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Druchii female leather armor + corset

face view of the armor and the under corset

Not for sale, unique piece, won't be replicate (can make similar things, but not the same).
Design property belongs to Deakath, UNDER A COPYRIGHT, do not take inspiration or make copy of this work.
If you wanna use my work for an other things than crafting, ask me first !:) (Smile):D (Big Grin)
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That is so badass wish I could buy it for a costume X3
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thx, this one was just the nearly done WIP of my first work, you can find the finished product in my gallery :)
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How much do you sell your armor for?
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As it's written right under, this one isn't for sale.
For more infos about possible custom order, feel free to send me a note :)
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I used your work as a reference. It can be found here, The Slave Lords. Thanks!
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O.O    ....................  thanks    ..... but what about asking me first ??????????? (as it's written everywere for people who want to use my work as ref or other) My work ISN'T free to use as ref or other........
It might be great, my work and creative prebuild work is under copyright..... And it's not for nothing .......... when people ask me, I usually don't have problem with that, but as I do not say yes all the time, I have to say that I don't really like to be put in front of the wall like that ...... Next time, ask me first and wait for the answer please.

btw, great art.
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I had thought I sent you a message, it must have slipped my mind. I sincerely, sincerely apologize for this ovesight.
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I say yes most of the time, but as it was for a Contest and especially for a huge compagny like Wizzard of the Coast, the answer would have been no.
I do not allow people to take inspiration or use my work in their own for financial goal, contest or anything that can bring/rapport something to the person who ask me, because it's a huge part of my work to do this design, not only the final "armor/costume" product. That's why I put a copyright on them too.
Next time, ask me first.
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thx a lot :D but this is an old and not really good pics, I've got better one of this armor and corset in my gallery, feel free to check at the newest pics ;)
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do you have a website where I can check all of your costumes?? 

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nop sorry, no website, everything is here on my DA gallery :)
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I love this.
It reminds me of Sauron.
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thx, first time I read that but thx ;)
I agree, this is amazing! Do you do custom orders, and if so, how much for something similar?
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thx ;)

yes I take custom order, but not for now, and until august (to busy, still 4 armor to do until then).

This model is not an "heavy armor" one, but it's one of the most long/hard work one to do and so, one of the most expensive (exept the chaos set), especially because of each handed scale, and take 2 month of work.

For the price of a similar (but "little" far from this one because I don't make the same armor, each piece is an unique and deposit model) in shape, scale and all, send me a note and I'll answer you ;)

thx for your interrest :)
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What material you use?
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for the armor :

- Vegetal tan leather 2 to 2.5mm thick
- Waterbase leather dye (Eco flo)

for the corset under :

-Printed leather (lizzard scale) 1.2 to 1.5 mm thick mount on a satin corset.
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