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Photoshoot 2013 : Chaos Female Armor

:D (Big Grin) Chaos Female Armor, professionnal photoshoot 2013 :D (Big Grin)

This armor's set wasn't totally finished at this time, so it's still a WIP even if it's nearly done Wink/Razz
But we choose to take some pics to show it even if it's still unfinished.
I'll add a big belt and tassets and another shoulder when I'll find the time to finish it Wink/Razz

To see the greaves and knee parts of this set (who won't be on pics cause I have to finish the second one Waaaah! ) click below :

Chaos female armor greave by Deakath

Armor Design and pics property belongs to Deakath (Onirium Studios), UNDER A COPYRIGHT (all right reserved), do not use, modify
or make copy (partial or total) of this work.


- Armor design property of Deakath, Ivalysse leatherworkdeviantART  :
- Photography and processing by Croc-blanc  deviantART :
- Model : Deakath

- Assistant Photographer Emmanuel Fahy :…
- Red top under the armor design by Deakath, made by Claire-Lise Rollet :…
- Weapon by Forgotten Dreams :…
- Make up and hair by Deakath.

Description :

THIS IS NOT INSPIRED BY SKYRIM or by the Daedra Armor No, I disagree! 
It cames from Warhammer universe, Chaos Army

Here it comes, finally a real good quality pics for the Chaos armor made for myself.
It's completly made"on measurements", molded directly on me so sorry, I can't provide it to another woman for photoshoot or something else, same thing for my other armors. All was made by me and took me more than 7 regular work months to build it all. This is a complete on measurments armor and outfit, cut, sculpt, dye, paint and carved by hand. The armor is all made in vegetal tanned leather, except for the horns on the shoulder, they are cast in latex for safety (home made too).

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Nov 9, 2013, 9:44:31 PM
© 2014 - 2021 Deakath
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C'est super impressionnant !
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Merci beaucoup !
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heh, looks cool :)
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Hubba Hubba .. A most see ;)
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I can see why you had to state that it came from warhammer. People see red and black together and assume elder they are the only ones to make bad ass red and black colour schemed armour. This is a well put together piece, i know this is the wip photo but i cant really see any parts that are missing or look out of place. Thats amazing, your amazing :)
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Thanks so much !!!!!! :D
I 100% agree with your comment :p
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Jolie photo, même si l'armure est tjrs en wip, elle reste classe ^^ je pense qu'avec des faux tatouages sur les parties visible de la peau aurait été pas mal également :D
Deakath's avatar
Merci :)
Elle est déjà plus avancée que celle de mon homme, on remarque moins qu'elle est toujours en cours de réalisation :)
Pour les tatouages c'est sur, mais comme j'en fais pas sur les GNs (sinon bonjour les coup de soleil avec marque blanche a la place du tatoo :p, ou alors le truc qui coule a cause du chaud ^^), j'y ai pas pensé pour le shoot photo j'avoue. Mais oui c'est une très bonne idée, a creuser pour la suite :)
Travail toujours aussi impressionnant.
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Merci beaucoup :D
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Wow, this is amazing! :) 
I-Am-Madbat's avatar
Wow!! That's already got a lot of nice detail.
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Yep, Detail was the main word in my mind when I've started the Chaos project a year before (for both mâle and female), hope someday I could find the time to finish them (I will for sure, but I hope the soonest will be the best) :)
Thanks !
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Red-Dragon-Lord's avatar
Amazing beyond words!
Deakath's avatar
Thanks so much !!!
I'm so glad to finally be able to post a pics for these armor with all I've already made :)
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