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Heavy Girls

By DeadSlug
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...Enjoy I'm =)...
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billthebluebotHobbyist Digital Artist
Bendy smile 
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KosmiverseStudent Digital Artist
Oh gosh, I must ask, what paint brush do you use?
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DeadSlugProfessional Digital Artist
The basic
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RevealedFromtheVoyHobbyist General Artist
Awesome <3
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Blue-AbraxasHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow!!I love your art:D (Big Grin) 
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Tindyflow General Artist
Leo -Don- Raph -Mikey.
In a shell ghost.
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TenaciousTinkererHobbyist Digital Artist
For some odd reason I look at the girls and suddenly madoka comes to mind :U

probably my head playing silly games with me but its just a odd connection I made :o

Otherwise, Love how these look! Always amazing to see what you can create ^ ^
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DeadSlugProfessional Digital Artist
Really thanks =)
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Leonidas666Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hideo Kojima would be proud. :clap:
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FuumaruHobbyist General Artist
i like how they're actually covered up haha. my favorite would have to be the pink one in pigtails~
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JoshawaFrostProfessional Digital Artist
Very cool!!
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deathangel02Student Traditional Artist
So awesome
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BrobossaProfessional Digital Artist
I LOVE bottom ones! Great!
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emptypulchritudeProfessional Digital Artist
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LordOfGazellesStudent Digital Artist
Okay, this has been plaguing me for the entire year I've been following you, and that is I'm trying to figure out how you achieve that rendering style, I fell in love with it immediately and wanted to try and incorporate aspects of it I like into my own work but I guess I'm just a pleb. Either way, big fan for a while, great work. 
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CoolBoysEntProfessional Filmographer
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MooshieMooHobbyist Digital Artist
Love these
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WilliamTRauschHobbyist Artist
Only one of these girls looks heavy, and that's not because of her... so lol what? Do they all have the voice of TF2 Hea- oh no. I CAN'T GET THE IMAGE OUT OF MY HEAD!!!
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APSGODHobbyist Traditional Artist
A curse upon you for that idea due to it's brilliance.
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Wow do you do commissions? If I were to ask to ask to get a character to be design somewhat like those girls would that be cool? How much would something like that cost(you can note me)?
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They don't look like they're heavy.
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grecoarellanoStudent Digital Artist
damn youre awesome .__.
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MelliMoeHobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh these are gorgeous!
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I've seen littler girls in heavier armor but no doubt these lovelies look lovely.
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