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Celtic Female Armor set - WIP 2

Metal part are still missing and a chainmail bra/top will be added to protect the breast area Wink/Razz 

I make my craft for larp game, so a fantasy touch will be added (rohan's inspiration LOTR)

Not for sale, unique piece, won't be replicate (can make similar things, but not the same).
Design property belongs to Deakath, under a copyright, do not take inspiration or make copy of this work.
If you wanna use my work for an other things than crafting, ask me first !:) (Smile):D (Big Grin)

You can follow me on Facebook :…
And don't forget to take a look at my other armors if you like my work Love

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Description :
Here is the nearly done look for the collar and the 2 shoulders for this set (still miss the metal part to go under the "open" carved area like on the underbust), with the underbust to show how it looks :D (Big Grin) .

Shoulders are attached to the collar and removabled, can be wear under or upper the collar following wishes of the moment ^^.

I was building this set for playing a human female character in larp games in general, but I decided to use it for another character too, for a Faun female this summer on this larp event :…
So pics from the set will come when it'll be done, in a human mode, and in a faun mode =P (Razz)

A male set will follow for my husband.

Made of :
- vegetal tan leather 2.5 and 3.5 mm thick, boiled.
- waterbased leather dye, antik gel and paint, Ecoflo as usual with 5 différents colors (3 are my secret mix, 2 for the brown and 1 for the sylver part).
- faux fur added.

All is handmade, dyed, sewed, carved, designed and molded by me directly on measurments ;) (Wink)  .
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© 2013 - 2021 Deakath
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ça m'a bien fait rire xD
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hehe pas le choix, je voyais mes photos partir sur pinterest et autre, et le nombre de commentaires ici comme là bas qui disaient "ouais mais il manque si ou ca" a chaque fois que je postais un WIP ... me suis dis... ils lisent pas mais dans le doute je vais le noter en bien voyant tout de même lol :p
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awé ok... déjà les "ils manque si ou ça" j'ai envie de dire shut, c'est ton boulot pas le leur xD
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Merci, tu viens de dire tout haut ce que je pense souvent tout bas .... :p
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pure awesomness. I can't wait to see it finished.
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thanks :) can't wait too ^^
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Love the design and color on this piece. I can't wait to see it finished!
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thanks so much really, It's almost done, maybe in 1 or 2 weeks :)
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Cool armour! Can't wait to see the full set.
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thanks so much  !!!! :D lol
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Thank you for showing this off!  Just from looking at this piece I've learned a little about layering, dye patterning, and incorporating fur and leather.  I truly enjoy seeing your work.  Thanks again!
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That is just beautiful WOW!
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hé hé, ça rend vraiment bien :D
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Merci ! j'ai tenté d'en prendre porté (ça rend mieux car les épaulières font moins "énormes" quand ya des bras en dessous mais mon appareil de m.... m'a pas vraiment aidé ... et comme j'étais toute seule, pas pu exploiter les photos, faudra que je remettes ça :)
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arf, il va falloir demandé un appareil photo à noël alors XD (ou piquer celui d'un pote ^^)
Mais ce n'est que partie remise et ça te laisse le temps de compléter l'armure :)
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ouip c'est sur, mais bon c'est pas donné ces bêtes là hélas ^^
mais oui comme tu dis, ça me laisses le temps de finir le tout pour prendre des photos dignes de ce nom :)
Chrismas uncoming, that's a gift ? To me hun hun hun ? :'D *puppy eyes* 

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