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Mark: *reading*

Me: *behind the couch, says quietly* Some...*jumps up to scare him* BODY ONCE TOLD ME THE WORLD IS GONNA- *starts laughing like an idiot, falls backwards on the floor*

Mark: *looks at Matt* Why did we choose to babysit her again..?

Matt: *too distracted by his reflection*

Mark: *says sarcastically* Ok Mistress...i know you're bored...*picks me up, sets me down on the couch* But..I need you to shut up for a while...please...*sighs in frustration*

Me: Ok....Ass-chin...*grins*

Mark: *doesn't look up from book* I'm going to strangle you...







Normal theme…
When protecting Jon






Idk....i was just really bored
Me as Usagi
Edd as Mamoru
Mark as Ami
MikuGirl as Rei
Matt asMinako
Tom as Mako
Kim as Haruka
Katya as Michiru
Tayblossom as Setsuna
Dialga as Hotaru
Ringo*Edd's cat* as Luna
Marley*My kitty* as Artemis
Jon as Chibi-usa

Eduardo as Rubeus
Patryk as Saphir*Sapphire*
Skyler as Esmeraude*Emerald*
Tord as Demande*or Diamond*
Wiseman is Still fucking Wiseman
Edd: *DereDere, he's super bubbly and happy, maybe a little clingy if he is in a relationship*

Tom: *Tsundere, kind of an asshole toward the one he likes at first, but begins to open up and gets a little soft with his lover*

Matt: *both a HimeDere and a DereDere, bubbly and happy,but still full of himself and a bit of an attention whore*

Tord: *a bit of a Tsundere, but when he gets to know his lover, he becomes a full fledged Yandere, he seems to be the very clingy type as well...since he's insane*

Eduardo: *Full fledged Tsundere, denies having a crush on the person he likes completely. It'll take him a while to finally open up his feelings for that special someone*

Jon: *Undere and a DereDere, he might just go along with what his lover says or does, but he's still super happy*

Mark: Dandere........
Quiet.....cold.....dark, or just shy about relationships, but his lover might wonder what's going on in his mind......
He'll start to talk more throughout the relationship though <3
Me: Aye Bass..!
Bass: Whaddya want ya little sh*t..?
Me: guess what my friend called you...
Bass: What...
Me: You're officially called a 'Tsundere..'
Bass: I hate you...
Me: *puts a picture of a troll face in front of my face* Problem?
Bass: You're annoying as hell..that's the problem...I don't understand why I'm so nice to pisses me off...
Me: *smirks* Tsundere..!
Bass: *Hits me over the head with his buster* SHUT UP!
Me: *passes out* Good day everybody...!
Me: *recording, whispers to the camera: Guys...I had to share a sleeping bag with problem.....I wanna get up, he's got his arms around me, and he won't let me move....*

Nephrite: *pulls me close, nearly crushing me*

Me: Oowww.......Clingy much.......someone please help...... Help