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Frozen Dream

By Deamond-89
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I started this when...??? 8 months ago? xD;; I think I started it somewhen in january this year but due to feeling completely uncreative, having a lot of deadline works, exams etc I never continued it despite really liking the ocerall concept...

By now I see a couple of mistakes, but it is still one of those pieces that I actually think made me progress and improve a lot... So I decided to finish the remaining 5 shading layers today and adding a few effects to make it look nice and... well... complete xD;

Anyway, this picture was based on an RP I had with *furesiya in december and january. Our characters Anil and Ahri were still enemies back then but due to Rayen (the blue woman) infiltrating Ahri's dreams they had to work together for the first time, Anil with her ability to travel dreams helping Ahri out of the situation before she managed to scatter his mind... So, yeah... that was the idea behind the pic... Originally Haizea was supposed to be placed in the top left corner but she looked off somehow, so I dropped her.

Anil (c) :iconfuresiya:

Ahriman and Rayen (c) :icondeamond89:
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I wish more people would post stories based off of RPs... this one sounds like it would be epic.
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Omg this is amazing! 
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Wow, you really know how to do awesome stuff and this is beyond awesome, I am really amazed how this was done and can't help but to admire it, good job.
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Oh my ... oh my .... oh my..... *fainting*

The colors.... the lines ... just everything is sooo great.
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You did amazing! 8D
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This is absolutely beautiful ^^
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It looks magnificent!! :D
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hhh Dea- how do you draw so beautifullyyy? And the colors too!
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Q A Q ....woooooow. The master of details, Dea... this just blows my mind. oeL <33 The contrast between the light and dark sides of the picture go so well together.. and all those glass shards... dkjhlkjdfsd I can imagine how this could take so long to do. ;u; But you did wonderful~
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<333 Thanks a lot hun >V<)/ *hugs*
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I absolutely love how much detail you put into your work <3
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YEEEEEEEEEEEEEI :iconjumphehplz: its done its done its donnneeeee~~
turned out soooooo good. 
Then again even from step one it was so epic~~ The lighting is so soft and perfect and its totally doing its job and reminding me of how hard all of that was for them OTL <333333

*Quietly cuts Rayen off and slowly shoves her aside*

ROFL Haizea...
I think she looked ok up where she was.. but really, after she helped Ahri with his issue.. we totally shoved -her- aside 8D Rayen was unfortunately a better layout choice even if just based on story content.

:iconanilrly:  fak Anil needs her app
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xDDD AHAHAHHAA YEAH!!! POOR HAIZEA!!! LMFAO We always shove her aside, don't we?? xDD DAMN she needs some love some time LOL

:iconahrismugplz: Oh yes, you do... Need some place to molest you in public to freak Arlen out~
furesiya's avatar
8'D... well.. she didn't have much to do while those two were being super emo I guess hahaha. Xiva can be her BFF 8D I ... bet they are actually more about the same age *SHOT*

:iconanilrly: I dunno.. you just posted me in my underwear. Shouldn't YOU be freaking out??
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:iconahriwtfplz: .....OMFG!!!!!! :iconspiderallplz:
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:iconahrishockplz: *throws robes over*
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*coughs* But anyways, like I already mentioned, I seriously love this piece. XDD Really great job, me boi! ;3;!!!!
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:iconro-flashplz: JOURNEY ICON!!!!!!! :iconro-flashplz: :heart:
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HAHAHAAH. XDDD YESSSHHHH, I just love the game and the visual art and such. ;____;!! *pats icon*
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