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Star Butterfly and Derpy Hooves in the silly eyes

Star tries to copy the crossed eyes like Derpy because she wants that acting eyes.Emotipony Derpy Oh, that's so silly and cute. :happybounce: 
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So cute!
Let's just hope that Star will have the same eyes after this game! And after they will eat a bunch of muffins
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Can you do Star and Marco in the Worms* dimension?
*Team17's game series since 1995
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Star vs the Forces of Evil - Star Icon 2 :iconsaysplz:Hey, this is kinda fun.

Oh crap emote :iconsaysplz:Ohhh I don't feel so good.... (throws up)
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Derpy: You’ll her used to it.
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Hahaha That's nice. :lol:

I drew her anyway with Twinkleshine.
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Bet if star met Laney Penn, She would want to have her Bob style.
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There is too much cute going on here. :)
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The Cuteness!!!!
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OMG you drew a pony! And not just anypony: Derpy! :D
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I love this crossover
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As always great job and adorable! ^_^
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Wow what program do you use to make this
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Awww! So Cute! Meow :3 
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