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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Sarah27/Female/Canada Groups :icongameofheartswiki: GameOfHeartsWiki
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Gladeon (23) by DEAFHPN Gladeon (23) :icondeafhpn:DEAFHPN 2 0 Zorik (12) by DEAFHPN Zorik (12) :icondeafhpn:DEAFHPN 2 0 Skhemit (6) by DEAFHPN Skhemit (6) :icondeafhpn:DEAFHPN 2 0 Smerk (9) by DEAFHPN Smerk (9) :icondeafhpn:DEAFHPN 3 0 Sylvie Evolutions by DEAFHPN Sylvie Evolutions :icondeafhpn:DEAFHPN 1 0 wip by DEAFHPN wip :icondeafhpn:DEAFHPN 2 0 wip by DEAFHPN wip :icondeafhpn:DEAFHPN 2 0 Event 2 Make your squad Part 1 by DEAFHPN Event 2 Make your squad Part 1 :icondeafhpn:DEAFHPN 0 0 Pokemon Gacha OPEN by DEAFHPN Pokemon Gacha OPEN :icondeafhpn:DEAFHPN 6 12 PI: DYO Closed CLUTCH by DEAFHPN PI: DYO Closed CLUTCH :icondeafhpn:DEAFHPN 4 3 August Event 2 Part 2 by DEAFHPN August Event 2 Part 2 :icondeafhpn:DEAFHPN 1 4 August Event I by DEAFHPN August Event I :icondeafhpn:DEAFHPN 0 0 CCaves Dragons and Snakes OPEN by DEAFHPN CCaves Dragons and Snakes OPEN :icondeafhpn:DEAFHPN 2 5 CCaves Cats and Dogs Clutch OPEN by DEAFHPN CCaves Cats and Dogs Clutch OPEN :icondeafhpn:DEAFHPN 4 1 Greener Pastures Clutch OPEN by DEAFHPN Greener Pastures Clutch OPEN :icondeafhpn:DEAFHPN 3 8 Flat by DEAFHPN Flat :icondeafhpn:DEAFHPN 0 0


Egg / Female / Level 25 by xMooshx Egg / Female / Level 25 :iconxmooshx:xMooshx 8 1 Alexander / Male / Level 61 by xMooshx Alexander / Male / Level 61 :iconxmooshx:xMooshx 2 0 Pocket :: Clutch clutch baby [OPEN] by Nidobro Pocket :: Clutch clutch baby [OPEN] :iconnidobro:Nidobro 6 9 Pocket Island: NephilaXZaphara Clutch by LoppyLibby Pocket Island: NephilaXZaphara Clutch :iconloppylibby:LoppyLibby 6 0
(Pocket-Island) Inventory Edits!

General Inventory Information
UPDATE: Please note there are some updates to Mass Movements. These are marked with a :new: icon
Simple Pokeball Bullet My Pokemon's name is Blue: This means your Pokemon has an up to date app.
Simple Pokeball Bullet My Pokemon's name is Red: This means your Pokemon has an out of date app and requires updating.
Simple Pokeball Bullet My Pokemon's Name/Nature is listed as TBA, N/A, Needed: This simply means that your Pokemon is missing this information, and likely does not have an app, or requires an update.
Simple Pokeball Bullet Do I need my natures: Yes natures are required for battle system. If your nature is not listed t
:iconpocket-island:Pocket-Island 2 3,702
[PKMNation Ref] Sirius by mewhaku [PKMNation Ref] Sirius :iconmewhaku:mewhaku 9 2
Limited point commissions, 5 slots
Im only doing 5 slots for now.
I can:
-Draw Animals(most)
-Draw Humans(no pixels)
-Do gore
I wont:
-do nsfw
-do hate art
Feral- 200 points
Anthro - 300 points
shading + 50 points

