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Greed and Arrogance

By Deamond-89
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The burning fire with which we strife for what we don't posses, eventually only consuming everything around us and leaving nothing but ashes behind.

The cold and bitter ice we build around ourselves to make us blind for the wisdom and beauty of the world, turning everything into a mirror so we can see nothing but ourselves.


Finally finished the picture I've been working on the past few weeks~ Lately I'm super slow artwise OTL Creative juices just don't seem to want to run smoothly for me lately. Ah well~

The whole Greed/Arrogance thing probably only makes sense if you know the characters but it is their most dominant personality traits xD Tyrant is greedy beyond reason and Darios the most narcissistic and arrogant person you will find around. =v=;

I'm currently also working on an armor again, this time Tyrant's. Not the casual one he wears here, but his real armor. Finished the glove today and hope to get his horns and crown along with the eyepatch done next week.
Tyrant's glove by Dx33x

Details: Greed and Arrogance by Deamond89

I uploaded the linearts for others to color if they wish. They can be found here:
Greed and Arrogance - Greed Lines by Deamond89  Greed and Arrogance - Arrogance Lines by Deamond89

(c) :icondeamond89:

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LOVE it -blushed-MEMEME MEMEME - Hana Reaching + Sad 2 triggered 
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The symbolism in this piece was well thought-out for both of these aspects~ well done!! :D
UnluckyxSe7en's avatar
you're welcome~! :love:
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These both look freak'n awesome! Amazing work!
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You.. you need to stop. >___<!!! 
Absolutely gorgeous work! Keep it up ;)
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Really fine art : you realised an epic contrast picture.

I like the way you place ice/fire.
The look in their eyes fantastic too : I can see (my point of view only ^^) a sort of sweat demence in the greedy one. And some of self-confidence in the other.
Look awesome.

Some well, very nice artwork. Hope I see others !

PS : I'm french and my english could seem weirdo sometimes ^^ ! Hope you will understand the whole comment !
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Thank you very much ^^
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Wow, they are both awesome! 
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whooooa this look so coool~
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Already I'm annoyed by their personalities 8D you win.
But how will they hold up? :iconsemechinaplz:

fave part is still blondie's skin eve;
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Hurrrrrrr xD Oh, they will be even more annoying once you meet them, believe me~~~
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o.o they looks so cool!!! =D :la:
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Du bist fertig <3
Ich sehe, du hast das Bild doch nochmal 'modifiziert' und ein paar Sachen anders gemacht als noch auf der Ursprungsskizze zu sehen war~
Die Effekte sind wiedermal grandios geworden und spiegeln die Haupttraits der beiden super wider^^
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xD Die Skizzen sehen immer anders aus als das Endprodukt OTL Ich bekomms einfach nicht hin die Skizzen schon so zu machen dass ich dann während der Lines zufrieden bin xD Danke <3
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aw god them both are so hot!
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