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(Download) Five nights at freddy's models

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The models are for gmod and sfm includes golden freddy and foxy with animations with all characters 

These models have glowing eyes when its dark

Download button under favorite if you don't find it then i wont help you anymore because people does not know how 

These models are not mine 

Models by :iconi6nis:

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wait if there are gmod deviant art downloads then why are there zero fnaf world ragdoll downloads

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how do I put the characters in the camera?
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is there any virus in this and do I need to do something or do I just download it and do I need to get the pizza place first plz answer
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I have 3 questions for this, do I just hit the download button or do I need to do something, and do I need to get the freddy fazbear place and last is there any virus in this??
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were i download this?
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under the 'favorite' button, it says Download. Gosh
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thanks! now i can make an fnaf video!
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Great, still. The models are glitching sometimes, but they're nice anyways.
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yes but as i put it where because on NPCs are not five nights at freddys!
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How do I download this...? O.O
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:3 yes you do.
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did i put it into folder:"addons"?
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I tried to download Freddy's fazbear pizza from steam workshop and i went to the items i subscribed, but it doesnt let me to download. What to do? help me
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Do you know any way I can find similar models of this quality but in a XMF file? I was trying to convert these into IMVU for scaring my friends but I'm not computer geek if you know what I mean
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how do u what do they look in the workshop please reply
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Are these models compatible with "Poser" or programs like it?
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How can I install fnaf gmod models?
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Thanks! I'm going to use these models in my project... If I were to release my project could I credit the original creator?
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Yeah sure you can, and can credit me for releasing them if you like 
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Ok, thanks. The project I am making is a remake of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in Unity3D :/
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