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My Nightmare. (Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste x Reader)
When you invited your friends over to hang out, you definitely were not expecting this to happen. Your neighbor getting akumatized. Ladybug and Chat Noir in your backyard. A life and death situation resting upon your shoulders. It started out as a normal evening, a few classmates came over your house so you could watch some movies and play games together. Adrien and Nino took care of the music and games, Marinette came with the food and Alya brought the movies. You provided with the place, since you'd have the house all to yourself for the weekend.
Everything went fine until you heard shouts and screams from the house next door. And they weren't the fun type. Looking out the window, you noticed a woman dressed in a black robe, with a cowl covering her face. A cold shiver went down your spine. You knew you'd seen this woman before.. in your worst nightmares. But she couldn't be real, could she? She was just a part of your imagination, right?
"She has been akumatized! Where are
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[Rocket Raccoon x Reader] A Person (Part 7)
“So, what do you think of Xandar? Nice? I think it's damn lame...”
I turned toward Rocket and laughed. We had been walking for a few minutes already and the others were out of sight. The fact that I got to spend some time alone with Rocket was cheering me up again. I just couldn't stop smiling and it became hard to talk normally and not with some high pitched squealing voice. Well, maybe this was an overstatement but still, I was happy.
I looked around again before I answered. “Well, I haven't seen many planets so far but compared to all the others we visited...this one is really peaceful. It's actually a lot like the earth. Better technology, different clothes and even more different skin colours but it still reminds me of my planet...” Then I looked up at the sky, inhaling the air. “I understand what you mean though. It's nice if you want a peaceful and quiet life but I can't really imagine staying here for long. It's way too...friendly.”
Rocket po
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Beach day widowmaker by sakimichan Beach day widowmaker :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 14,608 187 June Postcard - Klance by Hootsweets June Postcard - Klance :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 2,457 47 Thank you so much, Mr. Stark by MabyMin Thank you so much, Mr. Stark :iconmabymin:MabyMin 1,265 28 Yuri Katsuki Eros by sakimichan Yuri Katsuki Eros :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 10,549 367 Fantasy  Mercy .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Fantasy Mercy .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 20,265 545
It Doesn't Matter [Yuri Plisetsky x Reader]
"Is it just me or she's gained weight. She looks fat."
"I'm fat?" You eyes widened as you scanned yourself.
A lot of things have been happening lately. You weren't feeling so good, so your friend brought you snacks and sweets. All of which you gratefully accepted.
Biting your bottom lip, you go into your bathroom and looked at yourself. "They're...right?" Did all those snacks really make you fat? You do feel yourself getting heavier.
Keeping in the tears, you head into your bedroom and changed into clothing fit for exercise. This is not the weight of professional ice skaters.
You needed to go on a diet.
Locking the door to your house, you ran to the rink.
You finally arrived, taking in deep breaths and leaning against a wall.
"Oi, what's wrong with you?"
You turned around and wiped the sweat on your face. "Ah, Yuri, it's nothing I just ran here that's all."
The Russian raised an eyebrow. "Why?" He asked. "You could've asked one of your drivers."
You grinned. "Well, I'm on a diet
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Levi x reader [Phobia series]: Gelotophobia
Gelotophobia: Fear of being laughed at.
''Am I over thinking?'' 
You let out a huff and let your head fall back down onto your boyfriends chest, he had yet again calmed you down from one of your episodes. ''I'm so stupid''
''What did you say?'' 
''I should be able to laugh at myself but I can't'' His gripped tightened and he ran his hand up and down your back in a soothing motion, ''Doesn't mean that you are stupid, not a lot of people like being the end of a joke and that's okay''
It was hard going through life and at the sound of laughter internally cringe at the though of it being aimed at you, from being young it was almost like a black plague in your mind, you couldn't laugh and joke around as easy as the other kids did your self esteem had never been high it had always been low leading you to believe that you were never good enough. You couldn't even take the childish teasing of other kids your age, even though you knew it was harmless. 
Your relationship wi
:iconispiritual:iSpiritual 209 18
GOTG: My Girl - Rocket x Reader
It had been about a month since Ronan's defeat and so far everything's been going smoothly.  You've been with the Guardians since you all decided to team up and bust out of the Kyln prison.  Groot was almost back to his normal size but he still had some growing to do.  As for Rocket you've pretty much had a crush on him since day one.  One in a while you two would hit one of the local bars for a drink and sometimes one or both of you would come back drunk.  You wished Groot would come along but Rocket said that he promised Groot once he's fully grown he'll bring him with us.    
At this time, you and the Guardians were making a little pitstop while the Milano was getting a little maintenance work done.  It was just the typical check the engine, check the oil, and refuel.  Since it was going to take a couple of hours, you and the Guardians decided to go restock on some supplies such as food, ammo, medicine, etc.  You picked up a book or
:iconbluewolf14:bluewolf14 360 39
Rocket x Reader There For You Part 2
Rocket x Reader
There For You Part 2
a Reader-Insert by SophiaofTerra (c)
            You sat alone in your room on the Milano. The battle was only yesterday, but you couldn’t help it as you relived each piece bit by bit in the last hour. It was the most exciting thing to happen to you since, uh, a long, long time ago. Come to think of it, it was the most exciting thing to happen to you. But in spite of it being PTSD worthy, it wasn’t the most troubling.
            No, no. It wasn’t even close.
            The most troubling piece, the part that nipped at your heart-strings, was the fact that you were in love with Rocket. The raccoon-lookalike had peeked your interest since the moment you saw him, and it was all uphill from there
:iconsophiaofterra:SophiaofTerra 130 61
Groot X Reader X Rocket
Groot smiled softly down at you, watching as you made a little present for him. Noticing that he was, again, breaking the rule you set, you patted the behemoth on the arm from where you sat.
You were on Groot's lap currently, one leg placed on either side of his own. To anyone else the scene would have been rather suggestive, but the two of you were merely showing to whom your affections were for.
"Groot, I told you. No peeking." You giggled, reaching up to close his eyes. He smiled a bit wider. You continued to weave the thing in your hands, making sure it was nice and tight before giving it to your lover.
It was a regular Saturday morning on the ship, your hair was down, cascading over your shoulders. Your body was covered with a(n) (F/C) tank top and a pair of maroon sweats.
"Alright. Open." You smiled, (E/C) orbs shining in happiness up at the behemoth. You reached your hands, a floral crown hanging from them. You beckoned him to lean down to your level, which he did happily. You p
:iconforest-whispers:Forest-Whispers 386 59
Request: Rocket x Reader: Protect You Oneshot