Ver 1Ver 2
Ver 1 - 300 points
Ver 2 - 250 points
250 points

300 points
slots(Closed 8/13/18)
3.I leik this one by DekuCube
4.Quiet by DekuCube
5.sleeping by DekuCube
1.thelastunicorninoz[v1 pixel]
:icondekucube:DekuCube 6 25
Sheltered Falls -Colors of the Rainbow- by Apricotthevixen Sheltered Falls -Colors of the Rainbow- :iconapricotthevixen:Apricotthevixen 11 8 Payment to Apricotthevixen by dratimeg Payment to Apricotthevixen :icondratimeg:dratimeg 4 0 Marra Reference by tribble-of-doom Marra Reference :icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 107 10 Terock Ref by tribble-of-doom Terock Ref :icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 95 8 Erol Ref by tribble-of-doom Erol Ref :icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 78 1 Kahleel Reference by tribble-of-doom Kahleel Reference :icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 87 9 Balder Ref by tribble-of-doom Balder Ref :icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 90 11 Mink Ref by tribble-of-doom Mink Ref :icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 106 7 Rune Reference by tribble-of-doom Rune Reference :icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 134 16


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Name Sarah
But You can Call me Deaf, Deafy, or DEAFHPN…
Tools of the Trade Wireless Mouse
Paint Tool Sai
Sony Vegas
Roleplaying Right now I'm in charge of two groups and I've made a Roleplay sight where you can roleplay with me if you would like to send me a note, or leave me a comment. I'm always up for a new roleplay.

My Main Groups are:

:iconzayfireadopts: :iconpkmn-crescentcavern: :iconpkmnation: :iconpkmn-blood-lines::iconalphagenemoonlight: :iconpocket-island:
Youtube animations depends usually I'm pretty busy but if you have a MAP or a PMV open theirs a chance I'll join so all you got to do is ask me. Right now I am working on the occasional practice animation.
List of mons- Undecided if want to sell, keep, or transfer out, Aka mons I wish I had time for and should level up instead of rot, rolf. But am busy with other things flksldkls. 

Grandprix bloodline,
Nidar (12)
Estela (16)

Nevermore (Reff)
Angelina (10)

Trailmons: -purchased from other uses- 
Rose (19)

Basics,- Need to breed- x3
Batman (10)
Zack Reff
Ferrara (20)
Whispering Dream (36)
Madam Kiss (12)

OOS Item Use on me, potentials

64822T ogekiss/SandslashFemaleX - Not reffed- on purpose- four trait?
3342VenonatMale- 100- finished leveling- four trait- 
15112HoothootMale-100 finished leveling- Four trait 

OOS Item with concept art, already made, higher pirority
- Cherri- Not finalized, LINKS:Cherri Update (100),
OOS Item Use for Cherri (concepts)
- Smith- Not Finalized LINKS: Smith (100)- None- on computer-
Love Struck (87)- Thinking of idea stages- High 

Jagged Edge (100)
Hex (100)
Origin (100)
Tabbitha (65)- Not leveled-


Gladeon (23)
For :iconpocket-island:


Trainer: Meredith Ivy Rose

Breeder: DEAFHPN 

:bulletpurple: Name: Gladeon 
:bulletblack: Name Meaning: Combining Glade and Eon sounds like Paledion but instead its Gla-aid-ion 
:bulletpurple: Gender: Male 
:bulletpurple: Hatch Date:3/14/2017

:bulletblack: Species: Litten-Rowlet
:bulletpurple: Type:Fire/Flying/Grass
:bulletblack: Traits: Shiny-Mutant-Hybrid

:bulletpurple: Nature: Adamant
:bulletpurple: Personality:Bad tempered quick to judge however he dose listen to his Mother and Father likes to play rough with other mons can be a bit of a snob, however those he gets along with he can be really sweet to and give them food.
:bulletpurple: History:He was transfered from another country he is still getting use to life on the new ranch he is curious of the other pokemon thought he is also weary. He also seeks his Mother out when the days get too rough. Funny thing is he is bigger then his Mother.


