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August 3, 2010
When I saw ..Ezio:Into the sky:... by ~DeadlyNinja it left me completely speechless and feeling as thought time had frozen for a second as my eyes went through the whole piece, fascinated by its slow yet graceful flow and those dazzling colours that urge you to seize the moment as if it was something you'd never see again. Incredible.
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..Ezio:Into the sky:...

Ezio on top of Venice! It took all day to do this and this will be my last submission for the next..2 weeks or more. Original is way bigger, maybe ill post a detail shot somewhere in the future.

Till then, enjoy!

done in ps in about..8 hours or more.

Ezio © Ubisoft
Fanart by me.

EDIT: I sharpened the image so ezio and the eagle look more clearer and the cross while the city remainds blurred. i hope this works out better?
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© 2010 - 2021 DeadlyNinja
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AUTOM474's avatar
I feel like this piece embodies the magnificence of AC II <3
DeadlyNinja's avatar
ac2 best ac :D i really loved the feel it left me with
AUTOM474's avatar
Yuss!!! Perhaps one of my favorite video games of all time XD
Ayahne's avatar
That's splendid
Ayahne's avatar
and i'm weighing my words =D
Littlehollowphotos's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful! 
DeadlyNinja's avatar
IamtheProxy's avatar
This is amazing. *-*

It is so beautifully done...
MickGoesRawr's avatar
This is stunning!
NorthrenPrincess's avatar
This... Is...AMAZING!!!!!! 
TomoKaneko's avatar
Truly gorgeous. I was listening to Xion's Theme (piano arrangement) and it SOMEWHAT fit with this...

But seriously, the colors are beautiful.
DeadlyNinja's avatar
Thanks :D sorry for the late reply ;p
DaedricShadow's avatar
Wow. Amazing detail and motion blur. This has definitely earned the ranks of my favorites!
DONETRIUS's avatar
this is breathtaking very awesome!
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