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SoC - God of Caelius: Helia

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Goddess of Caelius

The 'Goddess of Light' lives in her temple in Ziaray, guiding her caelian followers with an everlasting light shining from atop the cathedral's clock-tower. Her weapon is a mighty holy spear called Sol-Shard.

Most defensive god of Zion. Helia's strongest point is to defend her borders, offense isn't exactly her strength though... However, her aero-force is the strongest flying army on Zion.

Members of Caelius will have to expect a balanced amount of defensive and inner quests under this god's lead. Offense quests are rare.

Any questions regarding quests, RPing, … with Helia, please write a comment here.

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The Gods of Zion
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she looks beautiful.
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Heeeyyy Dea
soo how tall is Helia? or rather all the gods
i know she's the shortest...
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OTL Sorry, I rarely check this account altely xD;; If you got questions, best send them to the SoC group >V<b

Helia is 167cm, Deamond 182cm and Ivalina 178cm.
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six very good!
is wonderful!
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Love the design, and don't get me started on the spear :heart:. Love the name choice as well, made me immediately think of Helios - God of the Sun haha <3
And the name Caelius meaning heavenly makes it even better OnO, I see what you did there~
Deamond-89's avatar
xD I love playing with names and their meanings ^^ Thanks!
DailyMelody's avatar
That makes it all the more fun, and you're welcome! C:
JusticeNjujubees's avatar
Too bad applications are closed...bleh...I came up with a character that would be totally awesome for these quests!
Deamond-89's avatar
We will have a new application period soon, starting February 29th =)
JusticeNjujubees's avatar
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Cool, awesome work. ^_^
LittleRuky's avatar
i love your drawings O.o <333
AshioChan's avatar
well, can i put your characters into my picture? b'cause i would like to put few people into the light festival picture... :iconshining-eyesplz:
Deamond-89's avatar
xD Sure ^^ The gods are NPCs, so you don't need to ask to draw them for SoC related art ^^
AshioChan's avatar
Seeking-Urjurak's avatar
Oh my god, she is gorgeous!!!! ^u^ :heart:
adhoedwardo's avatar
what a amazing skill...
really cute...
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I gotta say, this series features some of the coolest stuff you've ever done! The borders are phenomenal, and the character designs are lush and fun to examine. I love them all, but this is definitely my favorite one--yay for feather wings! The only constructive thing I have to say is that the characters don't quite match the backgrounds stylistically. A really art simple, art nouveau-esque way to tie them together would be to have a dark stroke outlining the characters that matches the color and width of the lines in the border.

Again, beautiful work! :heart:
Deamond-89's avatar
DAW THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! ;v; Glad you like them <3
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You're welcome! :heart:
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this is really pretty :)
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lovely wings :o
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