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Love the way it's designed. Is the little girl on top supposed to be its head or is she riding it?
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this looks wicked 8D
excellent work ^-^
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oh man, awesome design! how did you come up with this character? :0
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Cool design :) (Smile) 
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Reminds me of a monster in the series by Peter Newman called the Backwards Child.
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Looks like a Dark Souls boss
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feels like I'm looking at a dark souls boss. awesome work.
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This is so beautiful
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This is basically a witchcraft mecha, right? Either way it's incredible.
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Ow damn, I'm Lovin this so much^^
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woah this is cool
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Dang, this piece of art is fantastic ! Badass character design.
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What a cool design!
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Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!The Man With The Screaming Head 
I like it!!Tiny Heart 
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I love your style, It's so awesome, good work!
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lol hatsume miku figure right there-  I love how the illustration is telling a whole History only in his Design 
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do I see a lil Hatsune Miku in there :'D
And amazing work on this <3
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