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Happy Scootaloo Vector

My first vector;!
Download for full Inkscape SVG.

Please let me know if you see any problems or areas that could use improvement.
I've only been using Inkscape for two days now, so I'm sure I still have much to learn.

Scootaloo and My Little Pony are property of Hasbro.

Edit (9/30/12): Finally got around to fixing up the problems in this.
I had screwed up the .svg file so I had been putting it off, but I finally bit the bullet and fixed her up.
Enjoy the new and improved Scoots!
© 2012 - 2021 DeadParrot22
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Can I use this as My DA ID? Want to edit it and give it an xmas hat :3
DeadParrot22's avatar
Sure, go right ahead!
I'm making these things with the hope that people will want to use them.
I'd love to see it when you're done, too! =)
ScootaTunez's avatar
Thanks, it's up on My profile now :D
DeadParrot22's avatar
Looking good!
Glad to be of service! =)
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Thank you so much for making this vector, because I used it in a pic!.... it contrasts very sharply with Happy Scootaloo, though.... O__o
DeadParrot22's avatar
Oh cool!
Do you have a link or something?
I'd love to see it since you're the first person to actually use one of my vectors (or at least the first one to tell me about it). =)
WarriorSparrow's avatar
Be warned though - it's based off of one of my fics, and it has gore, kind of... [link]
DeadParrot22's avatar
Oh... well that's a thing...
Yeah, not really my type of art, but I'm glad that i could help you out! =)
WarriorSparrow's avatar
Yeah, I know it's kinda gruesome, but your vector at least had the right position and such for the look. :)
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I see you've figured out how to make your own Scootaloos. I believe this bodes poorly for the Internet. Out of curiosity, did you trace something you drew or just a screenshot from the show or etc. etc.?
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Yes, now my army of Scootaloos will flood the internet FOREVER! :evillaugh:
(This is a trace from Ponyville Confidential, about the 2:41 mark. There's a link in my response to Dan below.)

Thanks for the fave! =D
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Okey dokey lokey, here's my advice: [link]
If anything I said is too confusing, just make me clarify! Hope I wasn't too nit-picky.

You managed to avoid one or two mistakes that I made at first, so overall great job!
DeadParrot22's avatar
Thanks! =)

Those are a bunch of good tips.
I hadn't realized that removing the stroke would get a sharper point, but that makes sense.
Definitely going to use that one! =D

I actually noticed the missing eye reflection, but that's an animation error from the show itself.
I grabbed her from the 2:41 mark of Ponyville Confidential ([link]) and all three kids in the front have only two.
(All the background ones have three, though :shrug:)
Is it standard form to 'correct' those kinds of errors?

The extra colors in the iris might be a similar thing but I honestly can't tell.
It sure looked like there was only one in the source shot, but I'm sure that being partially color-blind doesn't help there. :worry:

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to help me out!
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No problem, happy to help!

As for correcting little animation mistakes from the show, well, that's the sort of thing they encourage in the mlp-vector club anyway, so they're always tellin' me.

Looking at your source showed me I was a little off concerning her right ear, it should definitely taper to a point. I'll revise my suggestion to "make it look more like the other ear's stroke."

She definitely has two little color shines in her eyes. The top one is just a bit harder to see, especially since it's broader than the bottom one.

So yeah, once again nice work! Since I've gotten a lot of help on these, it's nice to be able to share what I've learned. :)
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