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confused captive- original
i lay here in the stone and cold
i sit within the chains
but no amount of contemplation
will resolve my pains
the moonlight glows in though the bars
i watch it's light and pray
that if i won't be free in life
let my soul go on my final day
to what do i owe you my presence
to what do i owe my time
all i want is just a reason
i just want a rhyme
you took me from the life i had
your purpose i don't know
to hide behind this door and shadows
proves you are quite low
gods that live above the earth
i ask too you all
that when my time is finally over
at least one will not let me fall
to what do i owe you my presence
to what do i owe my time
all i want is just a reason
i just want a rhyme
i know not how much time has passed
still not a reason found
though i hope by the time you tell them
I'll already be in the ground
what's your name, whats your life
where on earth is this place
I'd just like my questions answered
before the eyes of death i face.
I'll face the gun, face the knife
I'll face thro
:icondialga16021999:dialga16021999 6 2
happiness and smiles- original book of circus song
i'm so glad to see you hear.
finally time i'll bring some cheer.
this towns so down and dark and gray.
why can't we just be happy and gay.
well no more!
this is gonna be that time.
when the world will be so bright
grins and smiles far and near!
mouths turned up ear to ear!
come on and smile for the new world!
no one has to be sad!
come on buddy why you gotta stop me kid?
shouldn't you be glad?
come on and smiles for a new age
turn to a different page
a new chapter in the story!
i know no one will be sorry!
come on and smile!
don't you see what your gonna do
you can't just change our way of life
removing all our emotions
will just cause more pain and strife
your just misunderstood pal i get it
it's hard for heroes to change
you see it in every trope and story
the past can't always be the way
but to take away free will!
and replace with with only one!
your deluded, manic and evil
give in now before it's to late!-
no more!
you will see it come tru
:icondialga16021999:dialga16021999 2 0
a dead dream- book of circus song
how can there be escape.
from evil that you trust.
while blood pours on your hands.
our minds and feelings rust.
all the bones we wear today.
our actions caused so much pain.
in a effort to achieve.
the one thing that keeps us sane.
in the end it all fades away
life submits to death.
in these times we accept
those children's final breaths.
but hope can one day help us.
to take there souls and stay.
in a place free with harmony.
over the hill and far away.
the attractions and the colors
hide what we really were.
some poor and innocent souls
taken by a curse.
what we hie behind our smiles.
and prosthetic bones
is the crimes we have committed
taking children from there homes.
if we could have reset
if we could have started again
would we have done all that
and ended up just dying in the end
in the end it all fades away
life submits to death.
in these times we accept
those children's final breaths.
but hope can one day help us.
to take there souls and stay.
in a place free with harmony.
:icondialga16021999:dialga16021999 2 1
For me ? by Loumina-Cosplay For me ? :iconloumina-cosplay:Loumina-Cosplay 4 3 Day 19 challenge: Peter  Wendy by SuperG0blin Day 19 challenge: Peter Wendy :iconsuperg0blin:SuperG0blin 5 0 Wendy by itachi-fui2 Wendy :iconitachi-fui2:itachi-fui2 12 3
Mature content
joker x reader perfect captor p3 :icondialga16021999:dialga16021999 2 0
dagger x sick reader= sick day
you had joined the now successful noahs ark circus about 3 years ago, and quickly rose up the ranks to one of the top performers, while this came with many good perks, like your own tent, first dibs on food and the most showtime you were mainly happy cause you got to spend time with your good friend dagger. he had helped you join those 3 years ago and helped you become the amazing knife thrower you were today. the circus had come full circle again and arrived in London, thankfully the culprit of the child abductions was apprehended and the circus was not shut down, however this time you felt less then chipper. so you decided to visit the doc.
"i'm afraid it's a very bad fever you have" doc said feeling your head, and how hot it was.
"i don't think your fit enough to perform tonight" he added.
"nonsense, i can still do it" you said standing up and walking out, you immediately started to feel dizzy and off balance, but that wouldn't stop you. it was 3 hours till show time and when you wo
:icondialga16021999:dialga16021999 1 3





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Mark: *reading*

Me: *behind the couch, says quietly* Some...*jumps up to scare him* BODY ONCE TOLD ME THE WORLD IS GONNA- *starts laughing like an idiot, falls backwards on the floor*

Mark: *looks at Matt* Why did we choose to babysit her again..?

Matt: *too distracted by his reflection*

Mark: *says sarcastically* Ok Mistress...i know you're bored...*picks me up, sets me down on the couch* But..I need you to shut up for a while...please...*sighs in frustration*

Me: Ok....Ass-chin...*grins*

Mark: *doesn't look up from book* I'm going to strangle you...


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I am here to help you with anything about pain............

I'm also Dying inside


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