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The Lady in Black

By Deamond-89
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FFFFFFFFFF Finally finished this one. Took ages... and so many first designs before I was able to settle for a final concept xD; But I am suuuuuper happy with the end result <3

Mysterious black lady~~~ Who might she be? 8DD

Character (c) :icondx33x:
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This is quite a pretty badass character.
There is just a little something that bugs me with her forearm being as large as her calf but other than that, I like her feminine and appealing curves.
Definitely not the best footwear in the snow but these bandages are a great change to the usual designs of sexy ladies! :XD:
And I like how you made the orbs semi-transparent. :meow:
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Thanks a lot <33

xD How do you come up with that she walks around in the snow? LOL
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No problem!

The snow part is mainly because I saw snow last weekend up here in Sweden and it just sticks around with me; usually, the snow is long gone by now where I lived in France! xD
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oh wow... I realy love this design! I like how you have bandages on the feet instead of cliche stiletto's or high heel shoes of some sort. the double choker is cool and how it matches the double thigh band is neat too~
The gold bits are pretty awesome too.I like how the large gold bit around her shoulders has little dangles |3
I absolutely love the gold bits with chain around her wrists though! And it's cool that the bandages on her arms/hands match her legs/feet.
And the way the mask and head decoration match both the black dress and the gold bits is great. I also like how her ears and mask have little dangles matching the ones around the larger gold semi-circle.
Also pretty cool seeing a mix of fur and feathers.
I think it's neat that her staff is angled with the skull facing perpendicular to the wood rather than parallel as is most common for toppers.
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Thank you very much ^^
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wsvfrgeuocdlsm, so AWESOME!!!!!!
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Wow, your skills never fail to amaze me, from day one you have blown this old dragon and many others away with your talents and skills, keep it up.
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Very wonderful :D Your skills are godly.
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 She's SMOKING hot :iconihappyloveitplz: ~~ yussir
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When she enters the room the guys stand in FLAMES for her!!
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Everyone should be able to tell by just looking at her, that if they try to get close, they're going to get BURNED!!! 

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Well, no one can deny that she is a MANEATER! :icontrollmorphplz:
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huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur xDDD
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Very pretty :lovely: 
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OuO she looks awesome!!! And finally a simple design compared to the rest of your characters and something I can draw xDDD //SHOT
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