500 Watchers Request Raffle - Winner Chosen!

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DA Request Raffle Results by DeadPhoenX

Welcome again to the 500 Watchers DA Request Raffle. As you may already know, there was a gallery war between both my Pixiv and DeviantArt to see which one would land me 500 followers first. DeviantArt won in the end, netting users here a chance to win a free art request from me. The deadline was March 15, 2018. The winner would be chosen at random via Wheel Decide.

Up for grabs to the winner is one fully shaded character, no variants. Can have a blank or simple background like the examples below.

Mature Content

A Hearty Tradition [Thanksgiving/Holidays 2017] by DeadPhoenX
[Art Trade] How's My Outfit? by DeadPhoenX [Commission] Emilia Hermit X Virgin Killer Sweater by DeadPhoenX Zis Chandail, It'z So Low! [Virgin Killer Sweater] by DeadPhoenX

Before showing the results, I'd like to thank all those that participated. The participants were:

And now the moment of truth. Each name was entered, and I spun the wheel ten consecutive times before letting it come to a complete stop to really randomize it.

And the winner is...


I'll be adding your request to my list of things to draw and will begin work on it as soon as possible. I'll also be noting you progress reports on your request as it is completed.


Once again, thanks to everyone for participating. The next request raffle will be at 600 Watchers. And once again, it's a Gallery War between DeviantArt and Pixiv, and it's getting heated this time around! DA stands at 537 Watchers, and Pixiv at 540 Followers. If you want DA to win again, get your buds to watch me here! And maybe follow me on Twitter too, if you want to follow any shenanigans and artwork I'm up to.!
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Congrats can’t wait to see what you come up with :)