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Monstrous Findor by Deadpoolrus Monstrous Findor by Deadpoolrus
Monstrous Findor

Height: 1,618 meters
Length: 3,242 meters
Mass: 723,000 metric tons

Homeworld: Chunkow

Quadrant Activity: System 429

Threat Level: Planetary, expanded Galactic

Notice: It has been recently discovered that entity known as Fin Findor may possibly be of extraterrestrial origin to the planet Chunkow. If true, than Fin Findor may be of some unknown species capable of traversing the vastness of space thus could be concluded as a potentially Galactic to Universal threat. More data is required to discern entities true motives.

Containment Procedure/Method: Though containment is possible, it has been deemed necessary to execute Fin Findor from the planet Chunkow before any more damage can be dealt to the planetís ecosystem. Ideally, separation from any sort of biological flora will hinder Fin Findorís powers and is to be recommended before any confrontation is performed.


See Fin Findor.....

- Control and manipulation of plant matter
- Fast regenerative abilities, easily regrowing damaged or severed body parts
- Highly resilient to attacks thanks to large size
- Able to grow and replicate various types of tendrils

Main Storyline- Battle for the Tree of Life: Angelus x Fin Findor part. 4

Silence filled the entire city of Lorgun as everyone was in a state of shock at Angelus actions.

Having torn Fin Findor completely in twain, Angelus unleashed a bellowing roar that echoed throughout the area before thundering out of the city and directly into the forest. Sormin immediately told his team that they were leaving however Tícholon Figu demanded an explanation from the captain and angrily ordered their capture when Sormin refused to give him one. The two sides were at a stalemate and it wasnít until Charí Regs took Figu hostage did the army finally stand down. Sormin and his team immediately left the city and headed back to the Oddyseum taking along the captive Figu as both insurance of being attacked and for answers.

Arriving back on the Oddyseum, everyone on board was curious as to why Sormin had not returned with Angelus and had instead brought back a prisoner. Sormin however insisted that Tícholon Figu was to be treated as a guess though immediately had Figu contained while he reviewed the repairs to the Oddyseum and was ready to deal with him. Through sheer measure by the rest of the crew the ship had been largely repaired and though its power was still at drastically low levels there had already begun brainstorming various different ideas to repower the engines. Fortunately, Sormin had already devised a plan of doing just that. Returning to Figu, Sormin desired to make a proposition with the captured ruler. Sormin admitted to Figu that his crew was in just as much danger as Figuís people and that the ship was in desperate need of power. During the battle with the plant creatures, Sormin had noticed that Figuís kingdom had some very advanced weaponry and technology despite it being almost completely organic. Sormin desired to see if that technology could be reversed engineered to function and used as for the Oddyseum as a power source. In return, his crew would do their best to help Figuís people with their crisis of their depleting population as well as discover why the forests had been attacking them. If Figu did not agree to his negotiations however, than Sormin and his crew would reclaim Angelus themselves and take the material they needed by force. Figu agreed to Sorminís terms though he quickly demanded that Sormin would get nothing unless he helped his people first. Sormin agreed though to do so he needed answers and needed to know everything about Figuís world before and during Fin Findor came into existence. With a heavy sigh, Figu told Sormin a tale from his past.

When Figu was still young his people used to live in a festive metropolis deep within the forests of his homeworld and his people lived in almost complete synchrony with it. However his people did not live in relative in harmony with its neighbors and there was constant skirmishes for land and resources, the latter of which was hard to come by. Despite this, his people were a very bustling society and were extremely culturally driven and one of their most cherished traditions was the blooming of the Tree of Seponae. A gargantuan of its species, the Tree of Seponae was seen as the life giver of his society and every 2 years the tree would bloom every flower on its stems and branches and pollinated the land with its spores to further nurture the land. His people would celebrate the blooming with huge festivals and it was the only time the neighboring cities would not dare attack them as they too celebrated the event. However at on such festival, the tree gave birth to something that had been known as its greatest gift, its child Fin Findor.

