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February 22, 2014
*LEONARDO* goodbye, my brothers... by DeadPea A rather stunning fan art of the Ninja Turtles depicting an impactful scene in which Leonardo thinks about his fallen brothers. I love the details in the artwork showing bits and pieces of clothing and weapon from the other turtles. Well done
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Suggested by DeadPea
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*LEONARDO* goodbye, my brothers...

Leonardo holds on to the memory of his brothers.


Raphael :tmnt1:

Donatello :tmnt4:

Michelangelo :tmnt3:

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Kismet2012's avatar
Such a strong compelling image.
UchihaYusuke's avatar
This is so so good wow +fav +fav +fav  
ConnorTessier's avatar

I'm guessing Ch rell killed them

Minlee1's avatar
Fairplay85's avatar
This is the greatest picture of Leo ever...The emotion from this is just.....EPIC 
nilescclover's avatar
I don't know what to say to any of, they are all awesome! Way to go, love them all!
kouliousis's avatar
may I make a suggestion for your next  piece DeadPea my mistake sorry for screwing up your name since this one was totally incredible why not have one like this of Leo reforging his Katana showing him hammering it on the anvil that would be hardcore... wearing a Blacksmith's apron and all sweaty and pounding the molten metal of his new blade that would be badass...
KunoichiKaddy's avatar
NO!!!!!!!!! DO NOT DIE
Alberto8833's avatar
nice work!
I hope to see your works on my community of 3d model
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Mario-and-Sonic-Guy's avatar
This drawing does make you wonder what entity the Ninja Turtles were fighting. After all, there are forces that are far more lethal than the Shredder.
Viesoalth's avatar
well i didn't need my heart :)
NymphantTree's avatar
DillaJohn's avatar
He Tried His Best Just Leave Him Alone !!!! >.Q !
Sanctuary99's avatar
Brotherly Powerful Love. and depressing too.
UbiArizona's avatar
Welp . . . i'm sad now
beemaister's avatar
wow. thats actually kinda depressing
Powerful, love it
Sylfirart's avatar
Woah this is really cool. Nice job.
FATAL-SOUL's avatar
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