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a different kind of crazy.
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Head Becomes the Hydra by DeadSuperHero Head Becomes the Hydra :icondeadsuperhero:DeadSuperHero 2 0 We Distribute. by DeadSuperHero We Distribute. :icondeadsuperhero:DeadSuperHero 1 0 Dream by DeadSuperHero Dream :icondeadsuperhero:DeadSuperHero 0 0 Intercide (Cover Art) by DeadSuperHero Intercide (Cover Art) :icondeadsuperhero:DeadSuperHero 0 0 I Feel So Ugly by DeadSuperHero I Feel So Ugly :icondeadsuperhero:DeadSuperHero 1 1 Capital G by DeadSuperHero Capital G :icondeadsuperhero:DeadSuperHero 6 0
We are many, and we are one.
Joined together and divided
through one another and ourselves.
An airship and a train wreck.
A billion voices billowing
from the bottom of a soul.
Everything is one here.
tear and laugh
warmth and cold
hate and love
All thoughts and feelings run together
I know your sadness, you know mine.
Lines tear apart and merge together
railroads and highways
faces and people
your friends become you
becomes their friends
I, you, they, me
:icondeadsuperhero:DeadSuperHero 1 0
What is? by DeadSuperHero What is? :icondeadsuperhero:DeadSuperHero 7 2 Hive Unconscious by DeadSuperHero Hive Unconscious :icondeadsuperhero:DeadSuperHero 4 3
How to Tell the Blue Man NO
You’ve experiencing it again, aren’t you? All the time, and more frequently, you have been experiencing full-blown hallucinations. They start out innocently enough; the realistic sound going on in your head may sound like a commercial you heard earlier on the radio. Some of the furniture will move around, and posters come to life with enthusiasm. After a while, though, it may feel as if there are several different narratives going on in your head all jockeying for your attention, and you get caught up in imaginary situations that feel all too real.
Do you feel that tipping point, where you can look down into the levels of basic primal human instinct and see how easy it might be to fall all the way down there? Sometimes peering into it too much can tell you appalling things about the human soul. The barrier between being an all-loving human being and being a raving, violent zombie is not that wide.
Are there things layered on top of things layered on top of things being proj
:icondeadsuperhero:DeadSuperHero 2 3
Crash Test Dummy #6
A pair of hands tightly clutched a steering wheel. For the moment, man and machine felt as one. The car was like a tiny metal body worn by the occupant inside of it. It was like armor, except that this armor wasn’t designed to protect anyone. Not at all.
The Lamborghini Model X7 itself was beautiful. Sleek, black, like a jack-knife being thrown against pale blue moonlight. Everything about it was aerodynamic and sexy. Peter couldn’t rationally explain it, but something about that combination of metal and curvature had made his dick hard. Like a moth attracted to flame, he had been attracted to it.
He had struggled with the lock. In Peter’s line of work, he preferred to avoid breaking a window wherever he could. No sense in devaluing the product before you turn it over to the chop shop. His hand meticulously rotated a small magnetized piece of metal. Every few seconds, it would push a randomly generated code into the digital lock. Of course, in the past he had mostly j
:icondeadsuperhero:DeadSuperHero 0 0
Oh, You
Oh, you. Look at the situation you've put yourself in. You went through the trouble of opening the book; you expected a story. So far, there isn't one.
I suppose we could make a contract of sorts. You continue to read, and I'll continue to say things. Since you're the one reading this thing, anyway.
Just understand that the second you stop reading, I blink out of existence. I am the narrator, but isn't it odd? My sheer existence is one of abstract willpower. In a sense, your own mind gives me a voice; one of your own unconscious choosing.
You have the ability to leave at any time. However, understand that I originated from someone else's head, and as long as you keep reading, I'm in your head too. This is not a bad thing; we are just learning to trust one another.
I do not have a gender. I also have no physical features. Instead, I just exist in an inhabited space where your language receptors and sense of identity overlap. The membrane that separates us could be illusory.
I am a multi
:icondeadsuperhero:DeadSuperHero 5 2
Shaking in Our Pods
The sound of a dull alarm ripped through the air. An automated system of predictable responses began to fire up, as the unconscious human shifted to barely-conscious. Soon, the queue of his daily broadcast material would play. It had all been perfectly calculated for his particular configuration of wavelengths and vibrations.
It was a day like any other, in that the world was dark and the only visible things were the ineffable.  It was impossible to determine anything down here. The alarm was his only measurement of time. Not that he was ever lucid enough to tell; his pod kept a steady supply of morphine and tryptamines going into his bloodstream.
Some people would’ve referred to what had happened as progress. There were no hungry mouths left to feed; everyone ate whether they wanted to or not. No violence occurred, as no one was able to physically come in contact with one another. Without knowledge, the pains of the outside world could not be known or realized.
It was break
:icondeadsuperhero:DeadSuperHero 0 1
Geometric Soul by DeadSuperHero Geometric Soul :icondeadsuperhero:DeadSuperHero 4 1
Brain Damage
The broken record repeats itself
repeats itself
repeats itself
Reading the same line over and over again
reading the same line over and over again
My broken synapses misfire, jolting and jerking
like a bad case of sleep paralysis.
Something is off.
Trapped in a state between wakelessness and sleeplessness.
The world around me is ripping itself open
nightmares and dreams flood the room
I am a spirit and I am diseased
Nary a thought passes through my shattered skull
Grill of the car on the front of my face
Ain't gonna count no words no more
Gonna stare
gonna drool
gonna wither away.
:icondeadsuperhero:DeadSuperHero 1 0
Strings nobody pulls
We are but background characters in other peoples lives
Obscured by a pervasive sense of not knowing
a single bound of context to tie together
Instead of forgetting that people are just like us
Reaching for hope, hiding from fear, drowning from sorrow, and running from loneliness.
Who are we? Who am I? Who are you?
Everyone struggles to answer, but deep down everyone knows.
Some feel sickened by the very concept of knowing
that they themselves are too afraid to be who they really are.
:icondeadsuperhero:DeadSuperHero 0 4



Crazy Art
For $5, I'll design a really wild piece of art for you. It can be used as conceptual and album art, and you basically get the rights to put any commissioned art on your own physical items (cups, shirts, bumper sticker, etc)


I'm going to begin a long transition to hosting my own art and content. I like DeviantArt, a lot actually, but I have stronger opinions about supporting the decentralized social web. I wrote a piece about MediaGoblin on Medium recently, and am working on developing original themes for the project. Maybe if my code is decent, I might write a few plugins to fill in some missing gaps in functionality to really trick it out. You can see my new art, media, and other collections here.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 10.33.30 PM by DeadSuperHero
I'll be working on a DeviantArt theme next.

The platform is entirely Free Software, and is developed around two principles: privacy, and customization. In the future, people with MediaGoblin sites will be able to follow one another back and forth from their own sites, in a phenomenon which the decentralized web calls federation. People will be able to interact from their own spaces of the web with their own content.

I've been with DeviantArt for a long time, but I feel that the site has become more commercialized, overcrowded, and inflexible. It has many sub-communities, but one day those might be able to exist entirely independently of any one social provider.



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Sean Tilley
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm sort of crazy. In a good way. My brain's all over the place, and I have a lot of ideas. I like to experiment; my motivation in life is to produce a wide variety of works in different mediums. It's something I love doing, and I hope to make an impression on people with what I have to say through my work.


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