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Come on n give me ur money…

Untitled by DeadlyComics

1 - closed
2 - open
3 - open
4 - open
5 - open
Doin panels and things! That's right!!!

Group Time by DeadlyComics           Chill Time by DeadlyComics

Yo what's up! I’ll be having a few signed prints for sale this Thursday through Sunday at New York Comic Con! 

They’ll be at the School of Visual Arts table on the show floor:

And I’ll be there too on Sunday from 10am to 11am! See you there maybe??

Contest Results~They are finally in, First of hand Thank you so much for your patience, and all the amazing drawings the fellow participants sent in, We do apologize for the excessive delay, though it was quite tedious to pick a winner when we had so many wondrous entries. Without further ado, here are our winners, and runner ups :bademoticon:  
-Contest winners-
2nd: :iconneoncel:
3rd: :iconcarademouse:
4th: :iconchubbybun

Check it out yo! It's the results of the contest I was talking about earlier!!
There were so many great entries, go check them out here:

The Contest We had trouble finding a name for=overThe contest is over now - Results yet to be decided
Hey guys, I am very excited to announce that starting today, we will be holding a competition for you all fans, artist, art enthusiast, ect. The contest main focus is to have fun and to express yourself. So hopefully you will be able to have a great experience, and don't worry if you won't be able to be a part of this contest we will hopefully hold more fantastic contests in the future. The Contest will end on 8 November 2015 at 12:00 Pm (Icelandic time zone) or 7:00 (US standard time), and each drawing will be judged by myself and three others.
Details on the contest
It's very simple, all you have to do, is draw your best version of one (or more) of the Oc's listed below, and/or some of our side characters. You can even draw them together in some sort of interaction. It doesn't matter what method you use to draw it, and it doesn't matter how skilled you are at drawing, you will still be eligible for a chance t

Thank you to everyone who entered! :D
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I've got a Patreon now!
Consider checking it out if you want
to help me keep making animations through college!!
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Streamin' on YouTube!
An animation process!…

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  • Listening to: Ratatat
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It was so cool!
So much to talk about!
I'm gonna put it into a video or something!
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I'll see y'all in a the end of July! :D
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I'll be leaving Tuesday to go to California, then to Japan on the 28th!!

I'll be visiting some animation schools in California, so I put together a quick demo reel. Lemme know what you think!

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Hey guys! Here's a general update on the campaign to get to Japan.

Thank you so much to everyone who's donated so far! We're already over halfway to meeting the goal!

Today, I'm revealing the T-shirt designs that you can get as a reward for donating. They're 100% cotton Hanes Beefy-T's, printed through (You’re able to choose your size and everything)

Check out the campaign page here for details and a full list of rewards. It ends April 18, we've still got a ways to go!


1 Copy by DeadlyComics

2 Copy by DeadlyComics

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Commissions are open (sorta)!

Link to the campaign page


There's a group called "The Experiment in International Living" that offers high school students educational trips to other countries! One of these programs is to Japan, where students learn the art of manga and anime.

The program lasts 4 weeks, from June 28 to July 27.
Days 1-4: Exploring Tokyo
Days 5-17: Animation and Manga Study
Days 18-27: Homestay (living with a Japanese family)
Days 28-29: Program Reflection and Wrap-Up (in Tokyo)
Day 30: Departure

This program is a huge opportunity for me to learn more about animation and the animation industry, as well as travel outside of the US for the first time! I'm not trying to raise all of the money I'll need, only a small portion of it.

More information on the program can be found here.


The total cost (including program fee, flight to Japan, flight to LA, and spending money) amounts to $8,506. I've managed to save up a portion of this, as well as received some financial aid, but this unfortunately won't cover the entire cost.

So, I've decided to try to raise some the funds through an online campaign! If you're interested in helping me reach this goal, I have some reward stuff for each donation level. Rewards include drawings, signed prints, T-shirts, and animation commissions. You can check the bar on the left for a full list of rewards!

All money raised, including extra money, will go to the trip.


If your unable to contribute, feel free to share the campaign through Facebook and Twitter and stuff!
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I wasn't quite as happy with this one, but I figured I might as well share it!

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All of my art will still go to DA, this will be mostly for in-progress stuff, behind-the-scenes stuff, and questions answered. So go ask questions if you got 'em! (You can ask anonymously too!)
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Great news guys!!
"Late to Work" got the grand prize in Saban's contest!!

Thank you to everyone who voted and shared the link, this wouldn't have been possible without you! :D :D :D
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