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Viking inspired female set - photoshoot 2017 - 2

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Armor Design and pics property belongs to Deakath (Onirium Studios), UNDER A COPYRIGHT (all right reserved), do not use, modify
or make copy (partial or total) of this work.

:D (Big Grin) Vikings Inspired 2 - Calimacil partnership :D (Big Grin)


- Armor design property of Deakath, Ivalysse leatherworkdeviantART  :
- Photography and processing by Croc-blanc  deviantART :

- Model : Me
- Weapon by Calimacil

And don't forget to take a look at my other armors if you like my work Love
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© 2017 - 2021 Deakath
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By Thor's hammer! She's a true Warrior woman if I ever saw one! 
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Thanks a lot <3
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-Raises a flagon of mead- Skol!
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I'm having the best time going through your gallery..Beautiful work. I'm a Celt, so this is very much my style, Viking, Celt, both very similar in outlook :)
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Thank you so much, trully appreciated. :)
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You are very welcome :)
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I love the details in this shot, especially the tattoos you added and the braids in your hair :love:
Your armors are always so well crafted and have such a good quality!
May I ask a thing, tough? Is it inspired by vikings or the show Vikings? It's just something I'm interested in :)
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Thanks a lot, the tatoos and the braid took me a long, long time so thx for that and the armor :)
About the inspiration, more from the show than anything else I have to admit, with a touch of fantasy, nothing that wanna be historically accurate :)
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You're very welcome :)
That's awsome, because I kinda thought it looked like in the show, though not exactly. Well, I kind of like that it isn't historically correct - I think that gives you more freedom when it comes to designs and I feel like it is far better, when you can come up with new or changed stuff instead of doing the same again and again (as you're then kind of.. limited, I'd say).
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That's exactly why I do not do historical stuff for now, not that I don't like it, but I really enjoy creating my own design etc, so I need a little bit of freedom :)
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Bold and inspiring!
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Her look resembles the main character from the new game, Zero Horizon Dawn. Only vaguely, but I can't help but notice it. Good work nonetheless.
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thx a lot :D
More pics are coming :)
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^_^ wicked design. love the addition of the ax even if its a prop. hell i think after a couple of years of black smiting school i could make something like that prity easily
Deakath's avatar
Thx a lot :)
Yep the axe is a foam prop, we made this photoshoot for both the new vikings sets and Calimacil again :) that explain the foam axe :)
usoutlaw's avatar
ah well it all looks great. lol kind of wish i was part lol iv got a prity good beard going ^_^ i could probably pass for a viking. though not sure if id fit in anything smaller than a bear skin hahaha
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thx again :)
I was supposed to have a partner for this photoshoot, but he was unable to reach us because of the snow storm. Next time, he will and others too, we're preparing something big on the vikings theme :D
usoutlaw's avatar
oh? ill look forward to seeing what comes.
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