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Moon and River Butterfly were young teenagers

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Moon and River were teenagers from the past, young River had a crush on Moon but he had been very shy and awkward around her.
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I like these young versions of Moon and River,back when Moon was more reasonable and honest and less of a unfair,arrogant,grudgeful,stubborn, and overbearing queen she later became and River is more thoughtful and coherent than a older version of Star he later became. I also really like Young Moon’s voice,it’s more calm-sounding and sweeter than Moon’s usual elegant,aristocratic,and old-sounding voice.

They need to make a spinoff of SvtFoE featuring young Moon,I want to see more of this Moon,not the complete extremely strict,overbearing,unsupportive,and unreasonable adult that is Moon.
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I can imagine a montage of Moon and River dating with Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra playing

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Remind you of anyone else, at least now? Oh, I know - Starco!
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River is so cute
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Awww they're adorable:meow:
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Awww. I like it! They're so adorable. Especially young Moon
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They are so cute as teenagers .3.
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look up aurora butterfly
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Moon: At least you understood me. Thank you, River.
IIf River is from a family of barbarians, why does he have a crown? Was he Prince River?
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I wonder how old moon was at the time
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probably around star's age
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Moon looks alot like Star.
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Young Moon looks as cute as her daughter
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