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Yes, yes. I lack the time to sit down and draw.

I don't even have a proper table and my family doesn't really support my idea of drawings thanks to my teachers. (...draws violent stuff...will become violent...) fucking pricks... But with all that said, I'll still be drawing because so long I have a blank paper and a comfortable pencil: I will draw.

Also, I should perhaps introduce myself to this site and hopefully get to know a few other artists (if you guys really want to be my friend).

Aliff. 19. Student (at a not so art school). I live in Singapore and I'm really really bad at talking because I hate my voice.
I'm a gaming enthusiast but that doesn't mean I have a few opinions on a game. (Not a fan of MMOs or F2Ps).

I'm not sure what else to add but if you'd like to know me, ask? I'd love a conversation.