Fin Findor came to his people and showed them the gift of how to manipulate the plants and trees to grow and change to their will and through these methods his peopleís society grew and dominated. Findorís teachings were quickly spread to the other neighboring cities and with it peace soon followed. But as the people began to spread and grow, the land and its resources they had once fought one another to obtain was once again dwindling and the forests around them began to violently express its disdain. Plants of all kind began attacking them and before long the entire forests turned against them in a violent act of aggression. Fin Findor defended Figuís people as best he could and eventually lead them away from the forests and the Tree of Seponae to where his city now stands today. The other cities however were quickly decimated and wiped of the face of the planet.

Figu guessed that the Tree of Soponae was where Angelus was heading and Sormin agreed with the assumption though as to why she was heading there was still a mystery, one which neither man knew the answer to. Once again heading out, Sormin, Figu and a handful of varied crew members chose to head back to the planet to discover the answer.

On the planetís surface, Angelus had finally reached the location Sormin and Figu suspected, the Tree of Seponae. Surrounded by the old city of Figuís civilization which had long since been converted into the environment by the forests, the tree was as massive as Figuís story proclaimed it to be and stood many kilometers taller than Angelus. Angelus approached the tree and quietly placed her had upon it and silently the two to began to converse.

Arriving back at the Figuís city, Sorminís team began to investigate the bodies of both Fin Findor and the creatures that had attacked the city earlier. Their diagnostics of the creatures were astoundingly curious. While the plant creatures were made of varied material from the surrounding environment of plant matter and functioned due to them working as a bodily system, Fin Findor seemed to be of something else entirely. Findorís body though made of a material akin to the trees indigenous to the planet was more or less hollow. It did not have any working systems within its corpse that made any conclusive since pertaining to its bodily function and was more or less a jumbled mess even more so than the creatures it had defeated. However their findings would have to wait, the Oddyseumís probes had finally uncovered the location of Angelus and Sormin needed to get to her immediately to truly discern what she was doing. Figu demanded to go with Sormin as well which he begrudgingly agreed to take the king with him.

Arriving at the Tree of Seponae, Sormin began to call to Angelus which she immediately responded to. But as soon as Angelus and Sormin began to converse, Figu revealed that he had tricked Sormin into finding the slayer of Fin Findor and almost immediately, Figuís army attacked! Eager avenge their fallen protector.

Angelus quickly defended herself from the massive armada brought against her, easily battering away the majority of the army with her might even though she would go out of her way in the middle of the battle to protect the forest and the Tree of Soponae from the onslaught. But as the war between the two forces continued, the ground beneath them suddenly began to quake and shift apart and even the Tree of Seponae began to rattle from the quake. Little by little the Tree of Soponae began to uproot itself and revealed the very creature that had been bringing it and its children so much grief. Fin Findor had returned, more monstrous (and far larger) than before and ready to defend the people he had worked so hard to protect.

Angelus leapt into battle against Fin Findor. However the much larger beast held a distinctive advantage against her as not did he still retained the power to control the environment around him but Angelus also had to contend with the army that had become all the more exuberant after witnessing their protectorís return. Fortunately Angelus still had an ally in the forest itself with what little power it still retained and once again came to life to dismantle the remaining troops forcing them to retreat. Fin Findor however easily put an end to the forestís interference with his own power against them and quickly did the same of Angelus by swallowing her whole. Trapped within the monstrous creatureís body, Angelus began to pulsate with energy until she finally exuded enough force to explode from the creatureís stomach. Findor, ravaged by the attack, quickly began to call forth more of the forest to heal his body. Angelus however halted his progress by focusing all her power into her staff and plunged it into Findorís head, a blow that finally felled the creature.

