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The King of Thorns

By Deamond-89
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During the making of this picture, 3 Copic Markers lost their lives. Never will you be forgotten, C-5, C-7 and E00, for your color will live on in this artwork. Rest in Peace.

Okay, enough joking xD No idea how long this thing took me... I started it weeks ago but because of the bg I was too scared to continue so I stopped for a little while before forcing myself today to finish it.

About the motive: I'm aware orchids don't actually grow like that. But it has to do with the connection of the two characters shown here and is a present for a friend who owns the male character... so, yeah, as long as it makes sense to her/us I'm satisfied xD

Characters (c) :iconfuresiya: and :icondx33x:
(c) :icondx33x:

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I think it was a noble sacrifice
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May they rest in piece...

But it looks awesome none the less :D
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The background and details of the hair and armor are fantastic! I love what you've done with the copic markers. 
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This is absolutely gorgeous, I thought it was digital until I read the description.
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I like, is so cool
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whoa the result is sooo amazing <3
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;A; Oh my goodness this is a beautiful work of art, you work really well with markers, I'm impressed Dea! 
I hope you're able to get new markers, or perhaps order an ink refill/nibs for your deceased markers. (refill might be a wise choice if you use a lot of those particular colors)

Which reminds me, I should practice a little more with my box set of copics. I have 200$ worth not being used, but tbh it's been more of a matter of feeling unworthy of them rather than laziness. ._.
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Ahahaha I know that feeling xD;;; *has about 150 Copics and rarely ever using them because I feel Im so much better in digital*

Thanks >v<)/
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sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexaaaaaaaaaah
I'll shed a ceremonial tear for those lost in the fight.. but they died for a good cause.
like.. its amazing. And whats amazing about how its amazing is that its real media. My brain just can't even.

>u< They both look so BA and Sylvana so pretty~~ and the dark bg mixed with the brighter colors hnnnnnn Llama Emoji-66 (Orly) [V3] 
*Plasters it all over desktop***
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Alpaca sama is staring at me...........

xD <333 Glad you like it hun QvQ)/ *HUGS*
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This is really pretty 
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