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Fighting for too long...

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Fighting for too long - Details by Dx33x
Check out the details~ There are lots of them...


So, Fure and I RPed a lot and we reached a point in the plot of one of my characters that is... pretty much shown here, even though not exactly like this.

Feidamil Aigle by Dx33x
You have to read Feid's bio reaaaaaaally carefully, then you will notice something: All Celestials are female, so that goes for Feid too xD Yes, it's a 'trap'...
Anyway, not to go tooooo deep into his/her story and plot I warned in the charactersheet that I am in the middle of a plot with him and that he might not survive. Well, she did survive, but at a high cost: After hunting the two Celestials Beliff and Sayrin and killing them with the help of Ryou and Itsuki, she is suddenly left completely alone, not sure anymore if she even fought for the right goal for the largest part of her life. That doubt caused her to lose her magic arrow, bow and blessing, her wings burning away. Everything she once knew is gone, so she is now trying to find a new place for herself and form a new life.

Sooo yeah, that's pretty much that scene xD; It didn't happen like that, but I really liked the idea. eve)/

Eitherway! I recorded the entire process. You can check it out on my YouTube here:… <- sketch, background, lines and basecolors… <- shading

(c) :icondx33x:

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I finally got to see the videos of yours and I'm thankful you shared these with us. It's unbelievable how much love and details you put in your pictures! I'm pretty sure I'll still need days before I really processed everything I have seen, but it was wonderful to watch you working!
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Wow... Very intense mood here.... You did very great withthe wings!! It's pretty sad though.
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Itsuki: *catches up his tears into a vial and sips* mmm.

its really pretty though 8D Dunno how I feel about Feid himself yet.. but this pic and outfit is loverly~~
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Feid: *throws booze bottle at his face*

xD S'okay *pats* She is... a handful, that's for sure LOL
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Reminds me of that song splendid
"Darkness won't kill me
Sheltered in fantasy
Never surrender
For loves so splendid".

Beautiful work, very soft colours but dramatic angles. I love it
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This is wonderful :lovelyeyes: 
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Awesome! I know this from role play, but I feel like it's official or from something.
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I love the colors you chose.
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