With Fin Findorís death, Tícholon Figu threw himself at the mercy of the Children of Angelus and pleaded with them for his forgiveness. Sormin however immediately retorted that they were not here to take anything away from them and apologized for the events that had transpired from Angelusí actions. He also explained the truth that his team had uncovered about Fin Findor. The creature as it turned out was some kind of disembodied alien intelligence without any specific "body" that was able to control plants through the vastly complex and alien chemicals it exuded. The plants had apparently gained some form of sentience long ago and though they had remained silent, the chemicals had been subjugating the entire ecosystem to Findorís will which to Angelusí testament they did not appreciate and was why they had called to her for help. How Findor came to the planet was still a mystery and though the creature was largely benevolent in his actions towards Figuís people, he had been enslaving the rest of the land and had been doing more harm than good. Figu however still exclaimed that the forests had still killed the majority of his species but this was not the case. Through various scans of the planet Sormin had actually found various pockets of other civilizations that were living in relative comfort and were thriving. As for the forest, Angelus had already informed Sormin that Figuís people were assured their sovereignty from their wrath as long as they no longer attempted to manipulate the land as Findor had done and allowed them to grow at their own pace.

With the Oddyseum repaired and given enough power to make it out of the solar system, the Children of Angelus departed from the planet.

The final part to the Battle for the Tree of Life story arc. This design for Fin Findor has gone through various changes over the course of its creation. More or less I couldn't decide on which design I prefered so after a point I decided on combining them into this and I liked the concept. I also figured that since Findor is of such a massive creature, I needed to put a reference in the pic in the form of Angelus.

Isn't much to say on the story though like Fin Findor, its gone through some changes in its development as well. It originally called for Fin Findor to be a much more 'villianous' creature but the idea was beginning to loose its impact each time I sat down to write the story. Other than the story being written extremely quickly, I feel some since of satisfaction that I am finally caught up with the series stories.
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ideas6572 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Yall need the H.A.L.O. array.
gojira4444 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2018
JacobSpencerKaiju79 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014   Traditional Artist
Looking very nice
AkityMH Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh hey there Cthulu~ ..well its obvious who this guy is inspired by. Damn this picture looks great.
patrecher Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
this makes me feel those "Dammit, i shoulda just stayed in bed today." kinda moments for ang when i saw this picture. very nice.
OperaGhost21 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010  Hobbyist
An entertaining conclusion to this story, and oh man...I am in LOVE with this picture. Anything big enough to dwarf a kaiju like this is an instant win in my book.
chaozilla Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
WOW! that is the most MASSIVE kaiju ever! looks like DEINOTHEROS SEEMS happy to see yer new kaiju.
Scatha-the-Worm Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2010
Holy cow. That is one of the most amazing things...a living forest...

Well, "Living" in the sense of sentience, anyway.
JacobSpencerKaiju79 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2010   Traditional Artist
I think any of my kaiju would go "oh shit, I'm going to die" when they saw that thing.

Very cool backstory and artwork as always.
LordNidhogg Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2010
Wow...this is a lot like my ultimate Biollante concept...and I really like it! This is my favorite of your kaiju by far.
KingTeronos Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2010
this is a large monster! This is so awsome
RenDragonClaw Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I had a feeling that the story was headed that way after Angelus suddenly raged on Findor. I like the 'neutral evil' aspect to the creature instead of the outright villainous aspect you were struggling with. This was a great episode in the journeys of the Oddyseum and Angelus had a token 'Biollante moment' when finally facing Findor's true form.
Deadpoolrus Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2010
What token 'Biollante moment' was that?
RenDragonClaw Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fighting a plant monster several times her size and getting/almost getting eaten by it. Another example is the humongous plant monster you fight War of the Monsters. It invokes a similar trope.
Groudan383 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
WOW Angelus is so small compared to that guy. then again he is a plant kaiju and plants continue to grow as long as theres soil and energy. though still his size is impressive and the fact she was able to defeat him was rather amazing. that just goes to show you, the bigger they are the easier it is too hit the vital stuff lol. anyway awesome job. this piece came out really great. though the only thing that could rival Fin's size is the length of this story. my fingers hurt just reading it lol :)
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