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Do not trust in her smile
The world taught her
To bare her fangs
:icondeadvalentinespoet:DeadValentinesPoet 2 1
Silent screams for someone no longer here
Tears run like rivers down her face
Crying out in pain
Loss tearing at a heart that no longer wants to beat
She sobs in silence
Sitting in her mother's favorite chair
Desperate for the shoulder that's no longer there
The comfort
Her smiles
The hugs that are too late to share
And she cries
Why did she leave
Why did she go
She needs her mother
But her mother is no longer there
Only the memories too painful to bear
She chokes on pain filled sadness and sobs
She hides her pain from the world
Only pillows and night sky's see her tears
Only empty rooms hear her cries
She writes her sadness on empty pages
Pouring out her soul to the invisible and ink
And even then her pain is silent
:icondeadvalentinespoet:DeadValentinesPoet 1 1
Red lips, eroticism implied
Beware them, my friend
That is no lipstick applied,
To entice or beguile
It is the blood of her enemies
A warning
To those who think she's a sheep
Tender and meek
She bares her fangs with a smile
And let's them believe
For she is the wolf
And they are her prey
:icondeadvalentinespoet:DeadValentinesPoet 1 1
Favorite Flower
She is like a sunflower,
Always pouring out sunshine
Despite the darkness in her soul
Smiling, even while her eyes hold
An infinite sadness
:icondeadvalentinespoet:DeadValentinesPoet 1 1
Mature content
Untitled :icondeadvalentinespoet:DeadValentinesPoet 1 2
'Smile for Me'
I tried to never bow my head
Never gave into the pressure
I worked so hard to earn respect
But you never treat me better
I won't play your stupid game
I won't let you break me
I will keep fighting on
So I'm not a threat
So you don't regret
So you can keep telling your lies
I'll only smile when I say goodbye
Paint my lips red but I want them black
Dress me up for you to undress
You put your hand on the back of my neck
You want control
Telling lies because you think that gets respect
I don't believe them anymore
So I'm not a threat
So you don't regret
So you can keep telling your lies
I'll only smile when I say goodbye
You want to change me
You want to break me
I won't give in
I won't give up
You hate me
You chain me
But you don't realize I'm already gone
I am a threat
You will regret
I found the truth behind all of the lies
I'm smiling because I've said goodbye
:icondeadvalentinespoet:DeadValentinesPoet 3 2
Claw me
Kill me
Make me bleed
Give me pain
It's what I need
Torture me
Murder me
Take my skin
I just want to know
Am I hollow within?
:icondeadvalentinespoet:DeadValentinesPoet 3 1
Accept Me
I am not pretty
I am not nice
I do not cower
I am not always right
I am macabre
I like dark things
I like to take people apart and pull at their seams
I sometimes swear
I sometimes curse
I can be dirty
I can be clean
I will be honest
I will be blunt
I like to fight
I also like peace
But these are the pieces that makeup the whole me
I am not pretty
I am not nice
I don't like sunlight
But I won't live in someone's shadow
I am your daughter
And I love you
No lie
But I will not let you control my life
I don't like sun
:icondeadvalentinespoet:DeadValentinesPoet 1 3
I don't know what to feel
I don't know what to do
How can I go on after losing you?
Your soul is still here, but your body is fading
My heart can't take this
So I'll be empty and cold
Like the grave they're preparing
For the young and the old
:icondeadvalentinespoet:DeadValentinesPoet 1 1
Don't You Feel Anything?
I don't understand
What is going on?
They tell me that you're dying
Everyone around me crying
Strangers eyes filled with sympathy
Searching for signs of pain inside of me
But it's not there for them to see
This pain desires, demands privacy
I have no expression
I carry on
Duck my head down
Ignore their songs
I am scared
I don't want to lose you
But I don't feel the way they do
They cry
I'm silent
They choke on sobs
I swallow screams
I am not heartless
But I am numb
And I can't cry until the end has come
:icondeadvalentinespoet:DeadValentinesPoet 1 5
Untitled: personal
When dead eyes lie open
Staring into the grave
And cold tears fall
On colder skin still fading
When all we feel is pain
Hope is buried six feet under
And no one knows how to find her
When our skulls and bones are all that remains
When we cling to our memories
Blocking out all else
And passing on the blame
So close you eyes
And take your dreams to the grave
Then they'll play our dirge of lies
It's all that remains
:icondeadvalentinespoet:DeadValentinesPoet 1 15
Paper Thin Armor for a Cruel World
Dark thoughts and darker hands
Tear at my skin tonight
Blood flowing from fresh wounds
Slipping over old scars not yet done healing
