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Clip Studio Paint Brushes



Promised this a couple of people and always ended up forgetting to upload.

These are my standard brushes I use/love the most.
1. Cloud Brush: A simple cloud brush I use to either blend or create clouds and textures. Standardbrush of this tutorial:
Cloud Tutorial by Dea-89

2. Basic Water Color: Using this one for 90% of my shading: Skin, hair, cloths, eyes,... Also the brush I used here:
Step by Step Hair by Dea-89

3. Crystal Fragment: Shading crystals, gems, large eyes and then placing this one on top in different color settings (overlay, multiply,...) to add a nice reflective effect. Basically the final step of this one:
Step by Step Dragon Eye Orb by Dea-89

4. Blaze 1: My main brush when it comes to adding details to fire or just wanting to add a nice warm glow somewhere.

5. Chain Brush: Standard looping Chainbrush for all your lazyness~~

6. Ornament Brush: Using this one on character designs when I'm too lazy to draw everything by hand xP

7. Water Ripple Pattern: Using mainly on clothing when water is involved or to enhance the look of a close up shot on water. This brush is VERY hard and crisp, so it needs some after editing depending on how you want to use it. Takes a bit of practice but I get really great results with it. Just don't expect to use it and magically look great... cause... it won't 8D;

I use most of these brushes one way or another in my Speedpaint Videos:…

To import a tool into your Clip Studio Paint Program:

1. Download and Unzip the Zip.Folder.

2. Open Clip Studio Paint and right-click on one of your brushes (doesn't matter which one).

3. Select 'Import Sub Tool...' and go to the unzipped brushes in your directory.

4. Chose the brush you want to import and press okay. It will create a new brush with the imported setting.

5. Try it out and enjoy~

No need to give credit when using these brushes but please do NOT reupload anywhere or claim as your own!!

Brushes by :icondx33x:
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are these ABR files?