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I figured I should update this journal since it's a bit messy and the entries are quite old. I also noticed that the stock rules here differ from the rules I've set on some newer pictures. So here's the rules and links to my other sites in one place. I hope everyone reads these because there might be some changes on the rules.

Stock rules

(basicly the Creative Commons CC BY-NC 3.0-license)

First of all: Ignore the random scribblings in the descriptions of my photos(they are way too old and I should update them).

You can:

  1. Use my stock photos on deviantArt or any other sites
    This means also the usage in virtual/sim-game stables and sites similar to Minstall.no, Mydreamstable.com Meinpferdchen.de. I still get a lot of questions about this and things haven't changed.
  2. Remix, transform and build upon the material
    Meaning you can make new stock material from my pictures(removing tack, linearts etc). I would still like to be credited in the new stock and work made with them.

You can NOT:

  1. Use my stock photos without attribution
    Which means you need to credit me(the URL of my deviantArt-account or addresses listed below if you use photos from other sites) and indicate if changes were made.
  2. Use my stock photos for commercial purposes
    This only includes purposes where real currencies are used or the original photo is sold. 

I also hope you respect the people and animals in my pictures when using them.

More stock photos

All of the sites listed below are mine and the material is licensed with the Creative Commons CC BY-NC 3.0-license.


Show jumping
Gotland & Shetland ponies
Gotland & Shetland ponies 2
Match Show(various breeds)
Match Show 2(various breeds)
Show jumping

Contact information

If you have any questions, please comment below(especially if you don't understand something, my english isn't probably so good I think it is :D). For more important or urgent matters, send e-mail jkm.rinne@gmail.com.
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