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Chaos female armor

Hi everyone, I'll make a real photoshoot soon with armor, make up and all, so I just wanna take this pics on the mannequin first, to show how it looks actually for the torso and the arm :)

hope you'll like it and see you soon for the photoshoot pictures ;)

INFOS about conception:

- veg tan leather 2.5 to 3.5mm thick
- latex horn sculpt, mold and paint by me
- Ecoflo brand dye, paint and antik

And because a lot of people always asks me about :

This is NOT FOR SALE :)
And I do not make the same in commission or something else because it's my own armor and took me 5 month of work (for the full set, not only what you see on the pics) so I prefer to think about this set as a "priceless" one ^^.

You can follow me on Facebook :…
And don't forget to take a look at my other armors if you like my work Love

Celtic Female Armor set - WIP 2 by Deakath Photoshoot 2013 : Druchii female Armor by Deakath Female shaman - Leather Mask by Deakath Photoshoot 2013 : Chaos Female Armor by Deakath Chaos male armor by Deakath Photoshoot 2013 : Chaos Male Armor by Deakath

Not for sale, unique piece, won't be replicate.
Design property belongs to Deakath, do not take inspiration or make copy of this work.
If you wanna use my work for an other things than crafting, ask me first !:) (Smile):D (Big Grin)
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This is Absolutly stunning.
Your work is amazing!!
Deakath's avatar
thx so much really :D
ToxicAnxiety's avatar
Your welcome! Cant wait to see some more bad ass armor you create (:
RoxyInsomniacBunny's avatar
HOLY SHIT THATS AWESOME!Its truly amazing,like WOW *-*
It would be great if you could spare some time to check my art too^^
Cheers and keep up the good work!:3
Deakath's avatar
thx a lot ! I'll take a look at your art soon as I'll can :)
Red-Dragon-Lord's avatar
This set is blowing my mind!
Deakath's avatar
thx a lot !!!! love the look of your drow btw :) (see it on Facebook :p)
Red-Dragon-Lord's avatar
Thank you. He is a fun character, full of mischief.
Deakath's avatar
:D I dreamed about being at the dragon con ... but it was so far :(  so I watch video and pics lol :)
Red-Dragon-Lord's avatar
I dream of some of those huge european LARP events. I plan to make those dreams a reality. You would be a huge hit at dragoncon.
Deakath's avatar
oh really ? if you make it a reality, tell me, I'll be glad to help and meet you on one of these larp event :)
Red-Dragon-Lord's avatar
Awesome, its great to have friends all over the world. :)
Deakath's avatar
yep absolutely :)
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wow, wll worth the time :)
Good for you, I respect that! If I make something I'm very proud of then I like to think it is priceless and not worth selling :D 
Deakath's avatar
thx :)
but if I say it, it's not really because I'm proud or something like that, but more especially because a lot of people asks me about the price or about selling my both chaos set ... And usually, they don't even know the common prices for a basic leather armor made industrially , so they don't imagine the hours and month of work behind a set like this one who's totally hand made and unique.
That's the main reason I say "priceless", because in most of case, they can't really imagine the real price for this kind of work, and as I'm not selling it, I prefer avoid the usual discussion "oh my god, it's expensive !" if you know what I mean.
hahaha, don't I know it :P hahaha, When ever I make a piece of Miny Chainmale and sell it for $20 people think I'm "Ripping them off" but the materials are $5, the man hours (I pay myself under minimum wage at like $5 an hour), so when I sell if for that much they think I'm some how being "unfair in my prices" :P lol. Just people, they will never know the actual work involved in making anything worth buying :P lol.
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