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Scaredy Scoot

Scootaloo activates 'Scared Bunny' form!

Scootaloo and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are properties of Hasbro.
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Hi, I recently used your wonderful artwork in my non-profit youtube video under the title “Panic Room MLP Style”
If for some reason you’re not alright with that please let me know and I’ll have it taken down asap. You have been given proper credit in the description with a link back to this page. Thank you for providing such a great vector! If you have time and would like to check out the video I'd be delighted to hear what you think of it! Thank you again!

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You are now cursed. You must send this on or you will be killed. Tonight at 12:00am, by Bloody Mary. This is no joke. So don't think you can quickly get out of it and delete it now because Bloody Mary will come to you if you do not send this on. She will slit your throat and your wrists and pull your eyeballs out with a fork. And then hang your dead corpse in your bedroom cupboard or put you under your bed. What's your parents going to do when they find you dead? Won't be funny then, will it? Don't think this is a fake and it's all put on to scare you because your wrong, so very wrong. Want to hear of some of the sad, sad people who lost their lives or have been seriously hurt by this email?

Annalise [Surname Removed] :She got this email. Rubbish she thought. She deleted it. And now, Annalise dead.

Louise [Surname Removed]: She sent this to only 4 people and when she woke up in the morning her wrists had deep lacerations on each. Luckily there was no pain felt, though she is scarred for life.

Thomas [Surname Removed]: He sent this to 5 people. Big mistake. The night Thomas was lying in his bed watching T.V. The clock shows '12:01am'. The T.V misteriously flickered off and Thomas's bedroom lamp flashed on and off several times. It went pitch black, Thomas looked to the left of him and there she was, Bloody Mary standing in white rags. Blood everywhere with a knife in her hand then disappeared. The biggest fright of Thomas's life.

Warning... NEVER look in a mirror and repeat -'Bloody Mary.Bloody Mary.' Bloody Mary... I KILLED YOUR SON' Is it the end for you tonight! YOU ARE NOW CURSED

We strongly advise you to send this email on. It is seriously NO JOKE. We don't want to see another life wasted. ITS YOUR CHOICE... WANNA DIE TONIGHT? If you send this email to...

NO PEOPLE - You're going to die.

1-5 PEOPLE - You're going to either get hurt or get the biggest fright of your life.

5-15 PEOPLE - You will bring your family bad luck and someone close to you will die.

15 -25 OR MORE PEOPLE - You are safe from Bloody Mary
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This isn’t even a crappin’ email
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don't worry Scoots, it's only a zombie! wait, A ZOMBIE?
Scootaloo: KILL IT WITH FIRE SPIKE!!!!!!!!
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Have you been reading my comics?
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I do a series called "Beating A Dead Pony" Where Zombies attack Ponyville
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that sounds... horrifying... 
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Well I recommend checking it out, but that's only because I created it.
I promise that nothing that horrible happens in it.
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well, if there's zombies... then something horrible happens
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Only if you count Diamond Tiara being killed, Apple Bloom being reunited with her zombie mother and Twilight burning down a hospital....Oops SPOILER ALERT
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:iconscootalooplz: :iconsaysplz: I'm gonna be the toughest, awesomest most fearless filly in Equestria today!
:iconsquidwardplz: :iconsaysplz: But its opposite day!
:iconscootalooplz: :iconsaysplz: I thought it was Tuesday.
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Hi, I used and credited this vector here if that's okay :D :[link]
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It's absolutely okay by me! =)
Good job and thanks for showing me!
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Thanks for letting me know! =)
(What a sad little story, too. =()
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can you post these in PNG format? not everyone has the software to open and use these images...
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I have the download as the .svg file mostly to save space (and because DA isn't very good with vector files).
The 'preview' image is a pretty gigantic .png though, so you should be able to just right-click and use 'Save Image As' to get any of them that you want.
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and then when i go to editing out the background so it's transparent, scoots eyelashes get deleted...
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Geez, DA is worse at handling vectors than I originally thought...
I'm not sure how to fix the black background without a complete re-upload so I'll just link you to a new version that should be fully transparent: [link]
Sorry about all that. ^^;
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