Tears not falling from my eyes
Yet still not concealing
The only thing that can wake me
From a deadened and numb existence
That feeling
I fear it
I want it
I hate it
I need it
Lifeless eyes hide from their reflection
Afraid of the memories buried there
If unseen, did they really happen
There is no safety in my mind
Nor any in my home
The only armor I have is in apathy
Paper thin protection from my demons
:icondeadvalentinespoet:DeadValentinesPoet 2 3
Empty bodies fall like stones
scattered upon the pavement
Where once they stood tall and proud
They now lie naked in shame and sin
Blood runs over his arms
little rivers of fading life
Telling the truths he tries to hide
But still saving him from insanity
Pale hands trembling in the dark
Not afraid of night
But rather the ones that live in it
Unable to protect herself this time
Hot blood on cold skin
Physical scars meeting scars unseen
Understanding springs between
Feeling safety in a stranger
I am his physical refuge
and He my mental sanctuary
Minds and body may slowly heal
But scars only fade
They don't disappear
:icondeadvalentinespoet:DeadValentinesPoet 3 5
Dark Red Lips
Soft sighs
Sweet lies
Words fall from your mouth
Like leaves in autumn winds
Carried over to reach me
Landing on my heart like fists
Bruising love and carving trust
To paint me with the colors of lust
Whisper in my ear
Turn away my fear
Let me follow you to forever
I want to start my life over
With you by my side
I can't describe the feeling of you
All I know is that it's true
Poisoned words
Used like swords
Piercing me ruthlessly with truth
Destroying all I ever believed in
All I knew
It was you
Dark red lips smile in the darkness
The poison's spread
And I lie dead
Sweet satisfaction to your pride
A cold testament to your artful lies
:icondeadvalentinespoet:DeadValentinesPoet 1 3
Breath of Desire
Hardly innocent are we
Driven by desire
To control and manipulate
Pulling closer to insanity
Holding tighter to our chains
Blood boils deep
In veins long used to cold
And heartbeats like drums
Fill our minds with music
Composed of lust
Turn your eyes to me
Do not look upon another's face
Do not turn away from my embrace
I will not set you free
You belong to me
They don't understand
The way we love
Clawing like wild beasts
In unrestrained ecstasy
Purest form of feeling
The moments like these, we are free
Turn your eyes to me
Do not look upon another's face
Do not turn from my embrace
I will not set you free
You belong to me
Play our sins for me
Lay them out for the world to see
The chains you gave to me
I used capture you
We are the same
Both enslaved
Turn your eyes to me
Do not look upon another's face
Do not turn from my embrace
I will not set you free
You belong to me
Turn your eyes to me
Share your love with me
Give yourself to my embrace
Together we are chained
:icondeadvalentinespoet:DeadValentinesPoet 1 19
Poisoned Flower
Hollow heartbeats changing every breath
I cannot stop and think
Of this love building up inside of me
I never meant to find this feeling
I never meant to discover your pain
Today I changed my fate
Today I found the limit
I prayed and reached for grace
Instead my soul was stung by thorns
The thorns that were wrapped around
A poisoned Flower
Blood burning in my veins
A strange new feeling I can't explain
I can still feel your eyes on me
I can't help but want to draw you closer
Even though I should push you away
Today I changed my fate
Today I found the limit
I prayed and reached for grace
Instead my soul was stung by thorns
The thorns that were wrapped around
A poisoned Flower
Love is a sin
For me to feel this way
I cannot erase the pain
I cannot return your love for me
Turn away and set me free
Today I changed my fate
Today I found the limit
I prayed and reached for grace
Instead my soul was stung by thorns
The thorns that were wrapped around
A poisoned Flower
:icondeadvalentinespoet:DeadValentinesPoet 1 7


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...To my good sleeping habits that is. I have been up since nine o'clock yesterday evening, watching Pointlessblog and Zoella's vlogs, and I can. Not. Get. Enough!!!! They are so effing cute! My gosh, it makes me so happy to see people like that who are just so happy with the other's company. It's beautiful. I love it, I can't help it, I am a romantic at heart, and I will not apologize for it. So there, cynics.
... I still love you cynics, COME BACK!!!!

Ahem. Okay, sleep deprivation fueled rant over, I'm going to be good and go to bed so that I can wake up at five like a good little masochist.... *sob* I don't like it. I'll sleep till seven. 'Cause I'm a rebel, bitches!
Whoa.. Okay then, I'm really going now, night!


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