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Run Away

Oh crap! Oh, crap! Oh, crap!
Running! Running! Running!

Scootaloo and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are properties of Hasbro.
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Crap crap crap I’m lateeeee
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Used and credited… sorry it's kind of belated
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I want to give proper credit. I used this image in my review of the MLP season 5 animatic. Here's a link to it. *WARNING, the video contains spoilers from season 5*.…
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Thanks for letting me know!
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Used in a Background [Link]
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What's the matter, Scoots, you chicken?
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When being chased by a headless pony?
Yep, I guess so! ;P
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:iconapplebloomplz::iconsaysplz:SCOOT SCOOTA-LOO!:iconsaysendplz:
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Run away! Run away!
Run away from the stench in the trenches!
Run away! Run away!
From these horrible, nasty old Frenchies!
These frogs with their terrible prattle
Are fighting a battle with cattle!
We're all full of fear, so let's get out of here--
Run away! Run away! Run away!

(P.S. No offense meant to the French, just quoting something! XD)
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Keep running Scoot! Don't let Applebloom and Sweetie Belle force you into that weird pink, frilly dress!
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That's far more terrifying than any headless horse!
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She looks like she's walking around a pool with lifeguards around.
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Which of course only makes you run faster. =)
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