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Cloudy Sky Tutorial

Click the [link] for the Tutorial!!

:bulletgreen: [link] :bulletgreen:

Program I work with: IllustStudio
Works on SAI too! (tried it out =v=b hurr)
Not sure about Photoshop as the waterbrush there doesn't blend and smudge in one step... Well, I failed at it at least... lol

Helpful links, resources and tutorials can be found here:

Time needed for this background: 5 minutes.

Examples for more detailed pictures with the same technique:

or this WiP (click the picture to enlarge)

Uploaded a quick tutorial on Tumblr. One of my friends asked why I didn't upload it on DA.... Simple reason: I'm too lazy putting a tutorial together since I suffer from this pestering headaches since 2 days =A=;; Maybe I will crop something up later, but for now I have neither my tablet nor my fast internet, so that might take one or two days....

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Hey Dea... Do you happen to know how to save a file with transparent background?
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On which program? o3o)/

You need to make sure the bottom white layer is on invisible. On IllustStudio and Photoshop you just got to go to 'Save as' and then chose PNG as file. Unfortunately I have no clue about other programs, sorry...
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Illuststudio >v< Thank you!
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Thank you so much! I couldn't find a tutorial up til now that explained drawing clouds in such a simple manner. :)
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ahh i dont get it o A o;;;;
with the new layer it wont work >- <;?
-stuck :<
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Wow that's actually really, really helpful :) Also, love the music that pops up on the Tumblr
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step 1: open a canvas
step 2: Be awesome all over the canvas
step 3: done

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OH U!!!!
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8'D even with the lovely tutorial you made I would still be like.... v Av *fail*
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where do you get illuststudio?
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Theyre not selling it anymore.
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oh boo =3=
although I saw they have it on Japanese Celsys site...
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You have to RENT it, and gota live in japan. thats what you were seeing on the website.
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oh piddles =3=
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really? well i've already well before bought :D
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5 MINUTES? HOLY COW THAT'S AMAZING! It takes me like 10+ hours to draw a character!
Then again I've never really tried speedpainting...xD
Thanks for the tutorial! It's amazing! ^^
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Well, its a cloudy sky xDD Never mentioned characters here...
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Oh, I mean that for just a character it takes me a long time and even more for backgrounds; I'm just surprised on how it only takes 5 minutes for a background. ^^; Sorry, I can be very confusing.
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*shakes* wry u no on Skype?????
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*huggles forever*
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no excuse~!! I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed yooooooooooou ; A; <333333
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A very informative and helpful tutorial. I learned quite a bit from it. ^_^
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Looks so amazing. And 5 minutes? o___o

Wow <3
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