:bulletblack: Moves:
:bulletpurple: Starter:

:bulletblack: Taught: 

:bulletpurple: Level: 23
:bulletpurple: Experience Log: 
 + Clutch Image 6(
 + Old Reff (4)
 +  Oldest Image +  Levels (7)(
 + This Image (6) 
Zorik (12)
For :iconpocket-island:


Trainer: Meredith Ivy Rose

Breeder: xMooshx

:bulletpurple: Name: Zorik
:bulletblack: Name Meaning: Z + Orik
:bulletpurple: Gender: Male 
:bulletpurple: Hatch Date: February 1, 2017

:bulletblack: Species: Swablu-Shinx
:bulletpurple: Type: Flying- Electric
:bulletblack: Traits:  Hybrid

:bulletpurple: Nature: Jolly
:bulletpurple: Personality: Jolly and jumpy gets along with every is a smart alex,
:bulletpurple: History: Proud


:bulletblack: Moves:
:bulletpurple: Starter:

:bulletblack: Taught: 

:bulletpurple: Level: 12
:bulletpurple: Experience Log: 
 + 6 (
 + 6 (This image) 
Skhemit (6)
For :iconpocket-island:

:bulletblack: Mother: Purchased from another User
:bulletpurple: Father: No Parents 

Trainer: Meredith Ivy Rose

Breeder: DEAFHPN 

:bulletpurple: Name: Skhemit
:bulletblack: Name Meaning: Skh + Emit
:bulletpurple: Gender: Female 
:bulletpurple: Hatch Date: 2018-08-17

:bulletblack: Species: Bullbasaur
:bulletpurple: Type: Grass-Poison
:bulletblack: Traits: Shadow

:bulletpurple: Nature: Adamant 
:bulletpurple: Personality: Bossy, sassy and rude
:bulletpurple: History: Likes to stick out her tongue , pokemon cannot breed. 


:bulletblack: Moves:
:bulletpurple: Starter:
Shadow Rush 

:bulletblack: Taught: 

:bulletpurple: Level:6
:bulletpurple: Experience Log: 
+ 3 full bod + 3 shade 
Smerk (9)
For :iconpocket-island:

:bulletblack: Mother: No Parents
:bulletpurple: Father: Unknown Origins 

Trainer: Meredith Ivy Rose

Breeder: NoodleKarp 

:bulletpurple: Name: Smerk
:bulletblack: Name Meaning: Smirk + merk 
:bulletpurple: Gender: Male 
:bulletpurple: Hatch Date: 12.10.17

:bulletblack: Species: Pumpkaboo
:bulletpurple: Type: Ghost-Grass
:bulletblack: Traits: Shadow 

:bulletpurple: Nature: Naughty 
:bulletpurple: Personality: Trouble maker 
:bulletpurple: History: Irritable, amusing 


:bulletblack: Moves:
:bulletpurple: Starter:
Confuse Ray(Starter)

:bulletblack: Taught: 

:bulletpurple: Level:9
:bulletpurple: Experience Log: 
+ 3 old reff (
+ 6 (This image) 
Sylvie Evolutions

Sylvie Evolution

Crocknaw + Sylveon


Friligator + Sylveon 

Levels EXPshared to, (Once approved) 




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Xenbonzacura Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I present to you, our golden boy!
DEAFHPN Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Xenbonzacura Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
it took a while to get an acceptable design change that wasn't too far from the original, but I am pleased
DEAFHPN Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can imagine it haha :D 
Xenbonzacura Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Darcer is now official in Pocket ^^

He had to be redesigned a bit, and he's now an ice delta, here's his new look Darcer redesign sketch
DEAFHPN Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He looks fantastic :D haha amazing 
Xenbonzacura Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I got to replace bergmite with Darkrai to keep the arms (and to keep him a fire/dark/ice type)^^

my handsome boy is now officially in pocket island, I have 3 more I'm gonna try and get in, and that's it on my end from the Ethos/Blood-Lines set, those being Sly, Cylas, and Razza, the rest of the old refs are gonna be shoved in my scraps(rather than deleting them) so I can prepare for Blood-Lines reopening and CLOSED beta
DEAFHPN Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
im going to try to get his mate in but it might be a while sense I transfered
all my pokes over, the ones Im not gunna keep Im gunna sell. It might be harder to get sly transfered in haha.

I have to pratice ding some pixel art haha been a while <33
(1 Reply)
Xenbonzacura Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
de, guess who's now in pocket? (And who I'm working on getting into pocket ^^)

I'll give you a hint, there should be a link to one of them in my inventory, a precious boy I really missed messing with
DEAFHPN Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OHooohhh you brought Ryven :D <333

awesome :D 
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