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The Weaboo


Kawaīdesu neeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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What are their favorite animus? XD
PrinceOfFire's avatar
If you say anything negative about Japan or anime, you DIE!
WoolyLlama's avatar
kawaii desu ne!!
Dusk-Kniade's avatar
That’s horrifying, but really cool as well
I love the shading and lighting in this! Amazing job!
Spasticgraphic's avatar
Oh wow, that's horrifying. Awesome, but horrifying.
Daniloolinad's avatar
okay, this is going to be a weird thing to say, but this is an awesome weeaboo! XD
soulSmith1's avatar
the children are a great addition 
Reyniki's avatar
Absolutely LOVE the creepy vibes of this picture <3
Tocachi-Green-Pencil's avatar
I don´t want to know what he´s capable of
Nighteba's avatar
He can sing every anime opening / ending by heart...
AriochIV's avatar
cannot unseeeeeee
batsu-nozuchi's avatar
oh no fck off with that gay anime shit weaboo
nice drawing
Ryuuhiken's avatar
Edgy desu ne.

Typing that made me cringe more than you did.
bezzalair's avatar
What a scary thing to encounter in the dark!
Absolutely love your designs! <3
Bokcutter's avatar
INteresting and creepy, I like 
Vader2222's avatar
My god...the horror..the horror..
ex-xiry's avatar
Amazing idea. I bet it was very fun to draw :thumbsup:
Nighteba's avatar
Personnellement j'aurais mis un peu plus de Hatsune miku, de katana et autres trucs à la "wannabe more japanese than actual japanese", mais c'est déjà Excellent.
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