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Nightly Pleasures

This is a Werewolf I did fairly quick (20 minutes) in photoshop with a blank canvas and a mouse ;). I wasn't going to submit it, but after encouragement from my dear friend Loren, I did. Don't hold me to it, I was experimenting with ~Nightcaster's silhouette style. I like the affect, and think I will do more in the future ;).

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Brushes I used include:
:bulletblue: For the subtle toned background.
:bulletblue: For the stars, moon, and mist.
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This is amazing!!
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It actually kind of reminds me of the wolf in the movie 300. :D
deadlights11's avatar
a little bit, eh? :lol:
Imthenats's avatar
Cool. :D Red and black go together very well. :clap:
deadlights11's avatar
yeah i wanted the contrast :D
Velsport's avatar
becareful where you go in the night...the wolf might get you! :mwahaha:
the backround cuaght my eye, this is pretty darn good. :)
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Lugaid's avatar
Very Very Nice....

deadlights11's avatar
:D Thanks so much for the favourite :hug:
victortufani's avatar
wow great!!!!!! :lol:
SorrowWinged's avatar
Great Peice of work
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Thanks :hug: Happy new year!
luv-never-dies's avatar
very a good way.

and you live in beamsville. cool. i'm visiting there for two weeks starting tomorrow.
deadlights11's avatar
You're visiting Beamsville? Why on earth would you want to :omfg:
luv-never-dies's avatar parents live there. i recently broke my leg REAL bad and my mum wants to pamper me for a couple weeks. who am i to argue?
what do you do
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i live there and work there :)
luv-never-dies's avatar
cool. if you'd like to chat on msn or w/e, let me know.
hell-on-a-stick's avatar
love the red moon rise and the errant blades of grass and hairs.
ROAR. grrr.
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:D I personally like the hairs on the wolf. I think it gives him a 3D look.
hell-on-a-stick's avatar
yes definetly. the different sillouhettes allow for dimension and depth.
Machinegun-Willy's avatar
Cool, I used to have dreams with a recurring character when I was really young, a black wolf. It would just pop in regularly and scare the shite outta me. Sometimes I wouldn't want to go to sleep because I thought I could hear it breathing heavily when I put my head down on the pillow.

Nice pic, it sure brings back memories lol.
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