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"It's to dying in another's arms, and that is why I had to try it."

This is really something I did for my sister. She told me to make a picture based on that line from a song (who it's by i don't rememeber XD), and this is what came forth. Hopefully, once I raise the money, I can scan this better and make it availanle for print and on tshirts. As of now, extraordinarily crappy scan...


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A belated Happy Halloween to you and this piece has been featured! :iconpumpkinlaplz:
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I can't believe this is ballpoint. Talent is a dirty word when talking about your work, friend. DAMN.
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how the heck do you do that?
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nice use of pens :) could i ask where you get your yellow pens from? i do ballpoint art to but the place where i used to get my pens doesnt have yellow anymore :/
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I get it... :gallery:

Your in Love with Zombies.... :blowkiss:

Colorful perky Zombies that live in double rainbows...:onfire:
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Realy amazing skillz u got with a pen....
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Featured in my journal ^.^
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"constantine" is the song. :)
and this fits.
in a strange way.
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The little squiggle piece of hair makes him look like he has a pupil.

Ah, his shirt is ... I shall rob him of it.

Love what you do with the shaved bits of her head~ pointillism? Your skills are so great I can't even tell..
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:iconbonklers: I did feature your work here [link]
It's a news article of Drawings & Paintings.
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i gotta ask, how long does a piece of pure amazingness like this take to complete, start to finish
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Would you ever consider letting a fan use one of your artworks as a tattoo?

Either way, your work is beautiful.
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Again, you astond me with your talents. You have proven that you can basically use any tool to create a wonderful picture and this is no acception. The colors here are blinding but in a good way. I love how everything both blends well and hits you in the face at the same time. I just love how the pinks and purples blend. :)
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that's an awesome song! and the picture is Godly! you're incredible!
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Whoa, the colors and designnnnn :heart: Love those clouds! :D
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Youre terribly amazing and I am terribly jealous
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U & ur work r gre8!! keep it up! (:
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the first word that came out of my mouth when i saw this was: WOWWW!!! i love everything about this!!!
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Wait, this is all from ball point pens? What are the materials exactly?
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Hello I came by to inform you that your wonderful work has been submitted to my news

article :D

article can be found here [link]
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what size is this picture its so amazing?
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