Hi Y'all! This is a request by GuardianofHappiness. The song is When You Believe by Chole Agnew. Enjoy~
Many nights we've prayed
With no proof anyone could hear
In our hearts a hopeful song we barely understood
Now we are not afraid
Although we know there's much to fear
We were climbing mountains long before we knew we could

You were watching an alien movie, curtsey of the planet you and the guardians were staying on. Though you didn't have an inkling of the dialogue, you could get a pretty good feel of the plot. The hero was trying to save his love from a great villain. You couldn't really narrow it down more, but you were pretty sure a sibling betrayed him? You couldn't tell who was male or who was female, but you rolled with it anyway.
There can be miracles when you believe
Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe
Somehow you will
You will when you believe

It was at a
:iconmaddymew:maddymew 146 23
GOTG: You're Perfect To Me Rocket x Reader Part 1
This contains minor spoilers!!
Hey guys!! I decided to write some Guardians of The Galaxy fanfiction, exclusively a reader insert. I may write more.

You were 9 years old when you left with Peter from Earth. You were sitting near the 10 year old Quill, waiting patiently for the nurse allowing you to see your older brother recovering from a car crash. You were in that crash but didn't have any major injuries. You waited by yourself for your parents' arrival. The little boy had gone into a room, but was brought out by an older man and ran out quickly. You noticed a small present fell out of his backpack. With your fast instincts, you quickly got up and grabbed to small object to retrieve it to the boy. You wondered why he was such in a hurry. When you finally reached him, he was on the grass crying loudly. You slowly walked up to him.
"Um, excuse me?" He looked up and jolted a little.
"This fell out of your backpack." You handed him the present which he hesitantly took. There was
:iconlloyd-m-garmadon:Lloyd-M-Garmadon 243 43
April Post Card - Yuri on Ice by Hootsweets April Post Card - Yuri on Ice :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 4,443 136
Expression | Viktor Nikiforov
A single beam of light cascaded around your toned, glistening form panting from a vigorous warm up and intense stretch. The quaint dance studio was empty, it's other dancers long since vacated. It looked so different in the late hours of the night. You found it to be more tranquil this way, it was far more intimate and allowed you to better express yourself through your craft.
A pole-dancer's life is often frowned upon. The art was tainted, sexualized, and very few knew it's true beauty. It was more than just a gorgeous woman showcasing a voluptuous body, it was more than getting a rise out of a man for his money. Those who truly loved it, those who truly knew it's form had a story to tell. Like any waltz, or tango, the way you moved your body along the silver, cool stretch of metal was your own unique expression of emotion. Happiness, sadness; loneliness and longing. . . each were entirely different in their own respects.
In a way, it was a lot like ice-skating.
Your reflection frowne
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