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I wonder if it's worth updating this anymore. Catch my draws on my tumblr:
  • Eating: NEVER
  • Drinking: ALWAYS
Long time no update.

I exist now in NYC.

&&& want to have a million artist friends, let's be artist friends.

OK cool.
  • Eating: NEVER
  • Drinking: ALWAYS
  • Listening to: mass effect 3
  • Reading: mass effect 3
  • Watching: mass effect 3
  • Playing: not mass effect 3
  • Eating: NEVER
  • Drinking: ALWAYS
Last day to vote for my Threadless Submission!:…

If you like it, please vote and/or send it to others!

Thanks a lot~~
  • Listening to: mass effect 3
  • Reading: mass effect 3
  • Watching: mass effect 3
  • Playing: not mass effect 3
  • Eating: NEVER
  • Drinking: ALWAYS
Hey guys!! I'm pimping this all over the internet, so I'm sorry if you've seen this already.

I've submitted a design for the Threadless <3s Horror III competition, and I'd really love it if you'd vote and share it with your friends. There's only 6 days left to vote and counting!

Here's a link to the submission:…

The full design can be found here:
  • Listening to: mass effect 3
  • Reading: mass effect 3
  • Watching: mass effect 3
  • Playing: not mass effect 3
  • Eating: NEVER
  • Drinking: ALWAYS
  • Listening to: mass effect 3
  • Reading: mass effect 3
  • Watching: mass effect 3
  • Playing: not mass effect 3
  • Eating: NEVER
  • Drinking: ALWAYS
Guys, I'm creating a list of twenty places I want to work at when I graduate & I am so terrified about the rest of my life.

In other news, I'm considering getting an Artist Alley table for Tora-con because I'll probably never get another chance to do so. Problem is, I don't think I have/draw enough stuff that people would actually want to buy. Tora-con is still a kinda small con and mostly caters to high school I'd have to draw something to please that crowd.

Graduating this year, so if I'm gonna do it, I need to commit and start drawing now.

In light of all of these things, anyone know of any digital creative agencies that a new media designer like myself would want to potentially work? And, if that is not your forte - what the heck is popular nowadays that I could draw and possibly sell?

ALSO! Kiriban was claimed and I will draw it as soon as I can! Thank you for your patience, :iconkobakoba:~
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: zombie farm, li'l pirates
  • Eating: NEVER
  • Drinking: ALWAYS
Kiriban Update:

Whoever gets my 54,000 hit - please screencap it and note it to me with a gift art request! Yayyyyyyy


Hey guys, I've been asked to contribute to this awesome amalgamation of artists! No, really - I can't believe I am even a part of this lineup - every one of them is amazing and I look up to each of them as pinnacles of style and talent.

&&& Now it is time for advertising! So here we go!

40+ pages of gore themed illustrations in varied styles by varied artists!

the details:
the price: $18 for the book
and shipping: $3 shipping in the US, $4 to Canada, and $6 everywhere else.
to order:

&&& Artists

ShyCustis | CoeyKuhn | lawnmowerpants | solardiente | deadums | Solve | 2-2-1 | queenvera | ani-r | Guy Davis
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I found my account, so if anyone wants to ask me questions anonymously or otherwise, feel free. I find it to be a pleasant time sink :D

Also, continuing to pimp F*X*T:
  • Listening to: GARRUS
  • Reading: GARRUS
  • Watching: copa mundial
  • Playing: MASS EFFECT
  • Eating: oh ho
  • Drinking: ho ho ho ho
I am at an unpaid internship this summer in my hometown. Which may or may not be a template for the rest of my life. Unfortunately.


and also. I'm drained artistically. feeling like such a failure.

Playing Mass Effects forever.

My life.
  • Listening to: GARRUS
  • Reading: GARRUS
  • Watching: GARRUS
  • Playing: MASS EFFECT
  • Eating: oh ho
  • Drinking: ho ho ho ho
Hey guysss remember way back in February when I pimped F*X*T? Well, it's incredibly close to the deadline (minus 27 hours!) and it is incredibly close to meeting the required amount of contributions to be funded by kickstarter!

So, please, pledge some money if you can!

