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Practice piece: Cloudy lake

By Deamond-89
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A small piece for practice that I drew in Livestream today.

Speedpaint Process: [link]

Time: ~50 minutes
Tools: Wacom Cintiq, IllustStudio

I really enjoy drawing skies... don't know, they just seem to be easiest to draw for me...

Sorry, but my works are no stock, so don't use it please!!
(c) :icondx33x:

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omg wie toll das aussieht ; o ;

ne freundin hat mir das speedpaint gezeigt,
und als ich gesehen hab du bist auch auf dA musste ich einfach nachgucken *stalks you*
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l envy you. Good job!
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Quite lovely. I don't usually see too many landscape piece during my watches. It's as if it drawn through the view of a telescope or binoculars given the cylindrical view along the edges.
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Really great atmosphere through colour choice
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I like it. :meow:
But i think it would be better if you show the sky mirrors in water)
(My english is bad, but i hope that you understand what i mean) *uhh*
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Awesome, it has a cool feel to it!
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Gorgeous <3 I always love your colors *U*
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this is very pretty dea-chan, I think I can see a swan in the clouds ^^. I love your details and... well I can't really properly express myself but I think it's wonderfully done.
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cool. great work.:)
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This is beautiful <3
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so, dea, how is it going about your art-related-life-stuff? :) any school, job?
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whoa this looks really nice <3
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Really pretty, like the colors and the grass in the foreground gives a nice perspective to the whole thing XD. I recently found out that I love drawing skies too, they relax me so much XD
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holy moly I was casually scrolling through my messages and I see THIS pop up. Normally I'm not all that enticed by backgrounds and stuff but its so vivid, even in thumbnail form, and I happen to notice YOU drew it - I don't see a lot of painted works from you (or maybe I'm just terrible at noticing) but MAN this has a lot of visual impact! It just REALLY strikes me as pleasing- it's really beautiful and simple. The clouds are just plain gorgeous. I'm really loving the overload of blue here- /// hhhhhhhhh
And the fact that the lake doesn't share the same cloudy reflection (whether by accident or on purpose) gives the water a brilliant glowy-like quality, esp. since it's very light in color. This place just looks really lovely askdjhakjse I would totally give something to just stand here and enjoy the scenery if it were real.
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Hnnn <333 Thanks so much QvQ
I usually don't draw painterly style... I dunno, I'm just not very good in it when it comes to characters, but for backgrounds it really is so much easier and more natural <33 Thanks a lot, that comment really made my day QvQ
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Your landscapes and usage of colors will never cease to amaze me!!!!
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Wooah! It's so pretty!
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Oh, scenery~ Love it!
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TT.TT It looks so beautiful!!!!
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You did an awesome job, I like it :thumbsup:
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pretty nice ! ^^
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