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SoC .:. Helia

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Updated Charactersheets for the Faction Leaders.


Name: Helia

Faction: :iconcaelius-plz:

Size: 160cm / 5,2'

Helia is rather temperamental despite her small stature. She is usually gentle and kind, loving life above anything but when someone maddens her, she tends to be rather explosive. To the goddess, each person has the right to fight for their life and each person should be given the chance to save their life. She is the kind of person that would go into a burning house to save a dog locked in there somewhere, even if it meant putting her own safety to risk.

Element and Weapon:
Despite being the 'Goddess of Light', Helia is specialized in light as well as fire magic. Her favorite weapon is a long spear she has mastered over time. However her specialties lie more in the field of defense rather than offense.

She has two large angelic wings and her ears are covered by another smaller set. Due to her hair it might look like she has no 'ears' but they are simply covered.

Previous App:

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I have two questions.
1. Are her wings (along with Deamond's and Ivalina's) always visible or can be tucked away or similar? In the hot springs picture you drew a while back, nobody's wings are visible.
2. Can anyone request a RP with her?
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1. Its the idea that they are able to, but usually don't, yes... Its also a way for them to disguise themselves and just walk among mortals, without being recognized... which brings me to point 2: The gods are like Kings and Queens: Most people know how they look like from pictures but barely anyone has ever seen them face to face. As deities, they are being idolized in most pictures, for example making Deamond look darker and more serious than he actually is or Helia more divine, beautiful and picture perfect etc. So, with wings tucked in and making a few smaller changes in their look it is about impossible for a regular soldier to recognize them. For people wanting to RP with one of the gods, you have to note me first, telling me what you want to achieve in this RP and how you plan on official meeting them as a meeting with for example Helia or Deamond is almost impossible to get but being way easier for Ivalina for example. But yes: All in all anyone can request an RP with them To do so, send a note to my RP account please, not to this one as I barely check this account.
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For 2, okay.
For 1, is it okay if I do not draw their wings? In a picture set I'm drawing, I can add the wings, but might take up too much space.
Now I feel bad for not asking this, but may I draw the four leaders for a set of drawings?
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As long as its not official for the missions, go ahead. Just, yeah... when in public, they wouldn't draw their wings in, but if its for a personal drawing set I guess it doesn't matter.
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Okay then, thank you!
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I'm here because my name is Helia and I find this funny

Your work is amazing, it's really cool !
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Gain love the clothes, and you anatomy looks really good. Stunning work with the wings, they look nice and elegant, and love her hair.
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Wooooooooooooooooooooo! Pretty wings, pretty eyes, pretty weapon, pretty errythinnnnn! *whacks Dea with a spear* y u so pr0!
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Deaa teach me how to design- gawd they all look so cool QuQ
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awesome. great work with the details.:)
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I really like this one too!
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:iconarlenrlyplz: *has pressed his face to that bossom* as he cried like a little girl.. but shhh
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Amazing work here and I love how the wings were done too.
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