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New Armor by psudolewd
Mature content
New Armor :iconpsudolewd:psudolewd 632 23
Elven Waterseer by nesoun
Mature content
Elven Waterseer :iconnesoun:nesoun 61 3
Mature content
Cool for Cats :icondesmondfallout:Desmondfallout 44 21
The Cats: A Costume Shop TF
“Come on, Amy, we’re leaving.”
Amy groaned and set down her pencil.  At the moment her desk contained a lamp, storage shelves, a few souvenir roller coaster snapshots, a drawing pad, and a National Geographic.  The latter was open to a page with a running cheetah.  The top page of the drawing pad tauntingly displayed a half-finished sketch of the cheetah, daring Amy to defy her mother and finish it, yet making fun of her predicament at the same time.
“Okay, okay, I’m coming.”  She reached for her black hoodie, hurriedly yanking her arms through the sleeves as she trotted out to the front room.  Her mother and her little sister Lauren both stood there expectantly.  “I’m ready.  Let’s go.”
The late October air bit at Amy’s cheeks when they ventured outside.  She didn’t care much for the cold.  Admittedly, she could get overheated sometimes,
:iconfiliaflammae:FiliaFlammae 251 48
Tigra and Cheetah 2
Tigra and Cheetah 2
A sort of follow up to a older story, I re read it (here ) and got a new muse on how things might be now after events have transpired in the Marvel/DCU since the initial story.
Other Pic Ideas
Catwoman as a feline, in a ally crying, surrounded by ally capts with a inset of Tigra looking down at her.
Cheetah JLA Group:
Cheetah, Wonder Woman, Static, Supergirl
Tigra X-Men shot:
Tigra, Chrome (Sentinel shape shifter), Morph, Wolfsbane, Nightcrawler
The Eagle/Alfred
Not quite, they soon learned — unless the Man of Steel had taken to dressing like a bird. the stranger was covered head to toe in an orange/tan feathered costume, complete with sharpened claws on his hands and feet and a beak to match, brown tufts on his forearms and calves, a feathery brown cape, and a red chest icon displaying the United States' noble symbol. "I must conceal the secret of my REAL IDENTITY, gentleman, but you may add
:iconnekollx:NekoLLX 19 10
Mature content
Bleach: A Mile In My Shoes :iconmarvelninja:Marvelninja 24 6
Allurement of Scud by 12-tf Allurement of Scud :icon12-tf:12-tf 290 32 Quinn's Transformation! by A-Round-Toit
Mature content
Quinn's Transformation! :icona-round-toit:A-Round-Toit 262 20
TF Feline in the subway by FurSystem TF Feline in the subway :iconfursystem:FurSystem 182 8
Cheaters Never Prosper Part 1
Cheaters Never Prosper
Part 1
Dana had been the star of her high school track team, constantly winning races and setting records.  Her impressive speed had been enough to earn her a full scholarship to the college of her choice.  However, once she got to college, she let the slacker and party lifestyles get a hold of her, and soon she was losing focus on both classes and practices.
“So, my advisor and coach wanted to meet with me,” Dana told her friend Jill while they were hanging out at the on-campus coffee shop, “And when I went, they told me that I’d need to keep all my grades above a D, which I’m barely doing right now, and show that I can still run as fast as in high school, if not faster.  And I only have a few weeks to do it, or else I lose the scholarship, which basically means I can’t go here anymore.”
“Well, grades shouldn’t be that much of a problem,” Jill replied between sips of her drink, “Jus
:icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 41 7
Observations by 12-tf Observations :icon12-tf:12-tf 556 76
Please Join the Super Kitty Committee!
Please Join the Super Kitty Committee!
By Panahinuva
Tenten was feeling quite down in the dumps as she trudged through the Leaf Village marketplace.  She very much felt like everyone else in her class was growing stronger by leaps and bounds, while she felt like she was simply muddling along as strong as she ever had been.  She felt…well, inferior.   Like she didn’t have a place in her world anymore.  So what was she supposed to do with her life?
Suddenly, she noticed a figure beckoning to her from an alleyway.  Even for a village full of shinobi, she was weirdly dressed.  The figure wore a long brown coat, which appeared to have a zipper at about mid thigh that connected to more of the coat that went down over her feet.  A hood concealed most of her face, but her most distinctive trait was her hands, which were covered by sleeves that looked like cat paws.  
When Tenten approached the woman, she caught a glimpse of shining teeth unde
:iconpanahinuva:panahinuva 24 24
Jaguar by OdysseusUT Jaguar :iconodysseusut:OdysseusUT 1,095 133 Cmsn Fluffy cats by Dragon-Storm Cmsn Fluffy cats :icondragon-storm:Dragon-Storm 133 6
Leaving Humanity Behind Pt 2
We had decided to go out that day. My work was holding a formal gathering and both of us needed new dresses. It was the first time my coworkers would be meeting her, though they knew I was in a long term relationship with a wonderful woman. I was really surprised when none of them made snide comments or rude remarks about us being two women in love. Having an entirely accepting reaction from everyone is a rare thing in today's world. I just hoped that I could keep my tail hidden, that my mistress would let me hide it. My coworkers may have been accepting of me being a lesbian, but I couldn't imagine how they'd feel if they discovered I had a tail.
I blushed when I thought about it. For this excursion my mistress had let me hide it, but told me she wouldn't let me forever. Before we left the house I stuffed it down my jeans leg. It was actually rather uncomfortable this way. Stuffing it made it bend a weird way, and instead of being able to swing about like it wanted to do it was confin
:icongamerkittylilly:gamerkittylilly 3 9
Cheetah Girl by TheFelineAlchemist Cheetah Girl :iconthefelinealchemist:TheFelineAlchemist 32 5


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