Here is the website again:

I've basically cut and pasted my unabashed support for this project, so here we go again:
I've worked with fawn before and she is so professional, dedicated and sweet - I submitted a drawing for the reward prints (the one with the skull flowers) as well and personally I'd love to see this happen! So if you have a dollar (or more) to spare, please do!

ETA: will totally fix code soon
Wow, guys, so I've a daily deviation on…

This is so surreal to me, I can't even.

Th-thank you so much!!!

In other news - kiriban has come and gone? I guess'll set it for 40,500. If you get my 40,500th page view, take a screencap and note me! I'll draw you something.
Down in florida until the 29th~ So if you need something from me don't expect anything until then.

Kiriban is still 40,000.
Ah ha ha seems I was tagged by :iconlokiloo: in JANUARY so I will do this.

Set your iPod on 'random' and write down the first ten songs that play. At the end, put 'in my pants' after every song title.

1. Phase III: Magus in my pants (.hack//game ost)

2. Genome in my pants (Samurai Champloo OST)

3. Blackened in my pants (Metallica) uh

4. Ume no Tamago in my pants (Rahxephon) Lol ok so this is the best one.

5. Ballad of Link in my pants (Actually the artist I have is wrong and I'm too lazy to google the real one) Link better be in my pants.

6. Humming the Bassline in my pants (Hideki Naganuma) ha ha get it

7. Counseling Room in my pants (Loveless OST) fff I like how all my music is bgm

8. Special Needs in my Pants (Placebo) :|

9. Yellow Bream in my pants (F-Fields) AAAA

10. Amsterdam in my Pants (Coldplay)

I guess I tag :icondamntorren: &/or :iconf0ol101:


Also, kiriban is still at 40,000.
  • Reading: House of Leaves; again
  • Watching: Outlaw Star; Dexter
  • Playing: .hack//GU REDEMPTION; Eternal Sonata
So my hard drive crashed. My mac is currently being fixed and should be done in a day or so but man, that really put a damper on my already declining creative juices.

So basically I've been filling my time with Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 and .hack//GU Redemption. You can imagine how my brain must feel. I had preordered the second Devil Summoner game but I'll admit I have still not beaten the first one and god I feel no inclination to do so. I'm only on chapter 2 and I can't find it in me to traverse labyrinths.

Uhm, so I've been messing around with watercolors but I also suck at that and sob sob sob I'll stop whining. I'm going to go buy some watercolor pencils and some non photo blue pencils too, if I can find them.

I was thinking of starting some card-sized/two-sided card watercolor commissions and I was wondering if anyone was interested? They'd probably be 5-10 dollars Idk don't quote me on that. Aaand uh, mmm, I can't think of much else to type about.

Kiriban is still set at 40,000. Here's to hoping my computer comes back soon!
  • Reading: The Sandman
  • Watching: Gundam Wing
  • Playing: .hack//GU REDEMPTION
I've made a separate account for my school-related work...and possibly also my original work I'm not sure yet. Will probably feature a lot more unfinished work as well.

I just wanted to separate my school stuff from my fandom stuff. So if you just want fanart and the like don't worry you won't be missing anything if you don't watch this second account. I won't be moving anything over so all the school art here already is staying here~


Also, Kiriban is still at 40,000!
  • Listening to: robert sheldon - a longford legend
  • Reading: banana fish
  • Watching: gundam wing
  • Playing: persona 4
  • Eating: pringles
  • Drinking: coke
No one's claimed it, sooo it's reset for 40,000.

That'll give you (and me) plenty of time.

I am continuing to throw up all over.
OK GUYS, it's been awhile, and I am in the worst art slump so bleghh throwing up all over.

Regardless, I am offering a kiriban for anyone who gets the 30,000th hit (with screencap!)

Just pm me if/when you do!

Also I am bored and procrastinating, what is everyone up to?
Selling LGG @ Tora-Con 2008

For those people that missed pre-ordering  Le Grand Grimoire… and happen to be located/willing to go to Rochester, New York, I will be selling a VERY LIMITED AMOUNT of them at Tora-Con 2008 (located at the Rochester Institute of Technology, April 26th).

Since I am working the convention I will not be personally selling them, but they will be sold through a friend of mine in Artist Alley (as for which one, I'm not too sure yet). I don't know how busy I will be the entire convention, but if you manage to spot me somehow and want an autograph, I will gladly give you one lol.

I will be selling them for $30 each~