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My Optical Illusion 2

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Here is my second optical illusion I made. I guarantee this optical illusion is 100% original & created by me. This is just me again messing around in Photoshop. I was going to upload this when I uploaded my other optical Illusion but, I'm lazy :P

Ok so here's how it works (it's so simple) Stare @ the cornere (lol) of the circle. & if U wanna be a smart @$$ about the fact that circles don't have corners. Stare @ any spot where the blackness of the circle & the fadedness/squares are @. Also if that doesn't work constantly look around @ spots (that were described above) of the circle & it should work. See it? (↓spoiler↓below↓ )

Ok well it's suppose to look like the circle is growing.
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Oct 20, 2008, 9:17:46 PM
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I think the effect has to do with how large your pupils are in your eyes. When you no longer look at the dark spot, and instead look at a brighter part of the screen, your pupils shrink. This makes the intermediate darkness area darker and makes the area of the dark spot larger. The growing and shrinking of the dot has to do with adjustments of your pupil size.
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Thanks for that explanation.
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It doesnt shrink back down when you focus again either O.o
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I know its cool :D
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That's interesting.
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great illusion
from a mathematical standpoint circles actually have ∞ corners, so the only problem would be focusing one
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really. yeah but, eyes have the greatest focus in the world.
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yeah, just take a hexagon. it's much more similar to a circle than a tetragon. If you choose smaller and smaller side lengths sometime you'll have a good approximation to a circle.

A theoretical circle as infinite corners. But in praxis the number is finite. For example your image has 650x526px.
So the diameter of the biggest possible circle would be 526.
So the biggest possible circle has 1652 corners.

But after all it's just a matter of definition of which reference frame you use. Every pixel has again three components (rgb) and each liquid crystal panel consists of atoms. If you would have a scanning electron microscope you could see them.

Anyways, this topic allows hours-long philosophizing.

P.S. Do you have an explanation why our brains think that the circle is growing?
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Yeah. But, I remember reading on why it looks like it's growing it has something to do with how our brains process color (I read it on another optical illusion)
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circles dont' have corners. wtf.

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yeah I really couldn't describe where to look any better. :aww:
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awesome! works for me :D
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thanks for letting me know. :nod:
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I stared at the black circle and I saw floating objects on the white and faded. Weird...
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U'r suppose to stare @ the area where the squares & the blackness of the edges of the circle meet!
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I know. I was trying the circle out first though. Heh. It does actually works and it's real entertaining (in my case).
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