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Clip Studio .:. Lace Brushes

A selection of Lace Brushes I used on my latest character sheet:
Feidamil Aigle by Dx33x

You can check this tutorial on how I made them:
Lace Brush Tutorial by Dea-89 

To import a tool into your Clip Studio Paint Program:

1. Download and Unzip the Zip.Folder.

2. Open Clip Studio Paint and right-click on one of your brushes (doesn't matter which one).

3. Select 'Import Sub Tool...' and go to the unzipped brushes in your directory.

4. Chose the brush you want to import and press okay. It will create a new brush with the imported setting.

5. Try it out and enjoy~

No need to give credit when using these brushes but please do NOT reupload anywhere or claim as your own!!

My Basic Brushes for Clip Studio:
Clip Studio Paint Brushes by Dea-89

Brushes by :icondx33x:
© 2016 - 2021 Deamond-89
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Thanks you so much!

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Thank you, I'll give these a try. Your art is gorgeous.

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This is years later, but I don't know who better to ask. Is there any way to draw any of these designs with a color fill, similar to how the default lace brush works?

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These, no. You can however get the tip from the brush and place it on a canvas with black then fill the blank space you want colored with white. If you set the layer setting to greyscale, you can make a new brush and switch the black and white color for foreground and background color. If you want them to be already colored, shade the white part and make sure it loops, then save the brush tip in color layer mode.

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says no file and downloads as html

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Using the download button (on pc), it downloads as zip file for me. Not sure why it is not working for you, because for me it works fine.

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I just started using CSP and I have no idea when im going to use this but i still downloaded them anyway :))

Thank you so much for sharing!

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this is literally me, but a few weeks later :))

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Glad you like them o/

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Hello :) thank you for beautiful brushes. May i use it on commercial art?(as part of it, like on clothes or curtain)

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