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Buffy Stamp

buffy stamp
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OMGOMGOMG! buffy :) i stoped watching this years ago, omvps! ( oh my vampire slayyer ) i have to watch dis again >3<
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Then Buffy staked Edward.
XxShadowthehedgehogX's avatar
Awesome buffy stamp \m/
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So we can use this on our profile page? And how? :3 sorry I dont know how to do stuff like this 
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Who's buffy? |D
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it's a show from the 90' called Buffy the vampire slayer
AskEMMAcat's avatar
its a 50's or 60's show ; [ ITS SO COOL ]  :nuu: 
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Buffy FTW She saved the world... A lot.
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xD loove it
miss it mor tho :/
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do i use it ><
dano0b!, buffy loooover
Tegz0rz's avatar
Fuck to tha yes. I love you ♥
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Oh I'm a buffy fan !
I use your stamp on my journal ^^
Hope there is no problem ;)

Thanks to have created it !
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You've been featured! [link] :la:
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Woot! Buffy! By far the best show I've ever watched! Mind if I use this is my journal?
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Shoutboard time! I love Buffy.
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I love/miss Buffy!
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I have used your awesome stamp Here :love:
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nice.thanks :)
angelbuffy's avatar
I have used your stamp here

Love it! Thanks
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Great stamp! :dance:
Hope you don’t mind me using it in my journal.. :D
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