.deviantart.c… the-ultimate-evil.deviantart.c…

my logo designs based on the thundercats and ghostbusters logos.
now i in no way say these are masterpieces or lay no claim to owning or hell even coming up with the original design

but i do feel i took what was there and added enough to call it my own version.

i've found these pieces turned into avatars, wallpapers(which is daft as i made enough with each) and even into items you can buy for use in some stupid chibbi sites

i've reported these and though a few sites have removed them it doesn't really do much

i was thinking of deleting them from here but the damage has been done and i'd have no proof i had the images first, whats making me think is though i havn't found any are my photos out there being ripped and stolen, i hate to use large brash water marks as i fell they can ruin a photo but i'm starting to think with here and my hopefully upcoming site that i may have no choice, especially if i want to start selling prints
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Special effects and makeup guru Stan Winston passed away on Sunday, June 15th in Los Angeles, California. Winston was best known for his work for the "Terminator," "Jurassic Park" and "Predator" series, and Edward Scissorhands. The 4-time Oscar winner most recently worked on Iron Man and was special effects supervisor on the upcoming Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins.…

this is truly sad, i have always enjoyed this great mans works, and hopefully anyone who has seen my works has seen the influence he has had on me

:( rest in peace
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well now that the final decisions of the NIPA: Northern Ireland Photographic Association sports photography round of which i spoke of in the last journal have been made. i decided to upload the four piece of mine that made through the first round and into the final

sadly my pieces were not marked high enough to be placed in any of the spots. i must admit i expected as much, hell i was in shock when they got through round one.

i didn't get to go to the judging due to a conflicting schedule(i.e. i couldn't get the night off) but have heard a mixed bag of comments from people who did, about what was said about the work.

though the only one that seems to stick out in my mind was a someone at the event refused to comment on them as when they found out 3 of the pieces were from a wwe event, they said that it wasn't sport and shouldn't be allowed to be entered

gotta love the art world huh :lol: ;)

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i was holding off on posting this but i thought why the hell not, you may have not known as i dont post my art here much any more, i'm heavily into photography, so much so that it was the main focus on my art degree, anyway i'm part of the local photography club in my area and there are set rounds for contests every few months. the way it works is you first have it in club then the winners of the in club section go on to face the other clubs, the last one that was held was based on sports photography.

i wasn't going to enter but i thought what the hell and ended up actually winning the thing, i came first and second place in colour as well as first and second in black and white.

amazed the hell outta me :D

i havent posted the chosen photos online anywhere, but 3 were taken at a wwe show and the fourth was on a tour of old Trafford football ground

all i need to do now is sit back and watch them get tore apart in the next part of the contest lol
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sorry everyone for the huge dump of updates sure it hurt the eyes, i haven't had the time to really update my stuff here so it was a sorta all at once type thing lol.

i also finally managed to organise the gallery using the new features for seperate folders.

what i wanted to ask do you as artists go through your gallery's and delete old pieces. i was thinking of removing a lot of the older pieces that i'm no longer proud of, or in the texture maps cause character i have redone. yes it would cut down on the clutter but if people have commented or faved the pieces i wouldn't feel right removing them, plus it would lower my Deviations number not that would really matter

what is your thoughts on this.

yesterday was the final day of my year 3 BA (Bachelor of Arts) honours degree in art and design majoring in photography( i did modules in visual communication, web design, fine art) at the university of ulster, i passed with a two one (the only higher mark is a first but to get that your talking about hitting 85+ out of 100 on each module for the 3 years)

so thats me official finished and graduated university/ college, I'm really proud of myself for the work i did but I'm not as excited as i thought i would have been

all thats felt is to add a few more images to my gallery and have my final show on Monday night when it opens to the public and invited guests

now to find a bloody job :(
so i'm some how getting extremley close to 5000 page, and though maybe i should do something is some on can proove they got the 5000th page i will try and produce a skin of your character of choice if it is possible

on a side note i'd like to thank all the people who have taken the time to view my work and to the select view that take the time to add comments, hopefully this will continue
Ok let me put this out there is this not a pity me thread, its something that's been playing on my mind for the past few weeks

Come May of 2007 I hopefully will be walking away from my final year of college with a BA honours (Bachelor of Arts) in art and design. And this has got me thinking that afterwards I hopefully will be able to go and get a career in the artistic world. But looking back one my work over the past few years I've noticed my shall we say attempts in to the field of illustration has become less frequent with my other interest of photography taken more of a prominent role in my portfolios and showcases

Both my two years in the degree have focused on photography, this is mainly due to what the college had to offer. I wanted to do a balance of both my interests but the college didn't offer a graphical illustration modules and any form of traditional drawing was so heavily tied into fine art painting that it was not an opinion( I cant paint to save my life, never have been able)

What's got me thinking about this is people asking me where I see my self in 5 years time, and looking back at my that my drawings have never really got any where near the responses my photography has got, I've won awards with my photos and always seem to get some reaction of people where as my illustration or digital work barely gets noticed.

Even in my portfolio site and my deviant art gallery I've noticed the photography becoming the dominant force out of my work. With it going in a 165 to 33 of photography to drawings. I enjoy photography I really do I wouldn't do it otherwise but I also really enjoy drawing always have from the first time I picked up a pencil, the idea of the two sides of my art are really messing me up, I mean with the amount of college work and other life I haven't looked at or used a sketch book from early September, and even then didn't finish anything I started

What I'm trying to say with a few months until I have to step into the "real world" is it the time to cut off the week link in my chain and pack the pencils away for good and focus on something that I can do that people actually seem to have an interest  in, I'm not a bad artist, I'm no where near good which I s why I believe that if I went with the strong of my is you can call them talents I may be able to make a go at a job in something I love.

I'm posting this here because I respect the members a artist and as people and there are some I would even call my friends and would like there opinions on this before I make a decision

haven't really posted a journal in near 8 months, mainly cause I haven't had the time and couldn't be arsed. anyway the thing that caught my attention was that last night I uploaded over 60 new piece all photography. I logged into today to be greeted with over 80 comments and favs, that helped my mood a bit, hopefully this is the start of something but knowing my luck most likely not.

May post more later, when I have time or want to