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SoC - God of Ares: Deamond

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God of Ares

The 'God of Darkness' lives in the highest tower of Necropolis, watching over Ares from his throne. His weapon of choice is a scythe made of special ice-like crystal.

Most aggressive/offensive god of Zion. Deamond's strength is attacking not defending, but he lets his armies attack with deadly precision.

Members of Ares will have to expect a high amount of offensive quests under this god's lead.

Any questions regarding quests, RPing, … with Deamond, please write a comment here.

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The Gods of Zion
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he looks interesting to play with
zaiilex's avatar
I had no idea that he was evil XD
He looks so nice, yet looks can be deceiving...
Midnight-Dark-Angel's avatar
I drew a fanart of this character: [link]

At first I thought he was Shadow from a comic called Keepers. To find that he is actually yours by a different name. But I love his design still, and with reading what you've written... I still like him.
I'm curious if you could tell me more about him?

And also... before I found out that he was yours, I had considered making a cosplay of him. But now that I know you are the original artist, I must ask... may I make a cosplay of this amazing character? I would give you full credit to design, etc. If you allow me to make him, the original goal I had was August 2014, and all photos would be posted to ~Midnight-Dance-Angel. Please let me know.

And I really would love to learn more about him.
Deamond-89's avatar
Wow, uh, no I certainly never created a comic called Keepers O__o;;

The fanart looks great though, matches him perfectly~ xD <3333 Thanks a lot >v<)/

I would feel very honored to see a Cosplay of one of my OCs so of course! Would it be possible to send me photos though? I'd love seeing it <3

For his history: Deamond is one of my oldest OCs, I have him since over 11 years and his background story is rather GIANT by now xD;; At the moment he is part of this RP group's story though #Souls-of-Chaos, functioning as God of the demonic faction Ares. If you have interest in more info about him though, I can type it up ^^ Maybe contact me on my second account though (I saw you found that one xDD) since I am usually online there, checking this one only every couple of days ^^
Midnight-Dark-Angel's avatar
I thought so. The character designs were ripped off from yours.

Thank you very much ^^ I had a lot of fun working on him :)

:D Thank you so much for saying that I can make him. I'll be starting progress on him sometime next year so that I can make him perfect! I will even show you progress shots if you want them XD

I'll send you a Note on your other account about Deamond :) I'd love to learn more about him so that I can portray him as best I can when I have him finished for photos and with your permission, I might enter the masquerade at Fan Expo Canada with him. I'm very tempted to turn my friend into Ameran (spelling?) to go with me. But that depends on him.
Deamond-89's avatar
8D I'd love to see that~ Hehe! >v<)b Alright~ Ill wait for the note ^^
Midnight-Dark-Angel's avatar
Ameran and Deamond come to life as costumes? :)
I actually drafted a base pattern for the small wings for Deamond earlier... guess I'm super excited about him now ^^
Deamond-89's avatar
Hehehe well, I cant wait to see the result <3
SerpentRose's avatar
Do you have a comic online called Keepers, by any chance?

Because I saw this and [link]

Wat. XD
Deamond-89's avatar
PFFFF Nope, no clue xDD Saw it this morning and was really confused myself, paniking for a moment and searching the web for that comic xD LOL
SerpentRose's avatar
Yeah I talked to that artist more about it. Her and her friend came to the conclusion that the comic artist ripped off Deamond's design, and possibly other characters, and made a story about them. The webcomic was taken down a while ago.
Deamond-89's avatar
I must admit, I -am- curious about seeing that comic but guess its best that its been taken down completely in the end ^^
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Permission to use Deamond and the other three rulers in a picture?
PhantomMuse's avatar
Thank you, and one question. Does Deamond have pointed ears?
Deamond-89's avatar
nope, regular ones ^^ But please note the cross shaped scar on his left (for us right) cheek >v<b
PhantomMuse's avatar
Ah, okay, and I saw that. Thank you!
DarkDragonTanis's avatar
im still not a member and have no idea if i will be acepted but still, would it be ok for me to make a fan art of him? ( ofcourse on coment i will give credit to you and add your acount link )
it wont be fanservice or nothing strange. i will keep it in a epic mode the best i can
Deamond-89's avatar
Sure! And dont worry... He got put into enough OOC, fanservice or crack pics that I am used to it by now xD
DarkDragonTanis's avatar
omg XD ok then thanks >w<
theres a part of what im making that im really not shure if you allow it so before uploading nothing, i will link it to you and you can tell me if it can stay or not . for now ill leave it the way it is and if neaded changing ill doo it at the end when every thing else is done
thanks again >w<
Deamond-89's avatar
No problem >v<b
GadzooksTD's avatar
I need help getting friends and stuff for Vampey... he's :iconforeveraloneplz:
shrimpHEBY's avatar
OMG~~~This boy here is so awesome~~~love the wings~~~:heart:
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